Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 684

Just when the peerless ominous beast was roaring, Shuiyue Saint shot directly, and the strength of the attack was much more violent than when Immemorial Saint shot.

The ominous beast is directly stunned.

"Okay, you can seal it!"

Shuiyue Saint took a fancy to Ou Shaotian.


Ou Shaotian nodded, and then he also took action.

Starting from the heart of the peerless ominous beast, each organ of it is sealed step by step, and finally the brain is sealed, and all the seals are also linked together.

Seal the peerless ominous beast completely.

The moment of completion.

Another strong and incomparable virtue descended from the sky, most of which fell on Ou Shaotian's body, and the lesser half fell on Shuiyue Saint's body.

"Yes, it will take a lot of effort to stand up now, there will be no more problems!"

Ou Shaotian said aloud.

"very good, thank you, take it, this is a thank you gift from uncle!"

Shuiyue Saint directly took out a space equipment and threw it to Ou Shaotian , There are many things that she doesn't use, and they are all pretty good resources.

"Thank you, Uncle!"

Ou Shaotian put it away, thank you.

After getting the peerless ominous beast, Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er bid farewell to Shuiyue Saint. The ring battle is about to begin and they must rush back.


Chaos Island.

The battle of focal point of ten thousands has also begun.

It is Immemorial Evergreen and the others who represent Immemorial God Sect, and it is Sister Li and the others who represent Water Moon Palace.

The two sides jointly played against the three religions.

The ring was not placed on Chaos Island, but on the sea, because both sides of the battle are powerhouses in the creation realm, and the destructive power is too big.

Countless people are watching on the beach, holding binoculars to watch.

On the sea.

There are two people fighting.

One of them is Liu Zidong of the Ou Shaotian Guards. He has developed the 5th layer world and has reached the cultivation base of the Peak of Creation Realm, and he has made terrifying matchless.

It is pressing the opponent to fight.

And his opponent is a creation powerhouse taught by Earth Demon.

"Impossible, absolutely impossible, how can your fleshy body be so strong, I am also the powerhouse of 5 Heavenly Layer, how can I weaken you that many?"

The creation taught by Earth Demon The world powerhouse roared angrily.

When I fell into a disadvantage, I was obviously very unwilling to fight back with all my strength. I wanted to get the advantage, but I couldn't do it all the time.

Every time he banged, he fell into a disadvantage.

"Nothing is impossible, receive my move, it’s a great one!"

The long stick used by Liu Zidong, a long stick of the first-class Spirit Treasure Level acquired, with comparable formidable power Yes, every club played, the power is amazing.

There is nothing difficult to open the mountain and crack the ground!

Liu Zidong's attack is not only amazing, but also very fast, one stick after another, constantly strikes on the enemy.

The aftermath of the attack hit the sea, setting off a stormy sea.

Many cultivators onlookers are very excited, after all, such battles are rare!

Many people are talking about it.

"My dear, this is an attack too terrifying, if we let us go up, we can't stand it with a stick, I'm afraid we will be blown directly back, too strong!"

"I've seen powerhouse battles in the creation realm before, but it's far worse than this!"

"That's for sure, this is not an ordinary powerhouse in the creation realm, it's all creations The existence of Peak in the realm should be the Major Sect strongest person!"

"Indeed, after all, no one wants to lose!"

"I think it’s Immemorial again this time. Win with Shuiyue Palace, and the winning side is very big!"


When everyone was discussing spiritedly, the Holy Lord in the stands also looked ugly, but the Alliance Venerable Lord, Immemorial Holy Lord and Shuiyue Holy Lord are also there.

Although they are upset, they can only endure it.

At this time, the Alliance Venerable Lord also said aloud: "Immemorial seems to have won this game. I don’t know who will you send to the next game?"

This is not the First Stage battle, it is already the second one.

In the First Stage, a beauty beside Long Xiaokai was shot, and she easily won the battle.

If Liu Zidong wins this game again.

Then Shuiyue Palace and Immemorial Church have already won one game each.

"Venerable Lord, there is no way to know the result before the end, maybe we will turn defeat into victory after a while!"

Earth Demon Holy Lord said somewhat unwillingly.

"Stop dreaming, you will lose this time. I really thought that without Ou Shaotian and Long Xiaokai, we would have no one? Really dreaming too much!"

Immemorial Feixue coldly said.

She was also a little surprised. She didn't expect Immemorial Evergreen and the others to have changed so much. Originally only half of the winning rate, but now it is stable.


She has arranged the players to play, and as a result, Immemorial and the others come back, saying that they have seen Sect Founder and their strength has skyrocketed.

She then replaced the players without the slightest hesitation and directly let Immemorial Changqing and the others play.

I can only say that the surprise came too suddenly.

Sure enough.

While they were chatting, Liu Zidong also won the victory, hitting the opponent's head with a stick. Momentum is big, power is deep, and almost blasted his head.

Although he didn't die, but the stick went down, it also made the other party silly, and fainted to death.

It is estimated that even if it is rescued, it will end with a concussion.

"In the second game, Immemorial God teaches Liu Zidong to win. Please both sides send participants in the next game!"

On the sea, the expert of the alliance presided over the referee, and the winner was divided between the two sides. After that, he said loudly, the voice clearly reached everyone's ears.

"Damn it!"

Among the three religions, many people are swearing.

Unfortunately, if you lose, you lose!

No matter how much they scold, it's useless.


At the beginning of the third game, Immemorial Cult vs Heavenly Fire Cult.

The Immemorial Cult played Immemorial Evergreen, and the Heavenly Fire Cult played a powerhouse that opened up the 5th layer world. Both sides are very strong.

But Immemorial's Evergreen style of play is even more irritating.

I saw him flying in the air, coming to his opponent, and faintly said: "Heavenly Fire god, let’s fight with my battle companion first. I hope you don’t lose too much. Terrible!"

When the voice fell, he greeted Yuan Xiaokong.


I saw Xiaokong's roar, and then directly transformed into his body. The terrifying power of the ancient water ape swept all directions, carrying a giant stick, toward the enemy Kill it.

"Damn it!"

Hong Jiuyan, the Heavenly Fire cult's creation powerhouse, suddenly changed his expression when he saw this scene.

However, without waiting for him to think about it, the ancient water ape has already grabbed his head with a paw at him. In a flash, the sky is dim, and the power of a paw is covering the heavens, shielding the sun!

When seabed, there is sea water pressure all around, and power does not look so scary.

At this moment, the attack of the ancient water ape is terrifying matchless.

Between gestures, destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

"Not good!"

In an instant, Hong Jiuyan's expression changed drastically again, and changed again and again. Facing this blow, he found that he could not dodge the surrounding imposing manner. He has been locked.

The air machine of all directions crushed towards him.

There is no way, but a hard block.

"Block it for me!"

I saw him loudly shouted, and a soaring sword shadow appeared on his body, toward the giant claw strikes that had fallen.


With the loud noise of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry.

The huge sword shadow shattered directly, and Hong Jiuyan was directly slapped by a paw.

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