Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 100


Chapter 100, things have remained the same, but people have changed

“The old fellow Guan Zheng refused to shoot again, I thought about going across the sea to challenge and do what he didn’t accomplish in the past. As a result, didn’t expect that the bastards in Qianzhou are so unvirtuous. It’s okay to beat Laozi, but he even uses the demon method to throw stone tigers out to bite People…”

Dou Qianli is much older than fourteen years ago, but his cockfighting temperament has not changed at all. Foul-mouthed whimpering while drinking, babbling for a while and turning his eyes to the opposite side.

“Hey, don’t pretend that you don’t understand. I’m not only complaining about myself, but also for you to hear. This is already in the capital, when are you going to come with me?”


Opposite Dou Qianli is a youngster in his twenties, with a handsome appearance but a blank face. It is the grown up Xu Jinlin, the son of Xu Chuping, the owner of Sword Mountain Village, and Song Yueyao, the Palace Lord of Yaoyue Palace.

The appearance is similar to that of the father, and there are some features of the mother. He looks like a hero in the world, but his blood is weak and he has no martial arts. His expression was also quite decadent, and his eyes were lifeless and almost lifeless.

“I’m not following you.” Xu Jinlin said slowly, “you brought me back.”

“Hey hey hey, speak with conscience.” Dou Qianli stared. “It was you who said he was born in the capital of Qi State, lived in Qingzhou for more than ten years, and was taken to Qianzhou. If it wasn’t for thinking that you were a fellow countryman, I would be too lazy to bring you back.”

” I was born in Qingzhou, but my parents are from Qianzhou, so I should be considered a native of Ganzhou.” Xu Jinlin looked towards the window, “Back then, my parents and a few uncles were running around in Qingzhou, and it just happened to give birth to me here.”

Dou Qianli almost didn’t spit out a sip of wine that he had just put in his mouth: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier!”

Xu Jinlin said: “You didn’t ask.”

“I…” Dou Qianli was flustered and exasperated. “Since you’re not from Qingzhou, why did you come back with me? You said so many things about missing Qingzhou along the way, did you deliberately trick me!”

“No, I really miss it here. There was some light in Xu Jinlin’s eyes, “The years in Qingzhou were the happiest times for me. My parents and a few uncles were together. Although the days were hard, everyone was really happy. But after going to Qianzhou , it’s different…”

“I knew you brat was someone with a story.” Dou Qianli was a little curious. “But at first I asked about your background, you never said it, why do you want to say it now?”

“Because I can’t be sure of your true identity.” Xu Jinlin looked towards Dou Qianli . “My identity is a bit special and I don’t want to be used by others. But now that I can confirm that you are indeed a Martial Artist of Qingzhou, naturally I won’t hide it anymore. I…”

“I don’t want to hide my love, I won’t listen! “

Dou Qianli was very angry, he stood up abruptly, interrupting Xu Jinlin angrily. “I don’t know you before, and I have traveled thousands of miles to rescue you from Qianzhou. In the end, you brat doesn’t appreciate it, and you still have all kinds of doubts and temptations…”

Just when Dou Qianli lost his temper At that time, Su Qing lowered his cloud head and came outside the restaurant.

“Meeting is fate.” Looking at the two inside, Su Qing was silent for a moment. “The difference of a single thought is a bloody storm. I’ll give you a chance, and let’s see how to choose.”

Su Qing walked into the restaurant.

No one can see before entering, but after entering the door is already a Taoist priest.

“Sir, are you fortune telling?” The Taoist priest came to the two of them.

“Let’s go, no time!” Dou Qianli was angry, he waved his hand like a fly, and continued to lose his temper at Xu Jinlin. “Get the hell out of here before you get beaten.”

“Senior, don’t be angry, just listen to what I have to say.” Xu Jinlin said, “frankly, I have something to ask for…”

“Don’t, don’t ask for anything, you beg for nothing.” Dou Qianli was even more angry, “I used it first, then tested it, and now I want to ask Laozi to do things? How big of a face are you? Why should Laozi help you? !”

“Reaching up to the clouds with your morality.” Xu Jinlin stood up and saluted respectfully,

“I don’t know each other, just because Qingzhou We were born, and we are not far away. It can be said that morality reaches up to the clouds, and the qi is rushing to Xiaohe. The kid has never seen the senior and the others, so he has a suspicion. Please don’t blame the senior. “

“Shit! Do you think a few words are enough, is I a soft-hearted person?” Dou Qianli cursed and sat back in the chair, “But I’m really curious, Qianzhou Martial Arts The wind prevails, and you seem to be from the Martial World Aristocratic Family, why are you so weak.”

