Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 10


Chapter 10 Immortal Path

โ€œThe situation is clear.โ€

looked towards the six China’s fleet, Su Qing looked relaxed. “Northern Territory Qingzhou is a realm on earth, and basically mortals are the masters. Although it cannot be ruled out that there are hidden experts, the conventional upper limit is the so-called Innate Realm.”

Turning to the birds in the sky, Su Qing was a little hesitant. He was seriously injured in the Myriad Immortals Array, and it is difficult to deduce the secret at present. However, the tragedy of Myriad Immortals Array is vivid in my mind, and it is not easy to guess too weak.

“Blue Bird Immortal Crane are all spiritual birds, so it can be seen that Saint Continent is stronger. The upper limit is not easy to estimate, but it should be able to fight me.”

Make the most optimistic It is estimated that the eyes turned to the few people who landed on the island.

There are a total of eleven people on the island, and their movements are surprisingly unified. Kneeling down on the beach in unison, shouting to see the owner of Pigweed. After shouting, he kept his kneeling posture still.

In the eyes of these people, the island is surrounded by clouds and mist, a typical fairyland. There is clearly a high mountain in front of him, but it is impossible to judge the distance of the mountain. It seems that you can walk a few steps, and it seems to be thousands of miles away.

Kneeling there still, of course, is in awe of immortal, but also afraid of falling into confusion.

“In the world of Cultivation, weakness is the original sin.” Su Qing sighed and felt the same way.

I thought these guys were acting, but now I find out they are mostly true.

Even if it is meant to be tempted, it is used by others. Just like the Western Zhou Dynasty when the gods were enthroned, Saint was plotting against it.

“Those people on the cloud must be spies from Qianzhou, and the true powerhouse has not yet been found. Keeping the same and adapting to all changes, let’s pretend you don’t know.”

Su Qing thought After thinking about it, he opened his mouth to the people on the beach.

“If you get Pigweed, you are a guest. If you want to see this seat, please come up the mountain.” It seemed that someone was chanting on the top of the mountain, and it seemed that someone was whispering in his ear. Everyone on the beach looked up and found that the fog had spread a lot.

The mysterious mountain revealed its true face, and a stone-stair mountain road appeared in front of me. A stone tablet with the book Pigweed standing on the side of the stone road at the foot of the mountain.

Su Qing added: “This is the Immortal Path, with a total of 3,000 stone steps. There is a pavilion at the 2,000 steps, so you can rest for a while. Don’t stop anywhere else, otherwise you will be I was invited out of Pigweed.”

Everyone was awe-inspiring when hearing this, and everyone was surprised.

“Everyone, it seems that this is the test of immortal. Shall we cooperate? Or do we go our separate ways?”

King Hui of Qingguo looked around, all the famous people of Qingzhou powerhouse.

There are Imperial Court people like him and Dawei Old General Wang, and there are also experts like Yan Country Da Dao Guan Zheng.

“His Royal Highness King Hui is joking.” An old Court Eunuch said: “It is not difficult to see from the landing on the island that the immortal examination school is only for individuals and will not give us a chance to join forces.”


“This king didn’t talk about joining forces, but cooperation.” King Hui of Qingguo laughed.

“The meaning of Pigweed’s master’s words is very obvious. Stopping while climbing is equal to failure. But we don’t know why we stopped. I don’t want to be the first to find the way.”

“This…” Old Court Eunuch was at a loss for words.

The rest of the people also realized the problem, looking towards the mountain road is no longer as frenetic as before.

โ€œSpeaking of which, this island seems to be too quiet.โ€

โ€œYeah, I canโ€™t even see a bird, there seems to be nothing alive, and itโ€™s a bit scary.โ€

“Hey…you’re really saying that…”

I used to feel that Immortal Qi was surrounded by the island, but now I feel a little scary. After a few awkward chats, they all fell silent.

“The Six Nations Covenant should still be valid.” King Hui of Qingguo said: “The order of seeking immortality on the island is negotiated at the beginning. Wei Country is first, and Qingguo last.”


Old Court Eunuch suddenly realized: “Yes, my Qi State is the fourth.”

“Yes, yes, it was already negotiated.”

The rest of the people also They all reacted and joined in. This pissed off Dawei Rentu, as well as two other Wei Country experts.

“It turns out you had this idea!” Old General Wang cold face saying: “I have long heard that His Royal Highness King Hui has a deep scheming, and today is an insight. I’m afraid that the Crown Prince of Qing Kingdom has already been replaced.”

