Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 663

Almost a week later, Long Xiaokai, Sister Li and the others returned to Chaos Island, and they came back in a large Innate Spirit Treasure Level flying boat.

It's very exciting.

It also caused quite a stir in the port.

When meeting Ou Shaotian and the others and preparing to return to Starfire Island, Long Xiaokai couldn't help but release the Spirit Treasure Level flying boat!

"Shaotian, what do you think of my flying boat, domineering, right?"

Long Xiaokai said with a sullen expression after taking everyone on the deck.

"Yes, other flying boats at Innate Spirit Treasure Level are really awesome!"

Ou Shaotian couldn't help but sigh.

It is indeed Child of Destiny, such a flying boat can be obtained.

Although it is only a third-rate Innate Spirit Treasure Level, this large-scale Spirit Treasure is extremely precious. For many people, it can be called Supreme Treasure.

Not even in some Major Sects.

At this time, Long Xiaokai didn't know that Ou Shaotian's Fishing Boat Avatar had also risen to the third-rate Innate Spirit Treasure Level, so that's why he was so desperate.


He does not raise at all.

"Let’s go back to Starfire Island first!"

After Long Xiaokai finished, he directly controlled The flying boat began to accelerate and drove swiftly towards Xinghuo Island.

Don't say it.

It really deserves to be the other flying boat of Innate Spirit Treasure Level. This is really fast. Although it is not as good as the Fishing Boat Avatar, it is also the fastest that Ou Shaotian has ever seen.

After all, the Fishing Boat Avatar is strictly speaking, too special.

No flying boat can compare with it.


More than ten days later, Ou Shaotian and the others successfully returned to Spark Island.

Ou Shaotian also prepared a feast for them to pick up the dust, and then deal with some things about Spark Island. In the big development stage, many things need Ou Shaotian's decision.

In the following few days, Ou Shaotian and the others also entered a busy state.

It took about a week to relax.

"Finally, I'm all done. In the future, you should make all these miscellaneous things. Father, you should decide on your own. Just ask me about the big policy!"

Ou Shaotian relaxed.

Actually, the father and mother are not really incapable of being the master. The main reason is that the two elders missed their sons and wanted Ou Shaotian to accompany them more, so he took him to deal with political affairs.

To put it plainly, it was deliberate.

He didn't deliberately scan the mental activities of the two elders, so Ou Shaotian didn't know about it, otherwise, he wouldn't have been so stupidly busy for so long.

"Okay, son, we will try our best to deal with it by ourselves in the future!"

Ouhai said with a smile.

The Ou Mu Yunxue next to her was smirking, and she naturally knew what was going on.

Ou Shaotian didn’t know that many, but talked about the next plan, saying: "Dad, mom, next I plan to go to sea to hunt some chaotic ominous beasts."

"Don't worry about the safety issue, my flying boat has been upgraded to the Innate Spirit Treasure Level. Don’t, the defensive power is very strong, and you can swim in the seabed."

With the Innate Spirit Treasure Level For other flying boats, the father and mother, who were a little worried, did feel relieved a lot.

But Oufu is still warned repeatedly: "That's OK, you try to be careful!"


2nd day.

The port of Spark Island.

Ou Shaotian and the others got together again.

Ou Shaotian will also release the Fishing Boat Avatar again, blinding Long Xiaokai’s titanium alloy dog ​​eyes!

"I, I, I...Go! What's the situation, your flying boat has been upgraded again? Innate Spirit Treasure Level...My dear, I used to show off!"

Long Xiaokai wanted to cry without tears.

There is really no harm if there is no comparison, it is really miserable.

Although he is indeed lucky, but this time for the sake of inheritance, he went through several dangers and suffered from untold hardships before he got it.

It was only once to show off and was overtaken by Ou Shaotian.

And it seems that he overtook him before he showed off. Fortunately, Ou Shaotian didn't directly summon out at the time, otherwise he would be beaten in the face.

"Brother Kai, is my flying boat better than yours!"

Ou Shaotian also said with a sullen look.

"It’s really better than mine. Forget it, I’m not going to compare with you. I’ll let it eat my flying boat. Let’s just sit on you. Anyway, we are not many!"

Long Xiaokai said somewhat depressed.

Then she took the lead on the deck with sister Li and her daughters.

Ou Shaotian and the others also flew up, and then the Fishing Boat Avatar moved.

On this departure, Immemorial Evergreen and the others only came to eight people. To be on the safe side, two of them stayed on Xinghuo Island as the existence of Shouhu Star Fire Island.

After all, the development of Spark Island is getting better and better, and he offends more people.

The vine plants separated by small vines alone are no longer enough to shelter Spark Island. If it is the small vine, it is almost the same.

But Xiaomanteng's body wants to follow Ou Shaotian again.

So I can only retreat and arrange two 12th Rank players to guard Starfire Island.

However, the number of people involved in this operation is not small.

Don’t forget Shulan Fairy and her two Junior Sisters, all three of them have been with Immemorial.

Among them, Fairy and Immemorial are Changqing.

So even if there are two people left, excluding Ou Shaotian, there will be eleven people in the entire squad.

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er, Long Xiaokai and Sister Li are four daughters, a total of seven people.

The total number is exactly eighteen.


Ou Shaotian slightly smiled, and then controlled the Fishing Boat Avatar to accelerate.

The speed is getting faster and faster.

After a while, he disappeared from the sight of everyone in the port.

After moving away from Starfire Island, Ou Shaotian controlled the Fishing Boat Avatar and plunged into the water, speeding up again, reaching tens of thousands of meters per second.

Fortunately, everyone is a powerhouse in the creation realm, with strong dynamic vision. Otherwise, I'm afraid to look at the eyes.

Although the surrounding pictures go by quickly, everyone sees it clearly.

"Everyone, our goal this time is seabed ominous beast, so our destination this time is ominous beast bay. I heard that this area is the place with the most ominous beasts of the fourth and fifth orders."

On the deck, Ou Shaotian said aloud.


Others nodded and said.

With Ou Shaotian here, no one wants to use their brains, including Long Xiaokai.

Ou Shaotian does whatever he wants.

Nothing to think about.

The place named ominous beast bay is hundreds of thousands of nautical miles away from Starfire Island, which is quite far away, but in front of the speed of the Fishing Boat Avatar.

This distance is nothing.

After approaching the ominous beast bay, Ou Shaotian controlled the speed of the Fishing Boat Avatar and slowly descended.

Radar scanning has also been turned on for a long time.

This is indeed an ominous beast bay, not only the fourth and fifth order chaotic ominous beasts, but also the sixth seventh rank, and even the seventh-eighth rank.

It's just that the ones above the seventh rank are slightly less.

"Everyone, get to the place and prepare for action!"

Ou Shaotian said after lowering the speed of the Fishing Boat Avatar.

"You can arrange it!"

Long Xiaokai said directly.

"There is a chaotic ominous beast ahead, a fifth-order black barracuda with a body length of more than 30 meters. It is a big guy, who will fix it!"

Ou Shaotian Said aloud.

"I'm coming!"

Soon a few people spoke out.

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