Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 101


Chapter 101 There are only three things to do, and then stand up

Just as Dou Qianli was about to continue speaking, he found that the Taoist priest was still standing beside him . Feeling strange, but also annoyed.

Xu Jinlin also glanced at the Taoist priest, and a burst of vigilance grew in his heart.

When this Taoist priest came, he naturally noticed it. But after being driven out by Dou Qianli, he thought the man was gone. didn’t expect to talk for a long time, but he was still standing beside him. The two of them spoke as if no one was paying attention.

If you are in Saint Continent, you have the intention of silence. However, thinking that this is Qingzhou, it is better not to be overwhelmed.

“The Taoist priest, please leave.” Xu Jinlin looked at the Taoist priest’s eyes, “We chat nonsense after drinking, the Taoist priest does not need to take it to heart.”

The Taoist priest said: “The little friend is carrying a Great Destiny, not something in the pool. This gentleman is bright and has good luck. However, there will be a big disaster in the Great Destiny, and Poor Daoist intends to resolve the two. If you want, you can go with Poor Daoist. A place.”

Xu Jinlin stared at the Taoist priest and suddenly felt his heart skip a beat. Instinctively, I wanted to agree, but I felt it was too strange, so I held back and did not speak.

Dou Qianli threw a piece of silver with an impatient expression on his face. “I’ll give you the money, it’s not necessary to resolve it, don’t hinder us from drinking.”

The Taoist priest took the money, glanced at Dou Qianli, and said, “It’s just three things, there will be no next time.”

Dou Qianli rolled the eyes. “Are you finished? Hurry up when you’re finished.”

The Taoist laughtered, put the money back on the table, and turned to leave.

The two looked at the Taoist priest’s back until they disappeared into the crowd in the street.

“These warlocks are getting more and more sloppy.” Dou Qianli turned his eyes back to Xu Jinlin. “Where did we talk just now?”

“Fourteen docks.” Xu Jinlin said.

“Oh, yes, Shishiwu, I met you there…According to what you just said, you are literally the Crown Prince in Qianzhou. Then why did I meet you? , you will be a prisoner who was caught?”

“Uncle Hou passed away in the tenth year of my return to Qianzhou, and Liu Jian was later in charge.” Xu Jinlin clenched his fists.

“Liu Jian has the same underlying disease as Guo Uncle, and rashly acting on True Qi will reduce lifespan. But he and Guo Uncle are not the same kind of people, he doesn’t want to live a hard life. He wants to live as much as possible in his limited life. Do more things. When Uncle Hou is here, he can still suppress him. But Uncle Hou died…”

“I’ve heard of this person.” Dou Qianli frowned, “He must be dead, right? ?”

“It’s dead, it’s at the hands of my parents.” Xu Jinlin said, “When Uncle Hou died, he led people into Huiyan Town, wanting to occupy the walls of the Broken Lake and the rivers and lakes. This caused chaos. Other Sect Masters retreated, and my parents came forward to mediate…”

Xu Jinlin bit his lip, poured a glass of wine, raised his head and drank it. “Liu Jian pretended to accept mediation and tricked my parents to go there in the name of paying homage to Uncle Hou. But he set up an ambush in secret and lured them into the cave of the beast’s sound. Liu Jian died, and my parents were never heard from again.”

“Child, this is the rivers and lakes.” Dou Qianli sighed and filled him with a glass of wine. “But I still don’t understand, what do you want me to help you with.”

“I want to ask you to accept me as a disciple.” Xu Jinlin said.

“get lost!” Dou Qianli was angry. “I don’t have the ability to avenge your hatred.”

“Liu Jian is dead, I have no enemies now.” Xu Jinlin said. “Including Shishiwu, although I have been imprisoned by them, I have no hatred in my heart.”

“What about your parents?” Dou Qianli asked.

“The animal sound rock cave is said to be left by immortal, and my parents may not die in it.” Xu Jinlin replied, “One day I will return to Ganzhou, and I will rescue them.”


“Whatever you do, don’t count on me.” Dou Qianli gave advice. “You can go to your uncles who are in retreat, which one of them is worse than me?”

“They can’t.” Xu Jinlin’s expression was calm. “If I go back, they will all be my enemies. I can’t use the Martial Arts of Qianzhou to change the rivers and lakes of Qianzhou.”

Dou Qianli blinked, picked up the jug and smelled it. smell. “This wine isn’t too strong, so it’s too much?”

“Qianzhou has never been stable, whether it is the legendary catastrophe several decades ago, or Liu Jian a few years ago, they are not The reason for the turmoil. The real source is the rivers and lakes.” Xu Jinlin didn’t seem to be joking at all.

“My parents and several uncles used to think that with their strength, they could maintain the stability of the world. But they forgot that they can’t represent everyone. And they are not without competition. Hu Uncle is eager to comprehend the broken lake, but he just doesn’t want to be behind others.”

Dou Qianli said: “Qingzhou also has rivers and lakes.”

