Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 676

Because of being caught by the fish hook, the two chaotic ominous beasts cannot escape at all. Every time they escape, they will be pulled back, and they will not run away at all.

In this way, the result can be imagined.

In less than an hour, both sides ended the battle.

The current Immemorial Evergreen and the others were originally not simple, each of them can fight the ordinary eighth rank chaotic ominous beast, clams and ghosts are rare, and the battle strength is stronger.

But a few of them besieged, naturally nothing difficult.

After paying a certain price, he still won.

"My lord, we won!"

Immemorial Evergreen and the others pulled the seriously injured and dying clam back to the deck.

"It's OK!"

Ou Shaotian slightly smiled, cast a great seal technique, sealed the clams, and then entered the family within the realm.

The other side.

The same goes for those of Long Xiaokai, the eighth rank fierce fish was also pulled back by him.


Time quietly pass, in the blink of an eye, months have passed.

Immemorial Evergreen and the others everyday all are fighting.

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai fished the chaotic ominous beast in the abyss, and they were responsible for the siege. Under the constant battle, each of them was advanced by leaps and bounds.

They have become stronger.

Before it can be said that it was evenly matched with some eighth rank ominous beast.

Now you can basically win some ominous beasts of eighth rank.

It's not a siege, it's a heads-up.

In the case of heads-up, win the ominous beast of eighth rank.

Noon this day.

On the deck of the Fishing Boat Avatar, Ou Shaotian and the others were eating. When they were almost eating, Ou Shaotian announced something.

"Everyone, after these days of training, your strength has improved a lot. I don't need to follow you all the time. I plan to explore the cracks with Brother Kai!"

Ou Shaotian knows very well that the real good thing should be under the abyss crack, and the things on it have basically been searched and cleaned by others!

So as long as others were improving, he discussed with Long Xiaokai.

"My lord, we want to follow!"

Immemorial Changqing said quickly.

"Well, the seabed is extremely dangerous under the cracks. It doesn't make sense for you to follow. Brother Kai and I can't fight and can run. If you take your words, it's not safe!"

Ou Shaotian Shaking his head, he refused directly.

"Yes, if I and Shaotian are the two, self-preservation is not a problem, but you will be tied up with you, so you should stay outside!"

Long Xiao Kai also said aloud.

Yun Duo'er and Sister Li, who originally wanted to talk, also became silent.

After a while, Yun Duo'er said: "Brother Shaotian, or I will enter your door world, if necessary, let me come out to support!"

"Yes, Brother Kai, let's enter your world too!"

Sister Li and her daughters also looked at Long Xiaokai and said.

Long Xiaokai looked towards Ou Shaotian and waited for his decision.

"Well, you stay with Evergreen, Duo'er, follow me!"

Ou Shaotian nodded.

"That's it, I will bring sister Li and the others too!"

Long Xiaokai is also nodded.

After eating and drinking, Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai started to act.

Eleven people including Immemorial Changqing and Shuilan Fairy remained. Ou Shaotian took Yun Duo'er, Long Xiaokai took sister Li and her daughters, and then entered the seabed crack.

It's just that Yun Duo'er and Sister Li's daughters have entered their lives within the realm.

Fishing Boat Avatar also stayed.


After knowing the existence of this seabed crack, Ou Shaotian has always wanted to wonder how deep this crack is, but he has been enduring no action before.

Now finally begin to explore.

After the two left the Fishing Boat Avatars, they began to dive down continuously.

All the way down.

The seabed is deep in the cracks, it is extremely dim, and after going down, it is completely dark.

Ou Shaotian was also able to see what was in front of him through the eyes of the radar. Unconsciously he dived to a depth of 20,000 to 30,000 meters, but the radar still failed to scan to the bottom.

However, more and more good things have been discovered.

Long Xiaokai's eyes are also exuding a faint fluorescence, which is obviously cultivated with some kind of divine ability of the eyes, and can also clearly see the surrounding scenes.

It's just that he knows that Ou Shaotian is better than him, so he closely follows Ou Shaotian.

"There are a lot of chaotic spiritual medicines ahead, be careful to keep up!"

Ou Shaotian greeted him and brought Long Xiaokai to a place full of chaotic spiritual medicines .

Weird, there is no ominous beast guardian.

[Name]: Sea Spirit Mushroom

[Quality]: Precious

[Remarks]: Chaos spiritual medicine, cultivation spiritual object, top grade soup material, It can be stewed with the chaotic ominous beast, and its soup is the best cultivation thing...

These sea Spirit Mushrooms don’t know how many years they have grown, and there are a lot of them.

Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai move quickly.

The two moved separately, and after approaching, one left and the other right, and one collected in one direction.

Ou Shaotian didn't care.

First, I scanned the surrounding environment on one side with radar. Except for some wandering six seventh rank chaotic ominous beasts, no particularly strong chaotic ominous beasts were found.

For them, it is quite safe.


At the same time.

The seabed crack is hundreds of thousands of kilometers deep. A middle-aged man carrying a long sword sits cross-legged on a piece of coke rock. In front of him is a large seal formation.

You can see that the seal pattern fluctuates from time to time.

Obviously, the ominous beast sealed inside is not simple.

And this middle-aged uncle with a long sword on his back looks firm, with his mane brushed on both sides of his cheeks, plus an ancient costume, looks very handsome.

Immemorial Saint, one of the Six Saints.

Just as the seal pattern was constantly fluctuating, Immemorial Saint right hand pointed, and a sword intent shot out and shot into the seal formation.

It didn't hurt the seal formation, but penetrated the seal layer, entered the formation, hit the ominous beast who wanted to break free of the formation, and severely wounded it.


The ominous beast under attack issued an angry roar, but soon fell silent again.

Obviously, I was also afraid of being beaten.

After confirming that the ominous beasts in the seal formation were no longer struggling, Immemorial Saint also closed his eyes and continued to comprehend his sword dao.


Ou Shaotian took Long Xiaokai and picked up some of the sea Spirit Mushroom with enough years, and continued to go deep and continue to collect various spiritual medicines.

But many spiritual medicines are guarded by chaotic ominous beasts.

The two began to work together.

"Brother Kai, there is another piece of spiritual medicine in front, but there are a few chaotic octopuses guarding, I will catch them one by one, and then we will kill them together!"

Ou Shaotian's plan is simple, catch those guarding ominous beasts one by one, and then suppress them with their hands.


Long Xiaokai said nodded.

He is also very convinced of Ou Shaotian's fishing skills, the key is to move fast enough.

After all, there are several ominous beasts that are guarded, all of which are the cultivation base of Seventh-Eighth Rank. Among them, there are three of the eighth rank and five of the seventh rank, that many.

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