“Because I don’t want to learn martial arts.” Xu Jinlin filled Dou Qianli with a glass of wine and sat back in the chair sighed.

β€œMy father is Xu Chuping, the owner of Sword Mountain, and my mother is Song Yueyao, Palace Lord of Yaoyue Palace. You have lived in Qianzhou for some time, so you should have heard these two names.”


“I’ve heard of it, but I don’t believe it.” Dou Qianli picked up the wine and drank it.

“There are also Yan Zhen, Hu Fei, Huang Songzi, Chu Ye, and Hou Zhen.” Xu Jinlin said five more names, “they five are my uncles who were in Qingzhou back then. At that time, the seven of them raised me.”

Dou Qianli poured the wine and said nothing.

He is not familiar with Saint Continent, and some Martial Artists who have played against him don’t remember it. But to say that you have never heard the names of these seven people, it is absolutely impossible.

Because these seven people, each one of them, are all Legendary in the Martial Arts circle of Qianzhou. After learning their names, they were once Dou Qianli’s challenge target.

“I know all the people you mentioned. When I came to Saint Continent a year ago, the first person who wanted to challenge was Yan Zhen.” Speak slowly.

“After landing in Qianzhou, I found out that there is a Northern Sea Sword Sect in Shuangtuoshan, which used to be one of the Seven Great Sects. The sect master Yan Zhen is even more Legendary, and the sword technique is at its peak.”

“You definitely haven’t seen Uncle Yan.” Xu Jinlin said, “In the first year I returned to Qianzhou, Uncle Yan dismissed his disciples and went to Banfeng alone to retreat. If you want to go to Banfeng, you must go through the heavenly road. But as far as I know, only Uncle Yan can live alone.”

Dou Qianli nodded.

He saw the magical Banfeng Tianlu, but he couldn’t walk through the stone steps like a moat.

“Afterwards, I went to Huiyan Town again to challenge Hu Fei, who was one of Huiyan’s swordsmen.” Dou Qianli looked at Xu Jinlin, “But I didn’t see him, only one of his. Female discipline. I fought against that woman and won with fifteen strokes.”

β€œUncle Hu forcibly comprehend the Blade Intent in the fourth year of my return to Qianzhou. It is known to outsiders.” Xu Jinlin did not avoid Dou Qianli’s gaze.

“The one who fought with you is Uncle Hu’s final disciple, and now it should be just Primordial Spirit Realm. You still need fifteen moves to defeat her, and in ten years, I’m afraid you won’t be a rival.”

“You know shit!” Dou Qianli said angrily, “That’s because she has a strange stone on her body that can restore her physical strength at any time. Then there is the old man have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, otherwise a slap in the face You can kill her!”

Xu Jinlin indifferent expression.

“I also know Chu Ye of the Tsing Yi Building, and he is closed just like Yan Zhen.” Dou Qianli said, “I played against a side-disciple of him, and it took a hundred strokes to decide the winner. That fatty He’s a genius, I’m still sure to win him in five years, but it’s hard to say after that.”

“Although Chu Uncle is in retreat, Guo Uncle is not weak.” Xu Jinlin said, “If not You may not be able to beat him if you have an old illness and cannot fight him.”

“You mean Guo Canyang? Pull it down.” Dou Qianli looked contemptuous. “I have never seen such a soft Primordial Spirit Realm in my life. Even if he is healthy, he is impossible to accept my challenge.”

“Well, that’s true.” Xu Jinlin nodded.

“And the guys from Baihemen, they are all soft guys!” Dou Qianli said, “Although Huang Songzi is also closed, I know that he has two Disciples that are very good. They avoided fighting and didn’t even see each other.”

Xu Jinlin said: “The White Crane Gate is isolated from the world and only focuses on raising spiritual birds. They do not participate in the affairs of the rivers and lakes. Especially after the battle between Shishiwu and Yaoyuegong, the White Crane Gate closed the mountain gate.”

“The Shishiwu…” Dou Qianli gritted his teeth. “Obviously there are not many experts, but there are so many people. I said to find someone to compete, but a group of people came out to fight, really no martial arts. And the stone tiger, it is really difficult to deal with.”

Xu Jinlin said: “You are too obsessed with competing with that stone tiger. If you attack the master of the stone tiger, you will not lose the battle.”

“Bah, I’m a dignified and upright competition in martial arts. Hey?” Dou Qianli suddenly felt that something was wrong, “Why haven’t you been a Taoist yet?” Heroes fight. The warriors are very brave, and they are invincible, either hiding or hiding to avoid it. The only mason is not to retreat, and the battle to the death is finally won. People say, the backbone is unparalleled, the guard is honored, and it is of a generation.

γ€ŠQianzhou Fenghua Lu》

(End of this chapter)

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