Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 685

The terrifying giant slapped Hong Jiuyan, not only shot him down to the surface of the sea, but was also photographed with an incomparable gigantic palm print on the surface of Sea.

It will take a long time to recover!

Just one move, Hong Jiuyan, the creation realm powerhouse of Heavenly Fire, was hit hard.

Immemorial's evergreen battle companion was only shot.

Immemorial Changqing himself has not made a move yet.

"Damn, is it so strong, a pet can handle the opponent?"

"Yes, it seems that there is no suspense in this battle again, three Major Sect came directly to a three-line kneel, is it necessary to continue the comparison?"

"Three Major Sects should have hole cards. According to reason, they should all cultivate talents for succession! "

"It makes sense. It is estimated that the hole cards will be dispatched at the end."

"che, what hole cards, even if the three teachers win, they won’t be able to win, because they won’t let it. It’s a shame for Oushen and Brother Kai to participate in the battle!"

"That’s right, if you win, it’s pretty good. If you don’t let Oushen and Brother Kai both lose in the battle, it’s shameful enough!"


"I also feel that the Three Religions are a bit silly. If you win, you won’t be able to win. If you lose, it’s even more embarrassing to be thrown at your grandma’s house!"


Hearing these people's comments, the dísciple of the three religions was also depressed, and they all wished to take off the signs representing the forces of the three religions on their chests.

They used to be proud of this logo, but now they are just the opposite.

The feeling is very complicated.

Sure enough.

Immemorial Evergreen did not need to shoot, and the ancient water ape won the victory.

However, after winning, he did not end, instead he continued to challenge the next opponent, and he won another game and went straight to a two-game winning streak.

It's so majestic.


The Three Sects couldn’t help but dispatched an expert, the Holy Son of the Holy Son Manhai, and the future Holy Lord of the Holy Lord, are the heirs cultivated by the Sect. The battle strength is of course needless to say.


I saw Man Hai loudly shouted.

Immediately after the two-handed sword in his hand burst out endless divine light, the huge sword shadow rising into the sky was like the sword of Deity, slashing down at the desolate water ape.

The formidable power of this sword is too strong, as if it has the power of splitting heaven and earth apart.

It is the sect protecting Divine Art of the Divine Sect, the Opening Heaven Sword of the Divine God.

This formidable power is really good.

Moreover, this wild innate talent is also extraordinary. It opened up the existence of the 6th-layer world, and the power of World Strength surpassed Immemorial evergreen.


I saw an angry roar from the ancient water ape, and the same claw caught the giant sword.

Claw shadow covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

“bang! ”

With the loud noise of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry, the claw shadow of covering the heavens, shielding the sun is covered by the huge golden sword The shadow is split.

Then sword light strikes on the ancient water ape.

Blood spilled.


Immemorial Changqing couldn't help but exclaimed. He also didn't expect the opponent to be so strong. sea.

The fish group is surging on the sea.

As the blood of the ancient water ape dripped, it attracted a large number of ominous beast fish group.

The blood of high-level ominous beasts is a great supplement for ordinary ominous beasts.

Say less gossip.

After Immemorial Changqing shot, he quickly fought with Man Hai, and the two began a fierce collision.

Barbarian Race's brain is not very bright, and it is more rational for death, but with a strong body, he is a natural fighting nation. The Barbarian Race with outstanding innate talent is even more extraordinary.

Every time he hits, he is strong as an ox.

It seems to contain Supreme power.

However, he is strong and Immemorial is not bad. After the cultivation at the bottom of the crack, his fleshy body has been transformed, whether it is defense or strength.

It's all amazing.

"bang bang bang!!!!"

The two sides quickly confronted each other in mid-air.

evenly matched.

"Damn it, impossible, your world obviously only has 5th layer, how can Fleshy body compare to me?"

Man Hai looked incredible.

After the roar, he urged Soul Spirit with all his strength, the Divine Armor covered his whole body, the huge illusory shadow appeared above him, and the imposing manner of hiding the sky and covering the earth swept out.


Man Hai broke out with all his strength.

His attack became more terrifying, and the golden sword light made the entire sky golden-bright and dazzling.

However, Immemorial is not bad for evergreen.

Immemorial Divine Physique exploded with all its strength, and its figure soared. Soul Spirit also turned into a treasure armor body to increase itself with all its strength. The Spirit Treasure in his hand was a big sword light.

"Immemorial a sword!"

I saw him loudly shouted, and a sword shadow of ancient vicissitudes appeared.

It seems to have crossed the long river of time.

The inexplicable power is far more terrifying than the golden sword shadow.


With a loud noise, the two sides collided violently.

At this moment.

On the coast of Chaos Island, the spectators on the fishing platform are all attracted by their minds, holding their binoculars, staring at the silhouette of the fierce battle in the sky.

The aftermath of the battle swept all directions.

Fortunately, the battlefield was put outside. Otherwise, Chaos Island didn't know what it would be destroyed.


This battle was fought one day, one night, and the result was a draw. Both sides suffered and lost their battle strength.


On the other side.

Ou Shaotian is driving the Fishing Boat Avatar with Yun Duo'er, and is also rushing to Chaos Island with all his strength.

Using the fastest speed.

When they approached Chaos Island, the battle was at the most critical time, and the strongest sister Li around Long Xiaokai had already taken action.

The results now are mutually beneficial.

I have to say.

The three heirs cultivated by the three teachings are indeed powerful.

After the Man Hai of the God Sect drew with Immemorial Evergreen, the Heavenly Fire God Sect Holy Son came up with a three-game winning streak, and the others were not opponents at all.

Immemorial’s Holy Son and Water Moon Palace’s Holy Son have all lost one after another.

The chess is one move.

That's why Sister Li had to take action.

As the closest person to Long Xiaokai, Sister Li's strength is naturally extraordinary.

And she has a lot of treasures.

Extraordinary strength, coupled with Innate Spirit Treasure, the attack power that bursts out is naturally first-class. Although the Holy Son of Heavenly Fire is very strong, she still narrowly beats her.

Won the competition.

The end of Heavenly Fire Holy Son's winning streak.

However, Sister Li was also seriously injured, so she couldn't continue the fight.

"Hahaha, who else!"

On the side of the three teachings, the last one to appear was Holy Son taught by Earth Demon, the most sinister and vicious person.

After Sister Li went down, he shot another wife of Long Xiaokai.

The result was hit hard by Earth Demon Holy Son.

Long Xiaokai looked angry.

"Damn it, if it weren't for me to make a move, I must have torn him!"

Unfortunately, he couldn't.

At this time, he can only take out the life-saving medicine pill to save his wife's life first.

Earth Demon Holy Son's attack was too insidious, and the residual weird power couldn't be easily removed at all. Yes, his wife is still in a coma.

No one dared to fight on the Immemorial Cult and the Water Moon Palace.

"Damn it, what should I do?"

Immemorial and the others are also anxious.

Even if they go up, they are not opponents, they are just going to die.

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