Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 681

With the help of Immemorial Saint, it turns out that it goes without saying that Ou Shaotian completely swept the bottom of the cracks in the vicinity of the Great Seal.

Countless good things have been harvested.

More than three months later, Ou Shaotian bid farewell to Immemorial Saint.

Leaving from the crack in the seabed, rushed towards the Fishing Boat Avatar. It took more than two months before he managed to return to the top of the crack and saw the Fishing Boat Avatar.

Long Xiaokai was not seen on the way back.

When it was halfway up, Ou Shaotian felt that the pressure was much less, so he released Yun Duo'er.

So Ou Shaotian returned with Yun Duo'er.

"My lord!"

Seeing the appearance of Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er, Immemorial Changqing and the others immediately greeted them.

"Have you seen Brother Kai?"

Ou Shaotian asked directly after he got on the boat.

"No, is Brother Kai separated from you?"

Immemorial Evergreen and the others asked nervously.

"Yes, the crack is very deep. The further down, the stronger the fleshy body of the ominous beast, which is also the Seventh-Eighth Rank, but the ominous beast below is impervious to sword and spear. We two When people are chased, they have to separate!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

"What should I do, Brother Kai will not have an accident?"

Immemorial Changqing said with some worry.

"Don't worry, that guy is lucky and won't have any trouble, just wait for him!"

Ou Shaotian shook his head.

After that, he also took out a large number of cultivation resources, all of which were collected in the depths of the cracks, all of which were rare and good things.


Everyone fell into penance.

Starting to digest the resources that Ou Shaotian brought back, even Ou Shaotian is no exception, he is working hard on cultivation.

After seeing the peerless ominous beast, he knew very well that he was still weak.

One ancestor of the six sages can fight the peerless ominous beast, and can suppress and seal the peerless ominous beast, but he can't.

If such a battle broke out now, he would not even have the qualifications to participate. I am afraid that he might not be able to do it even close to the battlefield.

So he knows very well that he is still weak.

Of course.

This is also mainly related to Spirit Treasure, which has no body protection class.


The first ancestor of the six sages must have the body protection class and the Attack Type Spirit Treasure. It can be seen only by the Innate Wood Spirit Pearl sent by Sect Founder.

The first-class Innate Spirit Treasure can be given freely, and there are definitely better ones.

But for these, he has nothing to do now, after all, the Chaos Sea has existed for many years, and the good things have already fallen into the hands of the Six Sages of the first ancestor.

He is also impossible to grab.

More on that.

With his current strength, even if he wants to grab it, he can't grab it.

What I can do now is to work hard in cultivation and raise my strength to the current Peak first.

After starting penance.

Ou Shaotian also asked Fishing Boat Avatar restraining aura to drive everyone toward the seabed crack, letting everyone use the strong seabed pressure to cultivation.

When you are hungry, you will eat and drink on the Fishing Boat Avatar, and when you are full, you will go out with the help of the water pressure Body Refinement.

Continuously grow the fleshy body.

At the same time, Ou Shaotian is also constantly scanning, and finally two months later, he found the silhouettes of Long Xiaokai and Li Sister and the others, and they also used water pressure in the cultivation.

Ou Shaotian immediately let the Fishing Boat Avatar rush over.

"Brother Kai!"

Ou Shaotian shouted from the deck.


Long Xiaokai was also very happy to see the Fishing Boat Avatar appear and everyone.

I also boarded the Fishing Boat Avatar afterwards.

"Hurry up and talk about it, what did you do after you separated?"

Ou Shaotian smiled.

"hahaha, I didn't continue to dive or float after separation. I hunted treasures in this area and used ominous beasts to deal with ominous beasts. I grabbed a lot of good things!"

"It's Brother Kai, You're quite something!"

"What about you, did you return to the top after the separation?"

"No, I dive all the way , I went straight down to the bottom, but when I went down, cautiously, I didn’t dare to touch something good when I saw it."

"Then did you go to the bottom, did you have any good things at the bottom?"

"Of course there are good things at the bottom, and my Immemorial Sect Founder Immemorial Saint is at the bottom of this crack. Below is a peerless ominous beast suppressed, and Sect Founder guards the seal!"

" My dear, so you saw Immemorial Saint!"

"Yes, he also gave me a meeting gift, this is it!"

Speaking of which, Ou Shaotian Also took out Innate Wood Spirit Pearl.

"Wow, your luck is really very good. You actually got an Innate Spirit Treasure!"

Long Xiaokai couldn't help but envy.

After getting to know each other's situation, everyone began to practice penance again.

When you are hungry, go back to the deck of the Fishing Boat Avatar to eat special food. There are puppets who prepare the food, and they just have to eat it.

When you are full, go out and continue cultivation.

day after day.

Month after month, year after year!

Unconsciously, Ou Shaotian and the others have been cultivation in the seabed crack for three years.

Everyone’s strength is advanced by leaps and bounds.

Among them, Ou Shaotian's strength is the most improved.

Character: Ou Shaotian

realm: 12th Rank Level 7

innate talent Soul Spirit: Starry Sky Mysterious Turtle

world :9th layer world

Contract Spirit Pet: red carp, small vines

Weapons: divine blood knives, ink knives, dragon roar bows, giant formation cards

divine Abilities: Immemorial Divine Physique, All Living Things to Recover, Divine Divine ability, Blood Moon Nine Slash, Star Shooting Arrow, Heavenly Splitting Claw, Streaming Escape, Moon Blade Slash, Void Fishing, Great Seal,

Spirit Skills: Black Tortoise Shield, Xuanbing Bullet, Black Tortoise Real Body


The cultivation base directly breaks through to the late stage of creation, the key is that the fleshy body has already It has become so powerful that it can tear the ordinary Seventh-Eighth Rank chaotic beast.

And they are close to the bottom of the crack again.

On the deck.

Ou Shaotian looked at the people whose strength has increased greatly, and smiled, saying: "Everyone's strength has improved a lot, and can withstand the pressure below."

"very Good, my lord, can we go to see Sect Founder?"

Immemorial Evergreen and the others asked excitedly.

After knowing that Immemorial Saint was below, they couldn't wait to pay a visit, but unfortunately they were not strong enough to withstand the terrifying water pressure below.

Can only endure, desperately cultivation.

Now that the strength is constantly improving, it is finally possible to continue.

"Well, wait for you to see Sect Founder!"

Ou Shaotian thoughts move, Fishing Boat Avatar also started to accelerate and dive down.

After a while, he led everyone to the Immemorial Saint.

"Sect Founder, we came to see you!"

"See Sect Founder!"

Everyone also saluted in unison.

"Well, not bad!"

Immemorial Saint smiled comfortedly when seeing so many people coming to see him.

The main thing is happiness.

Immemorial has produced so many excellent dísciples.

Before again, among the Immemorial cults, only the Holy Lord Immemorial Feixue can reach the seabed. No one else can do it and cannot withstand the pressure here.

Now that there are so many outstanding junior dísciples, Immemorial Saint is naturally happy.

At this time, Long Xiaokai and Sister Li also said aloud: "Shuiyue Palace dísciple has seen Immemorial Saint!"

"Well, you are also good!"


Immemorial Saint nodded and said again.

Then motioned everyone to sit down.

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