Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 675

The deep bay is actually a seabed abyss. In a seabed thousands of nautical miles away, there is a bottomless crack with many high-order chaotic ominous beasts.

There are also many natural treasures.

The sea of ​​chaos is boundless, thousands of nautical miles seem to be far away, but in fact it can be described as nearby.

The deep bay is a famous treasure nearby.

Everyday all will have a lot of fleets going there, and they are mainly based on mutual assistance between forces. They are not the same force, and they will be on guard against each other and generally will not approach each other.

Of course.

There are also forces that are not the same, but they are familiar with each other, and they directly form a fleet to set off.

After all, some people have been rooted here for hundreds of thousands of years. If you make friends, you will naturally get to know some outsiders. People of similar character will come together.

This is the case with the fleets that set off in front of them. Many of them are old acquaintances.

They all know each other.

"Let's go!"

Ou Shaotian greeted and led everyone on the Fishing Boat Avatar.

Then the Fishing Boat Avatar dived into the water and began to accelerate, leading everyone to the deep bay, ready to go there for treasure hunting.

Although Ou Shaotian has a radar, Deep Bay is indeed worthy of the bottomless name.

The radar has scanned a depth of more than 10,000 kilometers, but it hasn't scanned to the point, as if the deep bay is really bottomless, very scary.

So after learning about Deep Bay, Ou Shaotian also became interested.

Want to find out!


The Fishing Boat Avatar is very fast, thousands of nautical miles, and it only took more than a day to arrive.

Among the seabed.

A line of thousands of meters wide, unknown length, and depth unknown. An abyss crack appeared in front of Ou Shaotian and the others, and Divine Soul Power could only explore a small area.

The crack in the abyss is too big.

As if splitting the seabed into two halves, it's just horrible!

Under this crack, how many chaotic ominous beasts are hidden, I don't know.

But to be sure, it will definitely not be less.

"My lord, this place seems to be not simple!"

Immemorial Changqing took the lead to speak out.

"It's really not simple, even my Divine Soul Power can't detect all of them, and there are many chaotic ominous beasts below, Seventh-Eighth Rank abounds!"

Ou Shaotian said with a solemn expression.


This place is not like an ordinary place, even if they are in the creation realm, there is a risk of falling.

"Be careful, don't go deeper, I feel dangerous!"

Long Xiaokai also said aloud.

Because he is so lucky, he can always turn bad luck and make him feel dangerous, which is really good.

However, he felt threatened here.

There was a voice telling him that if he dared to go deep into it, there was a high probability that he would lose it.

This is unprecedented!

Let’s put it this way, from birth to now, Long Xiaokai has not felt the threat of death. He walked smoothly and everything went smoothly!

However, at this moment, it was the first time he felt the threat of death.

"If we don't go down, we will just go fishing on this boat. Do you have a suitable fishing rod?"

Ou Shaotian asked aloud.

"I have a fishing rod in my hand, from Innate Spirit Treasure Level!"

Long Xiaokai was nodded and took out a fishing rod. It was he who was in the inheritance Cave Mansion. The Innate Spirit Treasure Level fishing rod obtained is extremely precious.

"That's right, the two of us are fishing. Let the others watch. When the catch comes up, we will kill them together!"

Ou Shaotian smiled.

While speaking, he also took out the fishing rod. It was the acquired Spirit Treasure Level fishing rod purchased from Nalan Yiqun, which is also quite good.

Then the two started fishing.

Yun Duo'er, Sister Li and the others stood beside them, watching them fishing.

"Shaotian, let's compare and see who catches the good stuff first!" Long Xiaokai said aloud.


Ou Shaotian slightly smiled, and then directly communicated with the red carp attached to his body, activating his own aura of Qi luck enhancement on his body.

Compared with Child of Destiny like Long Xiaokai, it won’t work if you don’t enhance your luck.

Then the World Strength in Ou Shaotian's body controlled the hook to swim down silently. There was no bait on it, just covered with rich World Strength.

This Spirit Treasure Level fishing rod is naturally extraordinary, and the fishing line can be released tens of thousands of meters long.

In other words, fishing distances of tens of thousands of meters is not a problem.

The radar is constantly scanning, and Ou Shaotian slowly selects the target.

Generally, he doesn't like it either.

So Ou Shaotian controlled the hook to constantly shuttle in the water, and soon found the target, a rare ominous beast that reached the eighth rank, and the bloodline was quite good.

[Name]: Clam and Yuyu

[Quality]: Rare

[Rank]: eighth rank

[Remarks] :Bloodline mutated chaotic ominous beast, the mutated part is the tongue, which can stretch out for thousands of meters, the tongue is extremely tenacious, the hole is golden and jade...

According to the remarks, the tongue of this clam fish is terrifying matchless is its attack weapon.

Not only has a terrifying penetrating power, but also extremely sharp. Once it is entangled by the tongue, it can easily cut off the target, which is quite terrifying.


Ou Shaotian suddenly made a sound, and then urged the fishing technique with all his strength. The hook was accurately hooked into the mouth of the clam, and then he tried hard. Pull, hooked in flesh and blood.

Afterwards, without waiting for the clam fish to struggle, the devouring divine ability has been activated.

Under the continuous Devouring Power, Clam Yuyu had no strength to struggle at all. After being easily pulled by Ou Shaotian, he caught it and pulled out of the abyss crack.

"Go on, be careful of its tongue!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

While speaking, he also retracted the devouring divine ability, but the hook still hooked the clam and the fish, restraining its actions.


Immemorial Evergreen and the others are besieging the clams.

The attacks of the crowd continued to fall on the clam fish, and the clam fish’s tongue was also extremely flexible, constantly launching attacks on the crowd, with a shocking momentum.

Fortunately, Ou Shaotian reminded me in advance.

Otherwise, it must be over.

"Shaotian, your level is okay, this is at least a rare quality of eighth rank!"

Long Xiaokai couldn't help but say aloud.

"It's okay, your side is not bad, you got the bait too!"

Ou Shaotian noticed that Long Xiaokai was also hooked there, the same one Eighth rank bastard fish, bloodline has reached the precious level.

Not bad.

Although Long Xiaokai didn't swallow the divine ability, his fishing technique is quite brilliant, obviously from the ancient inheritance.

Under his control, that bastard fish has almost no resistance.

The fishing trip went very smoothly.

"hahaha, that is a must!"

Long Xiaokai also laughed heartily.

Not discouraged!

"Changqing, you split half of them to Brother Kai, and he caught it too!"

Ou Shaotian happened directly to Divine Soul, besieging clams and fishes in the sea The Immemorial Evergreen and the others said aloud.


Soon, Immemorial and the others were divided into two teams, one team of five or six people.

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