Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 102


Chapter 102 Calamity Tribulation

Su Qing left the tavern and ignored the two .

It was a chance meeting Xu Jinlin and Dou Qianli, but it was just an incidental attempt at enlightenment. However, the canonization of Yin God should not be too casual.

immortal fate It doesn’t matter if there is one more or one less, the cause and effect of the fate depends on the individual. But the way of Shinto is related to the whole world, and it is not as simple as catching a few wild ghosts.

The divine position cannot be conferred lightly, and the conferred god must have Calamity Tribulation.

Su Qing has a desire to perfect the divine way, so he can’t just do things casually.

Night, Yuan’s house.

Yuan Xiangru was lying on the couch, breathless, while Eunuch Qi stood beside him with a complicated expression. In the yard, a group of old people tsk tsk objected, and the battallion outside the yard was heavily guarded.

The doctor had just left and treated Yuan Xiangru. The results of the diagnosis and treatment made the elderly people in the hospital very uneasy, and those in groups of three or four gathered there to discuss.

“If you survive the night, you can turn peril into safety… What kind of diagnosis is this? A quack doctor!!”

“It must be a quack doctor, you can also say turn peril into safety It’s really bad luck to come out!”

“Everyone don’t be impatient, think about things for the better. It’s saying ‘if you make it through tonight’, which means you probably won’t be able to make it through… “

“You don’t need to explain this, everyone can understand it. What terrifying is in case, what if I survive it? Yuan Old Mister has survived, and my old bones can’t survive it.” I’m done.”

“Yeah, I hope that with good luck, Yuan Old Mister can return to the west tonight…”

Yuan Xiangru in the room opened his eyes and glanced outside angrily. .

“These bastards.” Yuan Xiangru took a deep breath, “I usually cry like a godfather. I’m really awake.” Eunuch Qi hurried over to help him sit up, “You have to understand, it’s not impossible. Everyone is old, and they are afraid of dying before you.”

” Are you consoling me?” Yuan Xiangru was even more angry, “If the old man really died, he would be pissed off by your bastards.”

“You can just scold them, don’t bring me with you. Ah.” Eunuch Qi shouted, “I haven’t made you angry all these years.”

“You? You don’t need to mess with me, you will be angry when you see it. These messes are not yours. The old eunuch provoked it.” Yuan Xiangru was a little weak at first, but when he scolded Eunuch Qi, he suddenly became full of anger.

“You alone know about the old man’s dream of being a Yin God, but why do you tell others? It’s been a few days in the past few years, and you can’t live without dying.”

“You can’t blame me for this, it’s Your Majesty today…” Eunuch Qi glanced outside and said in a low voice, “When I was the Crown Prince, I fought with King Su for the crown, and most of the Imperial court veterans supported Su. Wang. I just happened to know about Yin God, in order to be able to…”

“Hugh takes Your Majesty to prevaricate the old man, you are disrespectful.” Yuan Xiangru interrupted very badly. “When the first emperor was there, you committed arrogance, and now the new emperor ascends the throne, you are even more aggressive!”

“Hey, this is really not my nonsense.” Qi Gonggong defended, “You just don’t think about things in the courtroom. I like it, but it’s not that I really don’t understand.”

“It’s because of you, an old eunuch, that you say a thousand words and ten thousand.” Yuan Xiangru continued to scolded, “It’s not right to be a good head of the palace, you have to come here. Be the son of an old man, otherwise, how can you be found out. When you are an official, you will harm the country, and if you are not an official, you will bring disaster to the people.”

“You have scolded me for more than ten years, which is really a little bit. I’m not tired.” Eunuch Qi was not angry at all, just a little admired. “Look at your Essence, Qi, and Spirit, most of them can really turn peril into safety tonight.”

“Turn peril into safety is a fart, old man is a return to light.” Yuan Xiangru sighed.

“Tonight is probably going to be difficult, but don’t be happy. The old man hasn’t decided whether to be this Yin God or not, and you bastards may not have a share if you become a Yin God.”


“Others don’t have a share, just don’t forget me.” Eunuch Qi changed the subject easily. “By the way, do you want to drink some water? I’m afraid I won’t be able to drink it after tonight.”

“Nonsense, I’ve been scolding you for a long time, and my mouth is dry.” Yuan Xiangru said, “But don’t think about taking it. Baishui fool, go and make a cup of tea for the old man. Remember…”

“I know, the tea in 5 minutes is 70% hot…” Qi Gong said, “After so many years, You can’t forget this habit. But the new tea hasn’t been delivered yet, so I’m afraid I can only drink the old one.”

The old man in the room was cursing, and the old man in the courtyard was talking.

The Custodians had obviously just received an order, and the garrison was much stricter than before. Not only Yuan’s house was all around, but even the nearby streets were blocked.

Su Qing fell from the cloud and came outside Yuan’s house. His eyes swept over the old men in the courtyard, with a scrutiny in his eyes.

“The temple is ups and downs, loyal and honest. Although there is suspicion of speculation, it is not without exception for the undersecretary of the Yin Division. However, whether you can borrow this canonization trend, it is not a matter of calling a few godfathers. Yes.โ€

Su Qing strolled in the courtyard, walking past the forbidden army, but no one saw him. But after walking into the yard, everyone turned their attention.

What everyone saw was not Su Qing, but a general with a back of a tiger and waist of a bear.

โ€œGreat Commander?โ€

โ€œWhy did you come here?โ€

โ€œHave you seen the Great Commander…โ€

Qi Gong Justice came out of the room and asked for tea, and was even more stunned when he saw the Great Commander.