“It’s different.” Xu Jinlin said: “Qianzhou It is the world of Martial Artists, and sword art decides everything. Obviously, the foundation of Qingzhou and Qingzhou are similar, but there is no decent city. Qingzhou rivers and lakes compete for fame and fortune, but they will not affect the world like Qianzhou.”

Dou Qianli looked strangely towards Xu Jinlin: “You brat, don’t you want to build a country in Qianzhou?”

“I thought about it, but it’s too difficult.” Xu Jinlin said, “The history of Qianzhou It’s not that no one has tried, but they all failed. Because Qianzhou is dominated by Jianghu people, no Sect can tolerate the emergence of a dynasty.”

“Then what do you want to do?” Dou Qianli asked .

“I haven’t figured out the specifics.” Xu Jinlin said, “But no matter what you do, strength is the most basic thing. Therefore, I certainly will become stronger, stronger than everyone else.”


“Youth is good, ideal.” Dou Qianli sighed, picked up the jug and wanted to pour wine, but found that it was empty, so he picked up the jug and got up.

“Sit down first, and I’ll refill the jug of wine.”

He was very sympathetic to Xu Jinlin, but disagreed with this ideal.

At his age, I don’t know how many winds and waves have passed, and I have seen a lot of miserable things. As a man who has missed the immortal fate twice, there is really nothing that can be admired by him.

Dou Qianli left temporarily under the guise of adding wine, and wanted Xu Jinlin to be alone first.

Youngster, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re impulsive, and you know you’re stupid when you calm down.

When I got up, I picked up the money on the table. Just now, the Taoist priest didn’t want it, so I just used it to buy wine and settle the bill.

I can wait for the silver to get my hands, and suddenly feel that the hand feels wrong. He opened his palm and glanced at it, and the whole person was stunned.

Not silver, but leaves.

Green, green, glowing.

It makes him very, very familiar, a leaf that is unforgettable.

“Master Dou, what’s the matter with you?” Xu Jinlin asked casually when he saw Dou Qianli standing there shivering. Seeing the leaf in his hand, he was even more curious, “What is this leaf?”

“Well…it’s nothing.” Dou Qianli calmed down and looked towards the outside. The crowd is surging, where there are Taoist priests silhouettes. Putting the leaves back in his arms, he sat back in the chair tremblingly.

Because I couldn’t stand, I felt a little collapsed.

Xu Jinlin didn’t care about these anomalies and was still immersed in his own thoughts.

“I have been very unhappy in the years when my parents brought me back to Qianzhou. It’s hard to meet people I know well. Including my parents, they are all from Martial Arts. Crazy.” Xu Jinlin’s tone was faint.

“As a person who doesn’t learn martial arts, I’m completely different. I miss my childhood in Qingzhou, and I want to change everything in Qianzhou. When I was locked in Shishiwu, I was desperate. But you rescued me, I think God gave me the opportunity…”

“If you see an opportunity, you must seize it!!” Dou Qianli gritted his teeth. “If you miss it, there will be no more.”

“Yeah, although it looks slim…”

“What’s the matter, the key is not to miss it.” Dou Qianli panted rough.

“What did you miss?” Xu Jinlin didn’t quite understand, “I mean that the rivers and lakes of Qianzhou are too complicated, and everyone is crazy about Martial Arts. There is no good way to fundamentally change the old concept. .”

“What can I do, if my brain is not good, what can I do is useless…” Dou Qianli’s eyes were blurred, and his words were incoherent. “My brain, it’s better to smash it. If you mix it into a paste, maybe a new one will grow.”

“What do you mean, you mean to break it and stand?” Xu Jinlin’s eyes flashed.

“Yeah, since it’s hard to change, why not just break it? Use the means of the rivers and lakes to smash the rivers and lakes, and then overthrow everything and start again. But even if the world can be unified, how can we prevent future generations from repeating the same mistakes? “

“The future generations… the future generations may have this opportunity.” Dou Qianli’s mind is now dazed, and he touched the green leaves in his arms, full of regret and decadence.

“My old bones are useless, so let’s pave the way for future generations. Let them learn my lesson and not repeat the same mistakes.”

“Yes, paving the way… … What I want to do is not for the present, but for the future. In this case, I will use my bones to pave the way. Whether it is for the devil or the disaster, I will stand behind!” Xu Jinlin’s eyes became brighter and brighter.

“Even if there will be no shortage of blood and fighting in the future, there will be a relatively peaceful world. What Qianzhou needs is not Xu Jinlin, let alone a savior. It is a world that will subvert the world and make the world wake up and understand.

The devil of the rivers and lakes.”

“What are you talking about?” Dou Qianli regained his senses and glanced at Xu Jinlin who was not very normal. “Or…what did I say?”

There are Martial Artists, who are loyal and arrogant, and are chivalrous in the world. The noble person knows his name and gives gold and silver treasure, but Martial Artist refuses. Three gifts from nobles, three words from Martial Artist. The nobles praised him as a hero and a hero without money or greed.

“Qingzhou Rivers and Lakes”

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(End of this chapter)

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