Fishing Boat Avatar Chapter 688

The battle of Saint is not so easy to tell the winner. Immemorial Saint and Water Moon Palace can afford to drag them to fight slowly, but they can't.

The time to leave the guardian seal cannot be too long, you must rush back in time.

In this way, they are in trouble.

"Come on, what are the conditions?"

Heavenly Fire Saint gritted his teeth and said aloud.

Obviously, in this case, they can only be sent up and killed.

"The conditions are very simple, ominous beast an Innate first-class Spirit Treasure, and fulfill the agreement of the ring war, if you do it, I will help you, if you can’t do it, forget it."

Immemorial Saint coldly said.

The reason why he didn't want the price too high was because he knew it.

As long as Ou Shaotian seals the other three peerless ominous beasts, he will complete the task of sealing the five peerless ominous beasts and obtain a lot of merit.

Relying on these merits, Ou Shaotian will surely become holy.

This is the most important thing.

So he was also afraid that the asking price would be too high, causing Heavenly Fire Saint and the others to refuse, and it would be more than worthwhile.

The Saint of the Three Sects discussed it and quickly agreed.

"Okay, we promised!"

Heavenly Fire Saint, Earth Demon Saint, and the wild god Saint said in unison.

Seeing that they agreed, the three Great Holy Lords below were anxious. Unfortunately, Saint was talking, and they didn't dare to interrupt, they could only do it in a hurry below.

"Very good, then what should we do, we don't need to say more!"

Immemorial Saint said with a faint smile.

The Saints of the Three Sects no longer talk nonsense, and flew directly above the stands, facing the Holy Lord of their own Holy Land, and said: "Assisting the Venerable Lord to maintain the peace of the Chaos Sea is the will of the Dao Venerable, you Starting today, we must cooperate with all our strength!"

"Follow the holy metaphor!"

The three Great Saints spoke together, and the three Great Holy Lords naturally only agreed with tears.

"Many thanks Saints!"

The Alliance Venerable Lord also thanked him.

At this time, Immemorial Saint said again: "Shaotian, it's up to you next!"

"Well, let them go back to guard first, three days later, Let's visit one by one again!"

Ou Shaotian nodded said.


Immemorial Saint nodded said.

The Saint of the Three Sects also returned to Land of Sealing.

They cannot leave Land of Sealing for too long, otherwise the consequences are unpredictable.


The result of the matter came out. The three Major Sects could only cooperate unconditionally, and Paradise Realm in Holy Land had insufficient manpower and could only be drawn from the resource island.

Not enough, you can only transfer people from the Chaos Sea.

The Alliance Venerable Lord is also busy.

For many years, thanks to Ou Shaotian's blessing, I finally exhale.

So to repay the good news, he also started to use Human Race in large numbers, and the silhouette of Human Race began to appear in various important positions in the league.

And the other side.

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er took the two Saints and landed in the small courtyard of No. 9 on Chaos Island.

The two Saints are not going back to Land of Sealing.

"Little god, if nothing else, as long as you complete the seals of the other three peerless ominous beasts, you will definitely be able to use your merits to achieve the position of Saint!"

In the living room, Immemorial Saint said while tasting tea.

"Sect Founder, my foundation is still a little bit worse, to be honest, I don’t want to be promoted so quickly, my Soul Spirit is still a bit worse, and I haven’t reached the limit!"

Ou Shaotian shook his head.

He has been looking for Black Tortoise blood essence, but in this world, no one else has even heard of Black Tortoise.

"Well, what kind of Soul Spirit is yours?"

Immemorial Saint asked aloud.


Ou Shaotian said while drinking tea.

"Turtles? I have a drop of blood essence of tortoises here. It is a Divine Tortoise. When the Chaos Sea first opened, it was this Divine Tortoise that opened Heaven and Earth!"

Immemorial Saint also took out a jade bottle while talking.

Passed it directly to Ou Shaotian.

"Thank you Sect Founder, you guys sit down, I will break through first!"