Several Primordial Spirit Realm experts have emerged over the years, and the Great Commander is one of them. In the case that Eunuch Qi has already semi-retired, he is the nominal Qi State number one expert.

In terms of official status, the Great Commander doesn’t rank well in the yard. But when it comes to the emperor’s cronies, this one will definitely do his part.

How was Eunuch Qi valued when he was beside the late emperor, what is his status beside the current emperor? Under the current circumstances, he can completely represent the emperor.

โ€œYour Majesty has just ascended the throne not long ago, and the party of the king and the rest has not been completely eradicated. Sending this Great Commander over now is mostly a matter of party disputes.โ€

Eunuch Qi There was a uneasiness in my heart, and I felt that Yuan Xiangru would not live in peace because he was afraid of walking.

“Your Majesty is on purpose!” the Great Commander began.

“The minister waits for the order.” Everyone knelt down to receive the order.

“Oral order.” Great Commander said solemnly, “The first emperor’s teacher Yuan Xiangru learned to be rich in five cars, and his character is noble. Your Majesty recruited him into the palace to serve as the teacher of the little prince.”

In the courtyard There was an uproar.

The little prince is just over a year old, what kind of teacher do you want? Besides, with Yuan Xiangru’s current virtue, how could he enter the palace?

“Great Commander.” An old man said, “Yuan Old Mister’s current body…”

“Yuan Old Mister is in good health, please remember this sentence.” Great Commander interrupted.

“Huh?” Everyone was stunned again.

“What you are asking for is something behind you, and you can achieve it after tonight. Your Majesty is worried about the situation ahead of you, and many people will not share your worries for Your Majesty like you do.”


The Great Commander’s eyes glow. “Yuan Old Mister, please keep your mouth shut. Your Majesty knows that you are not afraid of death, but don’t forget that you have family members.”

This remark seems to be subtle, and ordinary people may not understand. But these old officials have been in the court for many years, so how can they not understand the deep meaning.

Including the previous rumors about Yin God, it is not at all clear what role the emperor plays in it.

Just because he was really old and too afraid of death, he retired according to the holy will and came to Yuan Xiangru to ask for a chance.

But there are still some old people guarding the court, which makes the emperor not so sure. If possible, I still hope that Yuan Xiangru is alive.

As long as Yuan Xiangru is still alive, he will be able to leave a memory for others. But if he dies, no one will know about Yin Sector. If Yin God’s statement is false, many things will not be so easy to handle.

“Do you understand?” The Great Commander glanced at the crowd.

“The ministers will lead the way.” The old ministers handed over.

“Many thanks everyone, please go home.” Great Commander said.

Old ministers tacitly agreed, and each prepared to leave.

“How about you, Eunuch Qi?” The Great Commander looked towards Eunuch Qi again.

“Leave early tomorrow.” Eunuch Qi hesitated. “But tonight, our family wants to send Yuan Old Mister off for the last trip.”

“It’s not impossible if Father-in-law wants to send it, but I’m afraid it’s not very convenient here.” The Great Commander’s voice was much lower.

“Your Majesty said that if Yuan Old Mister dies, he must not stay in the old house for the night. Feng Shui Treasure Land has been arranged, and he needs to be buried immediately. But in three to five years, it is not possible to erect a monument for the time being. .”

Qi Gonggong nodded expressed his understanding. “People can die, but they can’t be mourned. If there is a funeral here, things can’t be hidden.”

“Many thanks, Eunuch Qi.” The Great Commander waved his hand, and a group of imperial soldiers carried a sedan chair into the yard. Inside, followed by the middle-aged Court Eunuch who had come before.

“Hehe, you know that you are a person who understands current affairs.” The middle-aged Court Eunuch chuckled, calling for someone to enter the room and carry Yuan Xiangru out.

Yuan Xiangru, who was carried out, did not speak, and kept looking at Eunuch Qi with a strange look in his eyes.

It seems a little disappointed, and it seems to be asking for help again.

Eunuch Qi watched Yuan Xiangru be helped into the sedan chair, and then the imperial guards carried the sedan chair away.

During this process, Eunuch Qi only felt more and more uneasy in his heart, as if he had done something wrong. When the sedan chair was about to leave, the sense of unease reached its peak.

“Stop!” Eunuch Qi couldn’t help shouting.

It seemed that no one heard his voice, and the Custodians carried the sedan chair and continued to walk out.

“I told you to stop!”

Eunuch Qi was in a hurry and wanted to catch up.

For some reason, he found himself unable to move or even make a sound. The appearance of the Great Commander and the Custodians also blurred, as if they were about to disappear.

“Stop, stop…stop…”

Eunuch Qi became more and more anxious and finally shouted loudly.

Then saw a flash, and the scene in the courtyard changed instantly.

Where are the Great Commanders and the Imperial Army, only the godsons of old ministers in small groups. The voice was so loud just now that many people turned their heads to look at him.

People who watch it are all instinctive, and few really care. Because these old officials in the courtyard all have strange expressions.

He looked around blankly, with doubts in his eyes.

Just now, what happened?


The celebrity, Old Yuan, has no queen, only a fake son. The father is ill, the child’s eyelashes are not crossed, and the clothes are not taken off. The father was ill-tempered and rebuked the son at every turn. The son has no resentment, but he opposes the warm tea into the father, in order to keep himself safe. Everyone praised it, and benevolence and filial piety were heard all over the world.

ใ€ŠQingzhou ChronicleยทQi Jiใ€‹

(End of this chapter)

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