Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 671

Gradually, the ancient water ape has also discovered something wrong. Although the wisdom is not high, it still knows that these little people who fight with it are constantly changing.

And over time, its injuries are increasing.

Finally couldn't help but run away.

Unfortunately, Ou Shaotian is not going to let it go. The radar is locked, and the Fishing Boat Avatar easily chases behind it. As long as it stops, someone will fight it.

Apes themselves are extremely aggressive.

Fighting, the Wild Ancient Water Ape became more and more angry, and stopped running away, staying in place to fight.

Even when I was hungry, I fought while catching marine fish to eat.

It’s just that the ancient water ape doesn’t know it. It has become a tool of Immemorial and the others cultivation, but the more fights the more brave is.

Of course.

Under the constant battle, the battle strength of the ancient water ape is also constantly improving.

Both sides are strengthening.

On the deck of the Fishing Boat Avatar, Ou Shaotian said aloud: "Brother Kai, have you noticed that this ancient water ape’s magical monkey battle body has further awakened!"

" Well, every time it recovers from an injury, it will become stronger. The current battle strength has reached the seventh rank peak!"

Long Xiaokai is also nodded.

"It's a pity that the ominous beast's IQ is too low. Otherwise, it would be a good choice to receive it as a Spirit Pet!"

Ou Shaotian said with regret.

"In fact, it’s not impossible. At least monkeys are quite smart. Although they are not comparable to Spirit Beast, they are actually enough as a combat partner!"

Long Xiaokai's views are different. With their strength, they naturally look down on the ancient water apes, but for Immemorial and the others.

But it is a good choice.

"Are you saying that Changqing should be subdued by them?"

Ou Shaotian understood in a second.

"Yes, the high-level Spirit Beast is too difficult to find, but the high-level chaotic ominous beast is actually good, as long as the character is not cruel, and you can be obedient!"

Long Xiaokai nodded.

A combat partner, to put it bluntly, you don’t need to be smart, as long as you are obedient enough, you can hit whatever you want!

"Well, let's take a look first!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

Finally, whether to subdue or not depends on whether Immemorial is evergreen and the others are willing or not.


Time quietly pass, more than a month passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past month or so, the strength of Immemorial and the others has been soaring. It is no longer a problem for one person to kill the seventh rank chaotic ominous beast.

Because the ancient water ape is already eighth rank.

Now each of them can make a tie with the eighth rank ancient water ape.

Ou Shaotian also asked Immemorial Evergreen and the others if he wanted to subdue this ancient water ape.

Finally, after thinking.

Immemorial Changqing wants to subdue and stay by her side to do sparring.

This day.

Immemorial Evergreen started the battle of subjugation, that is alone, completely defeating the ancient water ape.

Only in this way can we have a chance to conquer.

"Monkey, I know you can understand what I mean. Today we will have a decisive battle. If I win, you will mix with me in the future, how?"

Immemorial Changqing held a long sword and said loudly.

"peng peng peng!"

The ancient water ape patted his chest in response.

I agree!

The fierce battle broke out again.

I saw the tens of meters high body of the ancient water ape stepped forward, stepping on the water, and instantly came to Immemorial Changqing, and shot it with a paw.

The imposing manner of the god monkey is violent, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, terrifying matchless.

"Good come!"

Immemorial is evergreen loudly shouted, but he does not evade.

Since you want to conquer the ancient water ape, naturally you have to defeat the opponent head-on and convince the opponent.


It is impossible to subdue.


The sound of golden and iron mingled.

Immemorial Evergreen swung its big sword, blocking the claws of the ancient water ape.

The small body standing on the water without being knocked into the air by the ancient water ape is simply incredible.

The height of the ancient water ape is several tens of meters, and the Immemorial is more than two meters high. Compared with the two, it is like a giant with no comparability compared with an ant.

But at this moment, the strength of the two is equal.

The attacks of one ape and one man continued to blast, and the sound of golden and iron mingled constantly.

"Half Moon Heaven Splitting Slash!"

I saw Immemorial evergreen loudly shouted, Human and Sword Unity, turned into a half moon tens of meters long, the sea was split, Strikes directly with the ancient water ape.

A violent impact erupted.

The light yellow half-moon fluorescence spread out, revealing the evergreen silhouette of Immemorial, and then the figure disappeared again.

The attack was launched again.

This is a combo.

One move is more violent, and the constant strikes hit the ancient water ape, and it retreats again and again.


The ancient water ape was loudly roared, waving his fists constantly.

The sea is stirred, forming countless undercurrents.

Unfortunately it was useless.

After these days of fighting, Immemorial Evergreen's strength has improved even more, and with its full burst, it can already fight against the ancient water ape.

"roar roar roar!"

The ancient water ape was beaten and roared again and again, but it was helpless.

"How about, would you like to be my partner?"

Immemorial Changqing once again blasted the wild ancient water ape, but stopped and solemnly asked.


The ancient water ape roared, hesitated, and lowered his head to indicate the acknowledge allegiance.

"hahaha, ok, we will be partners in the future, but you are so big, can you get smaller?"

Immemorial laughed heartily and said.


The ancient water ape will use the divine ability Size as one wants, turning it into a size of two meters.

"chi chi chi!"

The ancient water ape chi chi after getting smaller.

"Go, follow me up!"

Then Immemorial Changqing returned to the Fishing Boat Avatar with the ancient water ape.

Just boarding the flying boat, Divine Physique of the ancient water ape was froze, and he felt two threatening gazes. It was Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai.

The two warned them specifically.

Sure enough.

After feeling the gazes of Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai, the ancient water ape cautiously followed Immemorial Changqing, acting quite docile.

I can't see the rebelliousness at all.

"My lord, fortunately, I have succeeded in conquering the ancient water ape!"

Immemorial Changqing came to Ou Shaotian and said respectfully.

"Well, good job, give it a name!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.

"Name, this is so troublesome, Xiaolan, do you have any ideas?"

Immemorial Changqing couldn't help but ask for help from Shulan Fairy next to her.

"Why don't you call Yuan Xiaokong!"

Shui Lan Fairy thought for a while and said aloud.

"Okay, this name is Xiaokong Ape, you will be called Xiaokong Ape in the future!"

Immemorial Changqing patted the shoulder of the ancient water ape.


The ancient water ape, that is, Xiaokong, squeaked.

"Yes, the training has come to an end. Let's go deep into the Chaos Sea!"

Ou Shaotian said with a smile.


The others are happy nodded.

Then I started to celebrate shouted.

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