Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 668

Ten days later, the Fishing Boat Avatar successfully returned to Ancient Holy Land. Just after logging in from the port, it was picked up by someone sent by the Holy Lord Immemorial Flying Snow.

Then it was the case.

Above the Immemorial great hall, Immemorial Feixue sits in the first seat.

The right row is the creation powerhouse of Immemorial cult, and the left row is the Heavenly Fire cult powerhouse, which came to talk about it.

The two sides are hostile to each other.

At this moment, Ou Shaotian and the others were also brought in.

"Who is looking for me?"

Ou Shaotian strides in a big step, unabashedly in his imposing manner, like a round of bright sun, which makes people afraid to look directly at it. , Directly came a head start.

Long Xiaokai, Immemorial Evergreen, and the others follow closely from behind, also let go of the imposing manner.

And echo each other.

"You are Ou Shaotian, we are from Heavenly Fire. I want to ask you for an explanation. Did you kill our three creation powerhouses and the three-headed ancient crooked crocodiles?"

The Heavenly Fire powerhouse led by Huang Daorong came back to his senses and said aloud.

It's just that the tone is much weaker.

"Sorry, I killed too many powerhouses of the Three Religious Creation Realm, I don't know which three you are talking about!"

Ou Shaotian gave each other a faint look , Disdainful Road.

Those people of Heavenly Fire sect were suddenly half-dead, and the Immemorial sects on the right side were laughing one by one, almost couldn't help laughing out loud.


Huang Daorong took a deep breath before he said: "We are talking about ten days ago, on a small island, and Santou The wild ancient crocodiles were killed together!"

Ou Shaotian slightly smiled.

"Let me think about it, ten days ago, we seem to have found a giant deer crocodile robbing a passing flying boat at sea, and then chased it all the way!"

"Finally chased all the way to an island, and there were two other giant crocodiles and three barren cultivators, so I just killed them all."

"By the way, the giant crocodiles robbed them. We also recorded the process, and it was the alliance’s merchant ship that was robbed!"

"I don’t know if the three cultivators and the three wild crocodiles you mentioned are them, if they are, then I will I have to report to the alliance and let them come forward."

Now, the people of Heavenly Fire God Cult are dumbfounded.

The story of the ancient crocodile robbing and killing the merchant ship was known, and a video was also taken.

If this matter is exposed, then the fun will be great.

"No, the ones I said are not the same batch as yours. The impossible crocodile raised by our Heavenly Fire god will rob and kill the merchant ship on the sea."

Dao Rong quickly denied Dao.

Others don't know it. The existence of these old brands of Creation Realm is very clear. The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races was created by the Dao Zu Senior.

In other words.

The real backer of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance is Daozu, which is more powerful than the Saint behind them.

No way.

Now I can only swallow it myself, endure it!

"Oh, it turns out that it's not the same batch, then it's okay, what else can you do when you come here?"

Ou Shaotian suddenly realized, and then asked rhetorically.

"No, we are going to say goodbye!"

After Huang Daorong finished speaking, he turned his head and looked towards Holy Lord Immemorial Feixue, saying: "Feixue Holy Lord, very Sorry, since the matter is a misunderstanding, then we will leave!"

"Well, go slowly and not send it!"

Immemorial Feixue sighed and said lightly.

After that, Huang Daorong took the others from Heavenly Fire God Cult and left without looking back.

"hahaha, it’s so funny!"

Huang Daorong and the others just left the great hall, and the Immemorial powerhouse in the great hall couldn’t help it anymore. All of them are laughing heartily.

Hearing the laughter, the bewildered Huang Daorong and the others couldn't help speeding up.

"Slow days, good job!"

Above the first seat, Immemorial Feixue also smiled happily.

"It's okay, luck is better. I originally hunted the ominous beast on the seabed, but I ran into the wild ancient crocodile that robbed the merchant ship, and then I chased it up."

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.

"Well, now everyone disbands!"

Immemorial Feixue nodded.

After the dissolution was announced, the Immemorial powerhouses sitting on the right side came to Ou Shaotian and the others, introduced themselves, and left after saying hello.


For Ou Shaotian, they already have the meaning of flattering.

It’s just that this is the Immemorial great hall, it’s not the place where they usually stay at home, so they said hello, the mixed faces were familiar, and then they left one after another.

"Holy Lord, we will go back if nothing happened!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

"Wait, the peak head prepared for you has been built, just take you over to see it, if you have any requirements, you can mention it by the way!"

Immemorial Feixue said aloud.

The last time Ou Shaotian and the others came over, they chose an unowned mountain in the Ancient Holy Land. After they left, Immemorial Feixue arranged for a large-scale construction.

During this period, the mountain peaks have been almost built.


Ou Shaotian nodded.

Then the entire group followed the Immemorial blizzard, and after exiting the great hall, it flew in the sky and flew towards the newly built mountain.

After a while, they came to the top of a towering mountain.

The top of the peak has been flattened and many buildings have been built. Even halfway up the mountain and other places, there are also a large number of buildings that can accommodate many people.

"How about it, it's okay, you can form your branches at the top of this peak, you have a strong formation, and you can solve the matter of setting up the Formation by yourself!"

Immemorial Feixue said aloud.

"Well, very good!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

It is also good to have a foothold in Ancient Holy Land too.

Moreover, the Chaos Spiritual Qi of this peak is quite rich, obviously it is an excellent peak. It seems that the Holy Lord still attaches great importance to him.

Afterwards, under the leadership of Immemorial Feixue, everyone landed on the square and then patrolled.

"If you have any request, please mention it. As long as it is not too excessive, I will satisfy you."

Immemorial Feixue said aloud.

"Many thanks Sir Holy Lord, it's alright!"

Ou Shaotian smiled slightly.

When there is a problem, he prefers to solve it by himself, and does not like to trouble others, because favor is the most difficult to pay.

"Well, I have something to do, so I'll go back first!"

Immemorial flew up in the sky after Feixue finished speaking, and returned to Immemorial Peak.

Ou Shaotian looked towards the excited people, smiling and saying: "Everyone, this will be our new home from now on, I will set up Formation first, you can move freely!"

"Okay !"

Immemorial Changqing and Long Xiaokai and the others are nodded and said.

Although Long Xiaokai and the others belong to the Water Moon Palace, since they are mixed with Ou Shaotian, it is quite necessary to choose a room here, so they are also welcome.

The entire group began to select their own rooms.

Ou Shaotian is busy arranging the protective great formation.

For him, setting up an array is already a very simple matter. An Innate array was completed in less than three hours, and the entire mountain was guarded.

Then he left a second door in the Peak Square.

That is the entrance to the door world.

Easy to pass.

Now that the door world has been refining to his realm by him, even if the six sages of the first ancestor enter it, he is not afraid at all.

There is no need to worry about the door world being exposed.

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