Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 682

After that, Immemorial Saint gave out a lot of meeting gifts again. The worst was the third-rate Innate Spirit Treasure, except for the Ou Shaotian who had already given it, everyone sent one.

Even Long Xiaokai of the Water Moon Palace and the others are no exception.

After all, the six saints are the dísciple of the Taoist ancestors, and they are also senior and junior brothers, and he is also the Sect Founder of Long Xiaokai and the others!

"many thanks Sect Founder!"

Everyone thanked in unison.

"It's rare to be happy, all come in for tea!"

I saw Immemorial Saint wave his hand and a hut appeared behind him, and then he took the lead in walking in.

Everyone follow closely from behind.

The surface of the thatched hut does not look big, but the space inside is very large, it is actually a space treasure!

"Sit down!"

Immemorial Saint motioned to everyone to sit down, and then took out Dao Comprehending Tea, soaked it personally, and each poured a cup.

Ou Shaotian and the others could not wait to drink tea without scalding their mouths.

The one bite is indescribable.

It seems that the whole person is relaxed. That is the ease of Divine Soul. It seems that all the troubles and all the questions are clear comprehension once, and it is extremely easy.

Originally, the cultivation base has soared during this period, and the foundation that is not strong enough has been re-stabilized.

"Sect Founder, you Dao Comprehending Tea is also very good. Such a small cup will re-stabilize our vain foundation!"

Ou Shaotian said gratefully .

Obviously, Immemorial Saint saw that their foundation was unstable and their promotion was too fast, so they deliberately came up with Dao Comprehending Tea.

"Thank you Sect Founder!"

Others also thanked.

"Well, there is not much tea here. One cup per person is fine. Don't look at me eagerly, no more!"

Immemorial Saint slightly smiled, put the teapot away Up.

Ou Shaotian and the others can only regret to return the teacup.


In the following time, Ou Shaotian and the others cultivation at the bottom of the cracks. With the help of hundreds of thousands of kilometers of seawater pressure, each fleshy body is Constantly growing.

Now they are able to fight the ominous beasts of Seventh-Eighth Rank alone.

The ones at the bottom of the crack.

Not those parallel imports above.

Now they have begun to search the bottom of the crack, no longer confined to the area where Immemorial Saint is, but divided into two teams, one on the left and one on the right.

Ou Shaotian takes Yun Duo'er and Immemorial Evergreen and the others.

Long Xiaokai brought sister Li and her daughters.

The sweeping started.

Immemorial Saint still sits in the sealed position and did not follow them to hunt for treasure.

Although the things in the seabed crack are not bad, for him, it is not very useful. At most, it is used to reward the younger generation dísciple.

But under normal circumstances, not many can get his reward.

More on that.

The treasure hunter is Ou Shaotian and the others, and he is even more impossible to snatch their chances.

The whole crack is very long and long, as if the seabed is divided into two halves. Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai led their teams to search all the way, but there was no end in sight.

But Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai both combine search and cultivation.

So there is no hurry.

While cultivation, while hunting for treasures, when you are hungry, you will hunt down the chaotic ominous beast and eat, and the cultivation base will keep growing.

Immemorial evergreen and the others opened up the world with only 5 Heavenly Layers, unconsciously, the inner world cultivation has arrived at perfection, and it is already the cultivation base of the Great Perfection of the Creation Realm.

The background of Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er is too strong, not so fast yet.

However, Yun Duo'er has also entered the late stage of creation, and the Seventh World is also close to Perfection.

The road to cultivation is more difficult than one level.

Among the Major Sects, there are not a few that can develop three or five Celestial Grotto.

But it does not mean that if you develop a few Celestial Grotto, you can open up several worlds, because the difficulty of developing a world is a hundred times thousands of times that of Celestial Grotto.

Many have developed four or five Celestial Grotto cultivators. When developing the world, they have only developed one or two worlds.

Among the major sects, except for the six ancestors, the world opened up to 5 Heavenly Layer or more, there are no more than ten people in total, which is rare.

So the current strength of Ou Shaotian and the others is definitely Peak first-class.


At the same time.

The outside world is in constant disputes.

After that battle, Immemorial and Water Moon Palace, as the victors, inevitably many dísciples became arrogant and conceited.

In addition, many dísciples of the three religions also thought about revenge, unconsciously, disputes recurred.

You can see the silhouette of the fighting between the two sides everywhere in the Chaos Sea.

The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races had to intervene again.

The Alliance Venerable Lord spoke in person and interviewed the Holy Lord of the five major Holy Sects. In order to avoid another outbreak of war, a battle was set to quell grievances.

The elites sent by various Sects to participate in the war will no longer affect the ordinary dísciple.

At the same time, the alliance forbids various Sects dísciple private chaos. Once discovered, the alliance will directly arrest them.

At the meeting.

I saw the Alliance Venerable Lord said solemnly: "Everyone, I don’t think everyone wants to break out a war that will sweep the entire Chaos Sea again. If I come again, I can only report on the ancestor."

The threat in his words is already obvious.

You guys in aloof and remote don't care about the lives of the people below. There is no way, he can only take the matter to Daozu.

In order to avoid another Saint war, Daozu will definitely take action.

"Venerable Lord, there is no need to trouble Daozu Senior for this little thing. We will order the restraint of the people below. As for the ring battle, we will consider it!"

Earth Demon Holy Lord said aloud.

He is not stupid, the ring battle is not so easy to fight, Immemorial and the New Generation powerhouse of the Water Moon Palace are too strong.

I don't know how many creation powerhouses fell in the hands of Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai.

"It's not impossible to fight a ring battle, but the Human Race Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai are not allowed to participate in the battle!"

Heavenly Fire Holy Lord said very simply.

Although it is shameful to admit that Sect's Disciples is not comparable to the two Human Races, they know better that losing is more shameful than fighting!

As long as they can win, everything else is imaginary.

On the contrary.

If Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai play, then they will definitely lose. That would be really shameful.

"Yes, those two Human Races cannot be played, otherwise we would not agree to this ring battle!"

Earth Demon Holy Lord and Holy Lord also said aloud .

I have to say that their shameless request made Immemorial Holy Lord and Shuiyue Holy Lord also angry.

"Are you three big men being bullied by our women? Why don't you let Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai participate in the war? Don't even think about it!"

Immemorial Fly Snow coldly said.

"Yes, don't even think about it, at worst is going to war again, what if it alarms Daozu!"

Shuiyue Holy Lord also said with disdain.

Finally, under the coordination of the Alliance Venerable Lord, Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai did not participate in the battle, but the winning prize was changed.

The value of the things that the three religions took out must be ten times that of Immemorial and the Water Moon Palace.

In other words, ten to one.

The three religions win at most one-tenth of the profit. If they fail, the principal will be lost. Immemorial and Shuiyue Temple can get 1,000% of the profit.

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