Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 677

Ou Shaotian moved very fast. He happened to see a chaotic octopus a little far away from the group, so he shot, and the fishing rod flicked and the hook flew out.

The target is the chaotic octopus below.

Under the control of Ou Shaotian, the fish hook is very flexible, and it shuttles silently with the fishing line, directly binding this chaotic octopus.

Then swallow the divine ability to activate.

The Chaos Strange Octopus, who was just about to struggle, suddenly softened completely. All his strength was swallowed by the divine ability, and he couldn't resist at all.

After pulling Strange Octopus over, Ou Shaotian started to seal.

As soon as the great seal technique was used, this seventh rank chaotic octopus was quickly dealt with, and then it was put away by Ou Shaotian.

The other octopuses were not disturbed.

Therefore, there is no need for Long Xiaokai to intercept him for the time being, everything is unpredictable.

One, two, three!


The fourth seventh-rank chaotic octopus was also caught by Ou Shaotian, and finally the eighth-rank chaotic octopuses were alarmed and rushed in groups.

"Brother Kai!"

Ou Shaotian shouted to Long Xiaokai.

"Give it to me!"

After Long Xiaokai complied, he rushed up directly and attacked the eighth rank chaotic octopuses, with a spear thrust in it. On one head.

After attracting their attention, they constantly dodge, avoiding the octopus tentacles that swept over them.


Ou Shaotian loudly shouted, also speeding up.

Pull this seventh rank chaotic octopus directly, and after sealing it, it was collected into the world, and then the fishing rod flicked and the hook flew out again.

This time locked an eighth rank chaotic octopus. It happened to be hit and flew by Long Xiaokai. He seized the opportunity and the hook entangled towards it.

Entangled it instantly.

Then the devouring divine ability was activated, and then this eighth rank chaotic octopus was also pulled over.

Without an eighth rank chaotic octopus, Long Xiaokai suddenly became more relaxed.

The seventh rank can be ignored, he just needs to guard against the remaining two eighth rank chaotic octopuses.

"Seal the seal!!!"

Faced with the eighth rank chaotic octopus, Ou Shaotian didn't dare to take it carelessly, hitting out three big seals in a row.

I finally got it done.

He also put away this eighth rank chaotic octopus.

"One more!"

I saw Long Xiaokai loudly shouted, Human and Spear Unity, once again hit an eighth rank chaotic octopus, and created a best for Ou Shaotian Opportunity.


Ou Shaotian complied, the fish hook flew out in an instant, with the fishing line, entangled towards the chaotic octopus that was shot by Long Xiaokai .

The same way, I quickly got it done.

The chaotic ominous beast of Seventh-Eighth Rank is very strong, but it is entangled in the fishing line and swallowed by the divine ability, there is no resistance at all, and it can only be sealed obediently!

The remaining two chaotic octopuses were quickly settled.

"Okay, let's go down and pick spiritual medicine!"

Ou Shaotian relaxed and said with a smile.


Long Xiaokai is nodded, following him.

These chaotic octopuses can be called tentacle monsters. In this seabed crack, they also belong to the Overlord level. If the ninth rank is not available, the eighth rank is invincible.

Unfortunately, I met Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai.

As One of the Overlords, the spiritual medicine it guards is naturally not ordinary, but it is extremely precious ten thousand years of chaotic spiritual medicine.

[Name]: Narcissus Mushroom

[Quality]: Rare

[Remarks]: Spirit Mushroom variety that is one hundred times more precious than the sea Spirit Mushroom, The Dao Mark is born with water, once a year, the better the Dao Mark of water...

"This is Narcissus. After eating, you can improve the Water Element attribute and achieve Water Element Dao Body!"

Ou Shaotian picks and explains.

"That's a good thing, most of the dísciples of our Water Moon Palace are from the Water Element Innate talent!" Long Xiaokai said excitedly.

"hahaha, then you have to move faster!"

Ou Shaotian smiled.

Although they didn't say it clearly, the two people are in a tacit understanding, whoever gets it belongs to whom.

The number of this large piece of narcissus is really a lot. Everyone has picked thousands of them, and many of them are too low in age and two of them didn't pick them.

After picking, the two continued to go deep.

While hunting, while going deep.

The strength of both of them is Peak, and they are developing the 9th layer world. Although the world is not perfect, the power of World Strength is also extremely powerful.

So the average Seventh-Eighth Rank ominous beast is not their opponent at all.

The strategies are similar.

Every time you encounter ominous beasts that live in groups, they are like dealing with chaotic octopuses. They catch them one by one and seal them. After alarming the crowd, Long Xiaokai intercepts them.

Cooperate with Ou Shaotian to complete the seal.

The two went all the way down, and they picked countless spiritual medicines, and they hunted countless ominous beasts.

Although there are constant battles, the fluctuations in the battles are not great.

The reason is simple, the water is too deep.

The water pressure is too high.

The attack of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering outside, here, it will also appear ordinary.

The water pressure here, I am afraid that Paradise Realm is here, and it can be crushed alive.

Similarly, the chaotic ominous beast that Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai have reached is getting stronger and stronger. It is also Seventh-Eighth Rank, but the battle strength is incomparable.

The further down, the more terrifying the fleshy body of these chaotic ominous beasts.

At this moment, Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai are running for their lives.

Just now, the two of them attacked a group of strange fishes with crocodile heads, only to find that their defensive power terrifying matchless is called impervious to sword and spear.

The most important thing is that there are a lot of them.

Long Xiaokai couldn't hold it at all, and the two of them could only escape.


Ou Shaotian greeted Long Xiaokai while running away.

But at this moment, there was an accident. A giant ominous beast was killed, forcing them to disperse.

"Leave and escape first!"

Long Xiaokai said, and ran away from the other direction.

More than half an hour, Ou Shaotian got rid of those eighth rank chaotic ominous beasts that were chasing after him, but he didn't know where Long Xiaokai had gone, and he was a little worried.

Because the Fishing Boat Avatar did not turn off, the radar scanning did not scan this area.

After all, this place is already more than 100,000 kilometers deep.

The radar can only scan tens of thousands of nautical miles.

Ou Shaotian hesitated and chose to continue exploring like this, but he was also more careful.

As for Long Xiaokai, thinking of his strong luck, he didn't worry too much.


On the deck of the Fishing Boat Avatar.

Immemorial is evergreen and the others are working hard on cultivation. Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai have been away for more than half a year, and they have also been cultivated hard for more than half a year.

The strength has improved a lot.

They didn't have seabed cracks, but they were moving around, hunting and killing the chaotic ominous beasts of the sixth seventh rank, and constantly sharpening themselves.

"Come on!"

After a cheer, Immemorial Changqing and the others split up again.

Seabed activity around Fishing Boat Avatar.

Hunting and killing the ominous beast of chaos.

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