“It is precisely because of the short life that I want to do more.” King Hui was not angry, but said: “Wei Country has three people on the island, the number of people The most. One step ahead is the right thing to do.โ€

โ€œMy Wei Country people are mostly based on my ability, not as a scout waiting for you…โ€

Seeing everyone arguing at the foot of the mountain, Su Qing Qing Another shake of his head.

โ€œBenefits come first, and each has its own plans. Going up the Immortal Path by means of power, sad to help the fairy pavilion. But they say that the island is too quiet, which is true.โ€

There are only two Pigweed can breathe now, except he is a living rock who only reads books. Although the greening situation is still good, it is inevitably lifeless.

“If there is a chance, I need to get some Spirit Beast to fill the island with some fresh air.” Su Qing subconsciously looked up to the sky, looking thoughtful at the mounts of those Qianzhou spies.

“It’s really a mother-in-law!”

When the six kingdoms quarreled, it was Guan Zheng who broke the silence again.

“I’m waiting here for immortal fate, why do I have to play tricks like this. If you don’t go, I’ll go!”

“Don’t mess around!” Another Yan Country expert quickly blocked. “Although you are not from the Imperial Court, you are from my Yan Country. In order to come to Pigweed, you promised Your Majesty.”

“Kuan did promise to serve thirty times for the Imperial Court. Years, but that will have to wait until I go back. Besides, this place is Pigweed immortal island, so why should I be bound by the human world?”

After saying that, Guan Zheng didn’t care about anything else, he stepped forward and stepped on the stone steps.

In fact, Guan Zheng also had some drumming in his heart. When it was about to get on the stone steps, it was even more hovering there.

Others didn’t dare to speak any more, they all watched with wide eyes.


Guan Zheng settled down.

The whole city was silent, except for the beating of the heart.

Nothing happened.

Two tentative steps were taken without any hindrance.

“It’s that simple?”

Guan Zheng raised his head and glanced up, without thinking about anything else, he strode up the mountain.

“Hahaha, Guan Daxia is really arrogant.” King Hui of Qingguo saw that Guan Zheng went up the mountain smoothly, and also laughed: “That’s right, this place is the land of immortals and should not be restrained by the human world. Everyone, This king is one step ahead.”

King Hui followed up the stone steps.

The others reacted and cursed shameless one by one. Immediately, he was not humble and continued to climb the mountain.

No one felt the first 100 steps. Some people even lifted the air from Lightweight Art, crossing more than a dozen steps at a time. But starting from the 100th order, the strangeness was noticed.

My legs are like rocks, each step is very heavy. Although I can continue to walk, I can only climb the First Rank one step.

At the 200th level, in addition to being heavy, I felt more pain. It’s like someone slashing with a knife, every time he lifts his foot it hurts to the bone.

Waiting for the 300th step, King Hui, who was in second place, exclaimed.

When he took another step and lifted his foot, there was a wound on his leg. No matter the pain or looking at it with the eyes, it doesn’t feel fake.

“No, it must be a hallucination.”

King Hui didn’t dare to stop, and slowly raised his legs while looking towards Guan Zheng in front of him.

Guan Zheng has already climbed to the position of one third, and he doesn’t seem to have any discomfort. Other than the slow pace, nothing unusual can be seen.

“It really is an illusion.”

King Hui firmly believed, ignoring the injury on his leg, and continued to climb up.

He didn’t see Guan Zheng’s front.

The clothes were torn and bloodied.

Guan is crying.

Sabrewielder, known for his pride and ruthlessness, is crying like a child.

The experience on the road is all true.

The higher you go, the more damage you will get. The higher you go, the more serious the injury. When he was more than nine hundred steps, he even had his chest cut open and saw his internal organs.

But these are not reasons to cry.

When we reached the thousandth step, the long-held barrier was broken.

Wounds heal and stamina recovers. inner Qi wanders around the sky and gradually transforms into another kind of energy.

“True Qi, this is True Qi…Primordial Spirit Realm!”

There is Primordial Spirit on top of Innate, something every Martial Artist knows. But apart from the legendary Saint Continent, no one in Qingzhou can break the Innate Barrier.

The upper limit Innate, the Primordial Spirit missed, is the curse of the Martial Artist in the last ages.

And now, he broke through.

Just climbed a thousand steps and made history.

“Thank you Immortal Monarch! Thank you Immortal Monarch!”

Guan Zheng is not crying for himself, but for Martial Artist in Northern Territory Qingzhou.

Looking at the grateful man on the mountain road, Su Qing only felt strange.

“Teddy, become a Beijing Ba…”

Pigweed has mountain roads and three thousand stone steps. Thousands of steps change, climb to the top of the world. Yes, Dengxian.

ใ€ŠJiuzhou Zhizhi Pigweedใ€‹

(End of this chapter)

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