Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 669

This peak pulse was named Xingyue Peak by Ou Shaotian.

The next thing to do is to make a plan to develop this Xingyue Peak. After all, such a good place can't be wasted without development!

That night.

Ou Shaotian and the others had a gigantic barbecue dinner on the top of the mountain. It was the ancient crocodile grilled.

Holy Lord Immemorial Feixue, as well as the Great Elders in Holy Land, were invited over to enjoy the crocodile barbecue and fine wine together, which is extremely lively.

"Shaotian, Holy Land hasn't been so lively in a long time, you guys did a good job!"

Immemorial Feixue said while drinking wine.

"Holy Lord elder sister, since you like the excitement, then we will often hold parties in the future, this is not simple!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.

"Yes, Holy Lord elder sister, we will often invite you in the future!"

Yun Duo'er beside her is also happy.

"Okay, that's it!"

Immemorial Feixue said with a smile.

cultivation After so many years, I have lived more than a hundred years, and it has been a long time since I was so happy.

"Holy Lord elder sister, can you tell us about the six ancestors of the first ancestor, we want to know about it, so as not to stab Louzi!"

At this time , Long Xiaokai walked over with a piece of barbecue and said while eating.

After getting acquainted with Immemorial Feixue, all of them are elder sister elder sisters, and they are much more cordial.

"Your ability to stab Louzi is indeed not small, and you really have to talk to you about it. First of all, you must remember that you must not call Saint by name."

Immemorial Feixue took a sip from the wine glass, and then continued to make a sound.

Speaking slowly.

One ancestor of the six saints, that is the powerhouse that appeared soon after the birth of Chaos Sea.

The Dao ancestor was the first to become a holy, and then he preached in the depths of the Chaos Sea for three thousand years, and received six Head Disciples, which is now the Six Great Saints.

Then the suppression of the chaotic ominous beast.

Any chaotic ominous beasts that reached a high level and were too ferocious were suppressed, leaving only some milder ones.

It is said that Heaven and Earth turning upside down in that battle of suppression.

Originally, there were many large islands in the Chaos Sea, but many of them were directly sunk by that battle.

Immemorial Feixue's speech is not fast. She has said everything she knows and can say. As for some secret things, she can't say it.

Speaking for more than half an hour.

"My dear, I never thought that the Sixth Sage of the First Ancestor was so powerful!"

Long Xiaokai was somewhat whispered.

"Of course, the six ancestors of the first ancestors all opened up the existence of the 9th layer world. Do you know what the 9th layer world is? The opportunity of layer world."

Immemorial Feixue said solemnly.

Speaking of this, she also showed regret, because she only opened up the 8th layer world.

Although it is also very powerful, it is still a lot worse than the 9th layer world.

At this time, she did not know that Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai both developed the 9th layer world. If she knew it, she would pay more attention to it and she would definitely try her best to cultivate Ou Shaotian.

But even if she doesn't know, her attitude towards Ou Shaotian is not bad anymore.

"so that's how it is, we understand!"

Long Xiaokai and Ou Shaotian looked at each other, and then said aloud.

"This is just one aspect. The Six Sages of the First Ancestor are great characters that have existed since the beginning of Chaos Sea. They have a lot of Innate Spirit Treasure, even Innate Supreme Treasure!"

Immemorial Flying snow and leisurely road.

This is where the Six Sages of the First Ancestor are the most daunting. No one knows how many hole cards they have.


Everyone else is nodded.

It has been millions of years since the birth of Chaos Sea, the real good things are long gone!

Maybe there is.

That's also somewhere in the seabed, it's not so easy to get it.

"It seems that all the good things have been taken away by the Six Sages of the First Ancestor. We want to build an Innate Spirit Treasure, it is very difficult!"

Immemorial Evergreen Ninja Can't help whispered.

"If you want Innate Spirit Treasure, I guess there is only one place to get it, and that is the seabed world in the depths of the Chaos Sea, but it’s too dangerous there!"

Immemorial Fly Xue shook his head.

Over the years, Major Sects have never stopped exploring the depths of the Chaos Sea.

The loss is great, but the gain is small.

The area where they are now can only be regarded as the periphery of the Chaos Sea. The area around the center of the Chaos Sea is not that simple.

It is said that there is a giant beast with a body length of 10,000 meters, even if it is a terrifying existence that cannot be killed by the six ancestors.

It's just that speaking out is detrimental to the prestige of the six ancestors, so no one said it.

After all, in the in mind of an ordinary person, the six sages of the first ancestor are invincible.

"Where is the depth of the Chaos Sea?"

Ou Shaotian couldn't help but ask.

"In the east of our Immemorial holy island, as long as you go all the way and drive about 30 million nautical miles, you will be able to enter the central area of ​​the Chaos Sea!"

Immemorial Feixue said aloud .

As soon as the data of 30 million nautical miles came out, everyone couldn't help but be speechless.

Thirty million, not three thousand!

It takes 30 million nautical miles to enter the range of the Chaos Sea. This Chaos Sea is too big!

Everyone sighed.

"Well, one day in the future, we will definitely pass!"

Ou Shaotian said seriously.

"Yes, then you can join the exploratory team and go along with you. There are people from Major Sects, and true experts are all over there too!"

Immemorial flying Xue said with a smile.

"That's not necessary, I'll just form a team and go there!"

Ou Shaotian smiled.

"This is also true, the elder sister almost underestimated you. With your ability, it is really not difficult to form a team in the past!"

Immemorial Feixue said with a smile.

Time passed quietly among the people chatting.

It wasn't until the moon rise in the middle of the sky that the barbecue dinner ended. Ou Shaotian and the others also became familiar with the senior officials of Immemorial, and got close a lot.


time quietly pass.

In the following time, Xingyue Peak began to change with each passing day, and gradually the Human Race dísciple settled in, and gradually became lively.

So far.

Human Race is also completely integrated into Immemorial religion.

The entire Immemorial Sect, from top to bottom, there are people from Human Race.

Xingyue Peak has also entered a stage of stable development. Ou Shaotian even took over the father and mother and let them preside over the development of Xingyue Peak.

Then Ou Shaotian became an arm-flinging shopkeeper again.

Noon this day.

Ou Shaotian and the others, after eating and drinking, took the Fishing Boat Avatar and plunged into the endless sea again.

Started their ocean journey again.

I just don’t know this time, and what major event will happen.

However, Ou Shaotian and the others are not afraid of things, and even each have a trouble-making mentality, so needless to say, in the end, they will definitely come up with a major event.

After all, among the three religions, there are too many things that they can't see.

As long as you encounter it, you can't help but make a move.

If you leave it alone, you won’t be able to get through that hurdle in your heart.

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