Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 662

There are more than 30,000 people in the sealed dísciple of the three religions. It is naturally not convenient to enter the city, so they gathered outside the city and waited for Ou Shaotian to arrive.

Ou Shaotian is also welcome, first pay the money and then unblock it.

After each family received fifty tons of Innate spirit mine, he started to sell.

Unblocking tens of thousands of people, it took him almost three days to get it done, but compared with 150 tons of Innate Spirit Mine, it was a great value.

I made so much money in three days, which is faster than robbery.

When facing Ou Shaotian, these sealed dísciples are also respectful, and I dare not be disrespectful.

Because they have all seen Ou Shaotian's great.

12th Rank can easily suppress and kill.

These Tier 10 scums, no matter how they dare to make Ou Shaotian angry, they are almost like good babies.

"Okay, everyone is unblocked, but you remember, don't arrest slaves, or one day, you will become other people's slaves too!"

After Ou Shaotian finished speaking, he ignored them and left without looking back.

"I will never arrest slaves anymore!"

Many of the unblocked Sanjiao dísciples muttered to themselves when they looked at Ou Shaotian's back.

They are indeed scared.

The days when it was sealed on the mine island, it was simply life better than death.

Fortunately, the war ended soon, they were exchanged back, otherwise, this life would be finished.

what you don't want done to you don't do to others!

After experiencing the slave life, they are naturally disgusted with this system. Even if Ou Shaotian doesn't say it, they will not arrest the slave again.

Of course.

There are also those who are gloomy and think about revenge.

This is inevitable.


As for their thoughts, Ou Shaotian did not pay attention to them. After warning them, Ou Shaotian returned to the recruitment square.

At this time, the job fair is still going on.

Because the entire Chaos Sea is too big, it will take a lot of time for many people to arrive.

So the entire recruitment season lasts for three months.

It has only been more than a month, and there is still almost a month left.

On the square.

Yun Duo'er suddenly smiled when he saw Ou Shaotian coming back.

"Brother Shaotian, everything is solved?"

Yun Duo'er went up and hugged Ou Shaotian's arm and asked aloud.

"Well, it's all solved!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

Afterwards, he confessed to Immemorial Changqing and the others and asked them to stay here to recruit people. He took Yun Duo'er back to the small courtyard at No. 9 East Street where he lived before.

The next thing to do is to upgrade the Fishing Boat Avatar.

In the courtyard.

Ou Shaotian once again and upgraded the rays of light enveloped, twice in a row, directly came a two consecutive upgrades.

Fishing Boat Avatar has risen from the acquired first-rate Spirit Treasure to the acquired top-level Spirit Treasure, and has risen to the Innate third-rate Spirit Treasure Level.

Although it is only Innate's third-rate, but it is much more than the acquired Spirit Treasure.

Power surges.

The new data has changed a lot.

Avatar: Spirit Treasure flying boat

Level: Innate third-rate

Speed: 6500ms

Armor: Innate spirit mine as the main body, ignore Paradise Realm’s attack

Main artillery: ten Hunyuan guns with an effective range of 30,000 meters, compressing one Hunyuan bullet every three seconds

Secondary guns: 200 armors piercing God Extinguishing Bow

Radar: Scanning a radius of sixty-five thousand miles, detecting information on all things, and consuming Spiritual Qi to deduct all things and all things

Fish cabin: door world

Carrying: 20 Tier 10 mechanical puppets

Possession: can be turned into a mark, attached to the body

Diving: seabed sailing, speed increased by 120%

Appearance: The main body is made of Innate spirit mine, the whole body is dark golden, the ship is 480 meters in length, 85 meters in width, 6-Layer up and down, and there is a 15-meter-long collision angle in front of the hull, and the hull is full Xuan’ao’s Dao Mark

Upgrade: The cultivation base needs to reach the 12th Rank

The data in all aspects has increased again, and the entire hull is longer and wider.

The most important thing is.

The defense of the Fishing Boat Avatar has been upgraded and it can almost ignore Paradise Realm's attack.

Unless the opponent has Innate Spirit Treasure or the like, the normal Paradise Realm attack can no longer break through the defense of the Fishing Boat Avatar.

"Yes, this defensive power, you can really swim in the seabed now!"

Ou Shaotian said with excitement.

In the chaotic sea, the islands with the most resources are not the islands, but the seabed. The boundless sea is the seabed, which is the place with the most abundant resources.

Although the previous defensive power is not bad, if you sail on seabed, you still have to cautiously avoid some huge monsters.

Now it is not used anymore.

Except for the chaotic ominous beast above the seventh rank, there is nothing else to worry about.

Moreover, even if you encounter a seventh rank, you can escape if you can't beat it. You don't need him to follow the Fishing Boat Avatar guarantee and protect!

"Brother Shaotian, when shall we go to seabed to play?"

Yun Duo'er couldn't help but say aloud.

The chaotic ominous beasts above the fourth rank have always been scarce resources. Fishing alone cannot meet everyone's needs, and their internal consumption is somewhat insufficient.

Go to seabed to catch some.

"When the recruitment season is over, we will start seabed fishing and catch more chaotic ominous beasts above the fourth rank, so that our people can increase cultivation base as soon as possible!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

The strength of his Human Race is still too weak. Otherwise, this time occupying that many resource islands, there is no need to hand it over to Immemorial.

Human Race clearly needs a resource island.

But because of lack of strength, even if he occupied the resource island, Human Race could not manage that many, and most of them could only be handed over to the Immemorial Cult.

Very helpless.

After all, the development time of Human Race is too short.

But as long as he can hunt enough, chaotic ominous beasts above the fourth rank, then don't worry.

Then a lot of Paradise Realm can be cultivated.


It will take so long to hear, Yun Duo'er is also a little unhappy.

But there is no way. Since I have agreed to the Holy Lord Immemorial Feixue, I must first take responsibility for the recruitment.


time quietly pass.

Soon another month has passed, and the recruitment season has finally come to an end, and it will end soon.

Those recruited cultivators of various races were also sent to various resource islands in batches.

Every time a batch is filled, a batch will be sent.


The last group of Immemorial cult is also sent away, and Ou Shaotian's mission is considered complete.

"Finally got it done, let's go!"

In the port, after watching the ship leave, Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er by hand, took the Immemorial Evergreen and the others returned The small courtyard on the 9th is now.

As for Brother Kai and the others, they left as early as a month ago.

Said to go somewhere to get an inheritance.

I don’t know what happened!

"My lord, do you have any plans next?"

After returning to the yard, Immemorial Changqing asked.

"Let’s relax for a few days, Brother Kai and the others are almost back. When they come back, they will return to Starfire Island together, and then proceed to the next step."

Ou Shaotian is very A decision was made quickly.

Then everyone moved freely.

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