Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 678

time quietly pass, another few months have passed in the blink of an eye.

Ou Shaotian dived all the way down. He didn't know how deep he dived, and he still didn't reach the bottom. Now he has some doubts whether it is deep and bottomless.

The chaotic ominous beast encountered now, even if it is the seventh rank, he dare not easily provoke it.

Because I can't beat it.

The seventh rank below this is enough to kill the eighth rank above. The fleshy body is too terrifying. It is so strong that it can’t move at all. Even if it swallows the divine ability, the suction power is weakened.

I feel like I can’t breathe.

This is not a joke, the ominous beast of life here is really scary.

Those below the sixth rank cannot be seen, they are all chaotic ominous beasts above the seventh rank, and each fleshy body is terrifying matchless, so he will avoid it now when he sees it.


Compared with these chaotic ominous beasts, the human body is too small, just like an ant.

Under the situation of Ou Shaotian restraining aura, there will be no chaotic ominous beast actively asking him for trouble, so he can swim down easily all the way.

There are surprises but no dangers.

"My dear, this good thing is really not too small, but it is a pity that I dare not move, I dare not move!"

Ou Shaotian was depressed while diving down. Muttered.

These chaotic ominous beasts are not only powerful fleshy body, but also extremely fast. If they are provoked, it is not easy to get out.

So before clarifying the seabed crack, Ou Shaotian can only endure it first, and don't go to the outside branches for the time being, first reach the bottom of the crack and talk about it.

But there are too many good things.

It's so hard to endure!

Various treasures pass by, especially his radar eye. You can see the anti-sky effects of these treasures at a glance, but they cannot be picked.

That feeling is really unbearable.

"It’s okay, everything here is mine, but it’s only temporarily stored here. I will come and take it if I have a stronger strength. It’s all mine and can’t run!"

Ou Shaotian went forward while hypnotizing himself.

No way.

The temptation of these things is too great. If he doesn't hypnotize himself, he is really afraid that he can't help it!

Time passes day by day.

A few more days passed soon.


Ou Shaotian saw the bottom, the bottom of the seabed crack.

Seeing that the crack has a bottom, he is also sighed in relief. As long as it is not infinitely deep, there is nothing to worry about.

What I am afraid of is infinite depth and full of unknowns.

That's scary.

After reaching the bottom, Ou Shaotian randomly chose a direction and began to explore.

Coincidentally, he chose the direction of Immemorial Saint.


On the other side.

After Long Xiaokai got rid of the chasing soldiers, he also began to explore by himself, but he was not so courageous and did not continue to explore downward.

Instead, I went back a bit, not so dangerous, and then explored that area.

The harvest is not small.

But without Ou Shaotian, it was thrilling and quite exciting.

In order to pick up some precious spiritual medicine, chased by chaotic ominous beasts from time to time, battered and exhausted, many times can only get rid of chasing soldiers by fighting monsters.

I have to say, he is very smart.

At this moment, he was chased by a chaotic ominous beast with a body length more than two hundred meters. This ominous beast looks very vicious and grinning, and he can't distinguish the species.

Seeing that his imposing manner is only seventh rank, less than eighth rank, but the fleshy body is quite terrifying. With a full shot, he can only hit a fist sized pit.

No harm is done.

There is no way. After stealing some spiritual medicine, I can only be chased away.

So he is very smart. He will find a way out first, choose another ominous beast lair, and then restrain aura rushing over, let the chasing ominous beast fight the ominous beast in that lair.

Then he escaped safely.

It is the same at this moment, a wave of ominous beasts is chasing behind him, and he is rushing towards another ominous beast's lair.

"bang bang bang!"

The two waves of ominous beasts quickly fought fiercely. After Long Xiaokai escaped safely, he was actually mixed in the battlefield.

Continue to fish in troubled waters.



Ou Shaotian continued on the seabed, and cautiously avoided the ominous beast, unconsciously approaching the area where the Immemorial Saint was.

He also discovered that there is no ominous beast in this area.

So he is also more careful.

"It would be great if there was a radar scan, this place must be weird!"

Ou Shaotian moved forward while whispered.

On the other side, Immemorial Saint, who is meditating and cultivation, also opened his eyes, revealing a curious look.

"Interesting, there is a cultivator that can withstand the terrifying pressure here?"

Immemorial Saint opened his eyes and looked towards the direction where Ou Shaotian was.

Then he closed his eyes again and continued the cultivation. At the same time, he quietly waited for the arrival of Ou Shaotian, and didn't mean to find the past.

"Is this... the seal?"

Ou Shaotian, who is constantly advancing, finally came to the edge of the seal. After the eyes of the radar saw it, he had determined that there was a The huge seal.

I don't know what the seal is.

But this seal surprised him very much. It was the first time he saw such a perfect seal, and it was not much worse than his great seal technique.

The Eye of Radar watched it, while deducing it.

Learn from each other.

By observing this seal Formation, he can take his great seal technique further.

"Hey, how did his speed slow down?"

Immemorial Saint, who had been waiting in the distance, soon discovered that Ou Shaotian was slowing down.

But he still did not move, closed his eyes again, and continued the cultivation.


A few hours later, Ou Shaotian, who was advancing while deducing the Seal Formation, found the Immemorial Saint sitting on the rock, and was surprised.

Ou Shaotian subconsciously used the eyes of the radar to see the origin of the opponent.

As a result, a shield automatically appeared on Immemorial Saint, blocking Ou Shaotian's prying eyes. It should be an Innate quality body protection Spirit Treasure.

"Come and talk!"

Immemorial Saint said aloud.

Although Ou Shaotian didn't see Immemorial Saint's information, he was not too scared and walked up to Immemorial Saint generously.

I saw him say: "I don't know who the senior is, and what is the Formation below, please understand?"

"This Saint is the Six Great Saint One of the Immemorial Saints, what is sealed below is a peerless beast, I am here, mainly to guard the seal!"

Immemorial Saint faintly smiled and said.

The most important reason why the Six Great Saints rarely show up is to guard the seal.

Less the peerless beast cut open seal below, the chaotic sea of ​​chaos.

"Are you Immemorial Saint? That's really good. My name is Ou Shaotian, Human Race, and I am also the dísciple of Immemorial God. I have seen Sect Founder!"

Ou Shaotian introduces himself After a while, he respectfully saluted.

"You are Ou Shaotian, good job, good job, the previous battle seems to be caused by you, the fight against the three religions is very good!"

Immemorial Saint is delighted The way.

He was naturally happy that such an excellent dísciple appeared in his sect.

As he said that, he started to check what he was doing. As a Sect Founder, the first time I saw such an excellent dísciple, I had to give a little greeting.

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