Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 667

Ou Shaotian is responsible for controlling the Formation. He separated the three 12th Rank cultivators and the three crocodile, and at the same time gathered five colored arrows to launch an attack.

Others also found their own goals.

Long Xiaokai dealt with a seventh rank dein crocodile alone, Xiao Vine also dealt with a dein crocodile alone, and the remaining one was Immemorial Changqing with five people to deal with.

As for the three 12th Rank barren cultivators.

Yun Duo'er dealt with one person alone, Sister Li dealt with a few women, and the remaining guards dealt with it.

Ou Shaotian mainly controls Formation to support the audience. The five-color arrows are deadly arrows hanging over the enemy's head, which can be shot from any direction at any time.

"You are who, you dare to attack my Heavenly Fire cult. Are you going to die?"

One of the cultivator yelled of the desert race.

"Kill your people!"

Immemorial is evergreen and the others are shouted.

They are crowded and powerful, attacking one after another.

Although the three wild clan experts are all veteran powerhouses in the creation realm, they are all difficult to beat with four hands, and they are quickly recruited.

"Ah... damn it!"

The rough skin and thick flesh of the three-headed deer crocodile are better.

The cultivator of the deserted clan under siege can't stand it anymore. It only takes a moment to get injured one by one.

"Stop it, you guys stop it, our Heavenly Fire cult is Saint Major Sect, our 12th Rank exists, is Saint's personal biography, dare to kill us, Saint will shoot!"

One of the deserted cultivator moved directly out of the backer behind him to threaten him.

It's a pity.

His threat is of no use to Ou Shaotian and the others.

Ou Shaotian and the others knew what he said.

But so what?

Daozu came forward during the Three Religious Wars, and Saint was not allowed to intervene.

So Ou Shaotian and the others don't worry about Saint powerhouse's action at all. As for the existence under Saint, they are not afraid of coming.

If you can't beat it, you can run.

"No nonsense, control the ominous beast to slaughter the ships on the sea, you are dead today, no one can save you, I said!"

Ou Shaotian coldly said.

After his voice fell, Yun Duo'er and the others also broke out a stronger attack.

I saw Yun Duo'er's Soul Spirit imperial ambassador double swords, turning into a Yin-Yang Great Millstone, facing the desert cultivator including the past, the true meaning of Yin and Yang continued to rotate.

The terrifying formidable power broke out.

"open for me!"

The desert cultivator, who felt dangerous, also attacked with full force, trying to split the Yin and Yang Great Millstone.

As a result, his attack fell on the Yin and Yang Great Millstone, but they were all swallowed. It had no effect at all. He immediately panicked and wanted to escape.

But at this moment.

Several five-color arrows shot from behind him, directly blocking his retreat.


This wild clan cultivator was hit instantly and screamed.

Three of the five-colored arrows behind him blasted on his back, and the Yin and Yang Great Millstone in front of him also hit him, constantly devouring him.

The divine ability of Yun Duo'er is not much worse than the divine ability of the small vine.

It's just a moment of effort.

This deserted cultivator was successfully killed.

At the same time, Long Xiaokai also completed the killing with the assistance of Ou Shaotian, and he also took away the body of the derelict crocodile.

Although others also have Ou Shaotian's assistance, they only gained the upper hand.

To end the battle, I am afraid it will take a while.


The other two cultivators cursed, but they panicked.

In this way, it also accelerated their defeat.

Half an hour or so, the last seventh-rank crocodile fell, and the battle was completely over!


After packing up the spoils of war, Ou Shaotian immediately led everyone to evacuate.

Although the battle is blocked by Formation, some fluctuations still spread. If someone comes to check, they will definitely be exposed.

That when the time comes is hard to say.

After all, the reason for their killing is not very good.


Almost an hour after they left, the dísciple of Heavenly Fire came to the fighting place. They also discovered that the three sect Old Ancestors had disappeared.

"Something went wrong, the Old Ancestors were gone, and the crocodile ancestors disappeared too!"

Soon dísciple called out.

The other people on the island were quickly alarmed, and a large number of Paradise Realm powerhouses rushed over.

"Hurry up, report sect!"

Someone shouted anxiously.

"Did the Old Ancestors leave by themselves?"

Someone doubted.

"Impossible, look at these traces, it is obvious that they have gone through fierce battles. Besides, Old Ancestors will say even if they want to leave."

Some people deny. .

They soon reported to Heavenly Fire Holy Land.

Heavenly Fire Holy Land also quickly sent the 12th Rank powerhouse to check it out, and it was a powerhouse who had condensed the 5th layer world.

"Time back!"

I saw this powerhouse a light shout.

Ou Shaotian and the others used Formation to besieged the Heavenly Fire god Old Ancestor and the crocodile ancestor. The scene suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Immemorial and the Water Moon Palace again, it seems that I can only report it!"

The old man murmured, then ignored the common disciple and left the Tearing Space directly. Up.


Ou Shaotian led everyone back to the Fishing Boat Avatar, and left the island at full speed. As for the rest, I can't take care of it for the time being.

Although he also wants to kill the guys on the island, he can never kill it with the Heavenly Fire god.

This time, it is enough to take the risk of killing the opponent's three creation realms and the three-headed seventh rank chaotic ominous beast.

The next thing to do is to cultivation hard.

Time also passed in their cultivation.

This day.

Ou Shaotian, who was eating on the deck, received a call from the Holy Lord Immemorial Feixue.

Heavenly Fire people came to the door.

"Something went wrong, somehow, we killed the three Heavenly Fire cult powerhouse and the crocodile, which was exposed. The people of Heavenly Fire cult questioned the ancient Holy Land. ."

Ou Shaotian said solemnly.

"What should I do, Holy Land won't hand us over, right?"

Someone worried.

"Don't worry, we are not pawns that people can discard at will. Holy Land will not hand us over. Let's go back and see what happens!"

Ou Shaotian shook his head Tao.

Then control the Fishing Boat Avatar to turn around and rush towards the Ancient Holy Land.

"You said, will Saint be alarmed this time?"

Long Xiaokai said with excitement.

That look of be eager to have a try, as if trying to make things bigger, and then shocked Saint.

"Hey hey hey, Brother Kai, don't scare us. If Saint is disturbed, the matter will be a big deal. I'm afraid it won't end by then!"

Immemorial Evergreen shook his head quickly.

Although they have had a good time, but for the Six Great Saints, they still consider themselves inferior.

The powerhouse that exists is enough to kill them in seconds.

"What are you afraid of, there is Saint behind us!"

Long Xiaokai didn't worry about it once, and was very calm.

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