Ou Shaotian took the jade bottle and couldn't wait to enter the world.


Three days later, Soul Spirit has completed advanced Ou Shaotian and set off with Immemorial Saint and Shuiyue Saint.

Soul Spirit is advanced to the ancient Divine Tortoise.

He named it Black Tortoise directly.

Battle strength skyrocketed.

Then, under the leadership of the two Great Saints, Ou Shaotian went to the Land of Sealing of the other three peerless ominous beasts to seal the three peerless ominous beasts.

Each end of the seal is paid for with a large sum of merit.

When the last end was sealed, a merit comparable to the previous total appeared, making Ou Shaotian's cultivation base instantly skyrocket.

In an instant, the sound of the avenue sounded.

Flowers are everywhere.

"become a saint?"

The faces of Heavenly Fire Saint, Earth Demon Saint, and Saint Saint are all ugly.

They couldn't think that Ou Shaotian actually developed the 9th layer world, it is the existence of the foundation of sanctification, but it is too late to regret it now.

If they knew it, they wouldn't be like this.

At most, Ou Shaotian can seal the two peerless beasts, and the remaining one, their three people take turns guarding, and it will be a retreat in turn without any problem.

Now it's a big trouble.

Immemorial religion is now one religion and two saints.

In addition, Shuiyue Saint and Immemorial Saint of the Water Moon Palace have an affair, and the relationship is much closer than their three-teaching Saints, and they are more reliable.

The rest of their lives will definitely be difficult.

"Immemorial, did you plot against a long time ago?"

Heavenly Fire Saint said with an ugly face.

"hahaha, what I said, I don’t know that he can be sanctified. I can only say it is an accident, an absolute accident!"

Immemorial Saint will naturally not admit it easily .

After all, between Saints, plot against the other party will have cause and effect.

How can I admit it stupidly.

"Forget it, anyway, we will be free again!"

Heavenly Fire Saint is far away, and I won't say more.

Earth Demon Saint and the wild god Saint originally wanted to say something, but when they saw the Heavenly Fire Saint, they didn't argue, and they fell silent.


At this time, Ou Shaotian is immersed in the endless Dao insight, and the whole person is more comfortable than ever.

How do you say it!

A Grade 9 golden lotus platform appeared under him, supporting him in the air.

The breath of hiding the sky and covering the earth swept out.

Sentient beings from outside kneel down involuntarily.

Saint is born, everyone acknowledges allegiance!

When Ou Shaotian opened his eyes again, everything in front of him was different. Seeing through the River of Destiny, his destiny seemed to be under his control.

I am doing growing old with unfailing eyes and ears.

“Many thanks to Sect Founder and Sect Founder Mother Protector!”

Ou Shaotian turned his head and looked towards Immemorial Saint and Shuiyue Saint with a teased face.

If they hadn't been guarding them just now, I am afraid that Saint of the Three Sects would interrupt his promotion and let him miss the promotion opportunity this time.

"hahaha, good!"

Immemorial Saint laughed and did not refute his words, while Shuiyue Saint was silent.

The two have already an affair.

It’s just that I didn’t make it clear, now it’s better to be assisted by Ou Shaotian!

"Let's go, go back and talk about it!"

Shuiyue Saint said aloud.


After leaving the ominous beast Land of Sealing, Ou Shaotian also bid farewell to the two Saints, returned to Starfire Island, began to gather everyone, and announced that he and Yun Duo'er Wedding date.

I've been so tired for so long, I finally get married.

But before we get married, I need to go back to my hometown to pick up both Yun Duo'er's parents.

After finally getting ready together.

Ou Shaotian and Yun Duo'er held a grand wedding in the door world.

Not long after the two got married, Long Xiaokai also got the chance to be promoted to Saint in one fell swoop, and Shuiyue Palace also became a top power in the second sage.

Immemorial and Water Moon Palace completely overwhelmed the three religions.

(End of the book!)

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