Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 1


Chapter 1 has mountains falling into the sea

Jiuzhou, Northern Sea.

Dark clouds cover the sky, day as night. Torrential rain poured into the air with thunder, and hurricanes raged on the sea with big waves. A sea ship stumbled and stumbled among the waves, being played around like broken leaves.


A flash of lightning flashed by the sea boat, revealing frightened faces.

“Gosh, what is that…”

“I must be blind, or I’m dreaming!”

“impossible… Impossible is true…”

The source of fear is not the rainstorm, but a mountain that appears in the rainstorm.

A falling mountain from the sky.

The majestic mountain protrudes from the clouds, squeezing thunder and wind and rain and falling slowly.


Not slowly, but quickly.

With huge wind pressure, it whistled towards the sea.

This scene is unimaginable.

The brain stops thinking and holds the breath tightly. What happens in an instant is stretched to the extreme in the space of thinking.

It seems that even the sea is afraid.

The wind and rain are getting smaller and smaller, and the sea is getting calmer. The clouds dispersed little by little, and wisps of sunlight came in.

The howling wind and torrential rain, which had been violent before, quietly escaped in front of the falling mountain. The vast sea, with nowhere to escape, became docile, and opened its heart to welcome the imminent visitor.

The people on the boat were not so calm.

Because the location where the mountain fell, was suddenly on top of their heads!

“I’m going to die.”

A similar thought popped into almost everyone’s mind.

There is no fear and struggle, only confusion and confrontation.

Death is so insignificant before a catastrophe beyond cognition and common sense.

“I’m afraid I’m going to die.” Su Qing also thought so.

It’s just that there will be more unwillingness and more depression.

Because he’s not on the boat, on the fallen mountain.

He’s a transmigrator from the Great Desolate.

An unnamed, Section Cult cannon fodder for True Immortal Realm on Investiture of the Gods.

Cannon fodder templates are not a problem, anything more crap than that can find a way out. Even if he doesn’t have the ambition to rob Spirit Treasure and become holy, he still has the consciousness of finding a Cave Mansion to reach Divine Continent No. 7.

It’s just a time node to pass through, there is a little problem.

The placement is in the Myriad Immortals Array, or the final stage of the final battle.

As soon as they landed, they were greeted by the dazzling sword qi Faguang. Before they could see the heroic appearance of the Saint Great Firmament, they were smashed into the void together with a piece of Great Desolate broken soil.

This luck is no more.

This world Spiritual Qi is impure, obviously not Great Desolate. But even if you escape alive, it doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Su Qing’s current situation is too bad to describe.

The four sword qi raged in the body, and the fleshy body should have been annihilated long ago. But it was invaded by a chaotic force, constantly stimulating the regeneration of skeletal muscle organs.

The pain is self-evident, but at least he’s alive.

“If you live, you can’t die.”

I didn’t get ravaged by society when I was a human being, and I didn’t die in the Myriad Immortals Array after I became a fairy. Life force is so tenacious, how can you give up easily.

Su Qing moved his body and tried to mobilize his mana.

Except for the active movement of the hands, the body is basically incoherent. Not to mention mana, not a single fart could collapse.

Fortunately, there are still some spiritual perceptions, and they have found surprising situations.

The land separated from the Great Desolate became the incarnation of Su Qing’s Life Source. And because of the Myriad Immortals Array, it absorbed an extremely large Spiritual Qi. Under the suppression of this force, the sword qi in the body was controlled to a certain extent.

Otherwise, the speed of body regeneration will never keep up with the speed of destruction.

However, this is just ordinary land, not the Celestial Grotto that carries Spiritual Qi. No matter how much Spiritual Qi is absorbed, it is only a matter of time before it gets cleaned up.

“This size can be regarded as a life-saving cheat. We have to find a way to lock Spiritual Qi in the soil.”

Su Qing groped on his body with difficulty, and took out a pile of Miscellaneous things.

Two almond pits, one snake egg, one bird egg, one animal tooth, one turtle shell, one small cauldron, one small bottle gourd, one hoe, and a set of medicine pestle.

Looking at this pile of junk, Su Qing felt a pain in the ass.

The predecessor was a complete pauper, a low-level wage earner in the Great Desolate.

The small cauldron is a homemade copycat Heaven and Earth Cauldron. The hoe and pestle are used for collecting and pounding herbs. Snake eggs, birds, eggs, animal teeth, turtle shells, etc., are more non-differentiated Divine Beasts, and you can find a bunch of them in any old forest.

It’s just these messy things that no one picks up on the ground at the Great Desolate, it’s simply the garbage in the garbage.

That is, the two apricot kernels, and the small bottle gourd is so interesting.

These are all sent by the senior cultivator who is really pitiful after the predecessor joined Section Cult.

Apricot kernels are the two leftovers from Thunderclap Seed, and with Innate Spirit Water, spirit root can be grown again. The bottle gourd contains three drops of innate liquid, which can be used with apricot kernels.

But it can only be planted after Heavenly Spirit Root, which is not uncommon in Great Desolate at all. Not to mention the need to catch up with Renshui, how can it be considered a loss.

But now, it’s different.

“In the past, planting trees was a waste, but now planting trees is a life saver. As long as this land grows spiritual roots, it can become a blessed land, Celestial Grotto. At that time, it can not only suppress sword qi, but also heal wounds here. .”

Su Qing looked all around and couldn’t help but frowned.

To lock all Spiritual Qi, you must be at the very center. But now Su Qing’s position, but it is the periphery zone. The hu hu sound brought by the fall is clearly audible in the ear.

No trees can be planted here, only a glimpse of spiritual spring. The locked Spiritual Qi is limited and cannot be turned into Celestial Grotto.

β€œLet’s wait and see.”

Su Qing put away her things and lay down ready.

Great Desolate shatters the Earth Spiritual Qi package, which will not fall apart when dropped. But the sea is also the source of Spiritual Qi, and the impact of the two sides will inevitably lead to changes in the landscape. when the time comes the body is thus moved and may be turned to a more central position.

The result disappointed Su Qing.

The mountain-like pieces of the Great Desolate fell on the sea, as if being held gently into the water. Except for a wisp of mist, there was not the slightest turbulence on the sea.

The landscape produces transformation as expected.

The originally flat ground rises and rises, and the towering hills come into view. It’s just that there is hardly any grass on the surface, and it is bare with a wild and ancient meaning.

The edge near the sea is washed by sea water, which changes by one point each time it is washed. After a few breaths, it becomes a golden beach.

Su Qing looked at the high mountains in the center of the island, sitting on the beach without love.

The position moved, and he was farther away.

A sea boat ran aground on the beach, not far away. No one stepped off the boat, and remained in shock. Staring at the island with astonishment, the ability to think after a long time has returned one after another.

“immortal, immortal…immortal island???!!!”

The sky is cracked and there are mountain falls. The falling sea is silent and the waves are still, and the smoke and miasma form Pigweed.

“Jiuzhou Zhizhi Pigweed”, preface.

The new book is looking for a cover, and you have read the marks.

(end of this chapter)

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