Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 679

Immemorial Saint wanted to see Ou Shaotian when I went out last time, but Daozu came out halfway through the fight, and there was no time to meet.

That battle.

He fought three against Shuiyue Saint and barely remained unbeaten.

I didn't see Ou Shaotian, and I was a bit regretful. I didn't expect Ou Shaotian to come here by himself.

This meeting gift must be given!


He took out a pearl from his body, Innate Wood Spirit Pearl, which is a pretty good treasure, not only can be used to attack, but also to recover from injuries.

"Come, come, this is a gift from Sect Founder, Innate Wood Spirit Pearl, I will give you self-protection!"

Immemorial Saint said with a smile on his face.

"Thank you Sect Founder!"

Ou Shaotian also said with a smile on his face.

This Innate Wood Spirit Pearl is a good thing. It is the first-class Innate Spirit Treasure. For him, it can enhance the All Living Things to Recover divine ability, and it can also be used as a lifesaver around him.

"Sit here, let's have a good chat!"

Immemorial Saint said with a smile on his face.

After Ou Shaotian sat down, he couldn’t wait to ask: "Sect Founder, what is the ominous beast that is sealed below, I need your Senior to guard it yourself!"

The most curious thing about him.

"The peerless ominous beast under the seal here is not simple. Under the leadership of Taoist ancestors, they took action together to suppress it and set the seal."

Then Immemorial Saint also slowly talked about the origin of this peerless ominous beast.

In general, this peerless ominous beast is one of the five evils of creation.

It was born along with the Chaos Sea.

And the natural fleshy body is sanctified, and the defense is very terrifying.

If Dao ancestors had not taken them to seal the five evil creations one by one, I am afraid that Chaos Sea would still be in the turmoil of ominous beasts all day long.

Fighting is often between the five evil spirits.

"It turns out that this is the case, no wonder you want Sect Founder to guard it!"

Ou Shaotian suddenly realized.

"Yes, this seal is too important. Our six Great Saints are going to send five to guard, and the remaining one is actually a substitute. Isn't it miserable!"

Immemorial Saint is somewhat self-deprecating.

Sometimes he is a little suspicious. When the Taoist ancestor accepted the six of them as disciples, was it just for them to guard this peerless beast?

"Sect Founder, can't this peerless ominous beast be killed?"

Ou Shaotian asked aloud.

"Difficult, this peerless ominous beast is not only powerful fleshy body, but also contains immeasurable Primal Chaos Qi. Apart from the seal, there are no other methods to kill!"

Immemorial Saint shook his head Tao.

It's not that he never thought of killing this peerless ominous beast, so that he can be completely free, but every time he enters the seal, he returns with feathers.

All he can do is to send out a sword intent from time to time to prevent it from recovering.

"Impossible, can't Daozu kill it?"

Ou Shaotian said with some suspicion.

"I will also ask Dao Zu, but Dao Zu said that this peerless ominous beast is the root of Chaos Sea. He owes this world great cause and effect and cannot kill it!"

Immemorial Saint shook his head and said.

This is exactly where he doubts, what is the cause and effect, to pit them so that they lose their freedom.

Ou Shaotian has an idea in his mind.

If he can strengthen the seal ten times a hundred times, and completely seal the peerless ominous beast, maybe he doesn't have to worry about the ominous beast coming out again!

So Sect Founder doesn’t have to stay here.

Although he has such an idea, he did not directly say it, but said: "Sect Founder, I want to stay here and study the seal here!"

"Yes, but you can't move this seal, if you let this peerless ominous beast run out, then it will be troublesome!"

Immemorial Saint nodded said.

Although it is said that even if the peerless ominous beast inside runs out, it can be sealed back again, but if you need to cooperate with other Saints, you need to go to the heads of other Saints.

Otherwise, as a caretaker, he owes a lot of cause and effect.

"Sect Founder, don't worry, I won't touch it!"

Ou Shaotian nodded.

Then he got up and continued to study the seal formation.


Time flies like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like shuttles.

Soon a month passed.

Although the deduction of Eye of Radar is not as powerful as Fishing Boat Avatar’s radar, the effect of the deduction is the same, but it takes longer.

After his deduction, his great seal technique has also been continuously improved.

as the saying goes, concentration is the essence.

The Great Seal Technique is to continuously integrate into the advantages of the Great Seal Array, constantly optimize itself, and constantly advance, and the sealing power continues to surge.

To the end.

Even Ou Shaotian doesn't know how strong this sealing technique is.

It took more than a month to deduct the optimization. Ou Shaotian has been unimaginable, the formidable power of this great seal technique.

After finishing the deduction optimization, Ou Shaotian can't wait to give it a try!

His imaginary enemy is the peerless ominous beast under the Great Seal, so the goal of the experiment is simple, that is Sect Founder Immemorial Saint.

As long as this great seal technique is effective for Immemorial Saint, then it is effective for the peerless ominous beast.

I just don’t know if Immemorial Saint will cooperate.

"Sect Founder, I’m cultivating a seal technique. I want to try formidable power. I don’t know if you can cooperate with it."

Ou Shaotian came to Immemorial Saint, one The face looking forward to.

"Oh, how do you want me to cooperate?"

Immemorial Saint is also a little curious.

He is also very curious about what Ou Shaotian has studied for more than a month.

"hehe, Sect Founder, this is very simple, as long as you don't resist, let me perform a big seal spell once and see if you can break free after the seal!"

Ou Shaotian chuckled said.

"You brat, I want to see how powerful your sealing technique is, come on!"

Immemorial Saint said in an angry voice.

"Then I am coming!"

Ou Shaotian said, and began to make fingerprints.

The great seal technique was launched, and the illusory shadow of Yin-Yang gossip continued to appear, and finally turned into a nearly physical Yin-Yang bag hanging toward the Immemorial Saint including the past.

In an instant.

Immemorial Saint felt a strong threat, and almost resisted subconsciously.

But thinking of Ou Shaotian, I endured it and let the seal fall on me.

"Sect Founder, what do you think, can you break the seal?"

Ou Shaotian asked impatiently.

"I will try first!"

Immemorial Saint said aloud.

Then he prepared to communicate with the world in his body, but he found that the world in his body seemed to have disappeared, as if the world in his body had not been opened up at all!

I can't sense it at all.

To know that the inner world is his source of strength, I can't feel it at all now.

Fleshy body follows.

The powerful fleshy body is not easy to be sealed!

It turned out that the major organs in the body seemed to have a shackle, which reduced the function of the organs by more than half, as if all the organs were sick.

Fortunately, the sword intent gathered by Divine Soul is still there.

He began to experiment with sword intent cut open seal.

As a result, the strength of the seal was beyond his expectations. According to his calculations, it would take at least a few years to break the seal!

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