Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 103


Chapter 103 Born as Qi State, Died as Yin Sishen

The people in the yard are somewhat confused.

I wonder if I’ve been here so long and tired that I’ve had some kind of hallucination. Or just dozed off and had a short dream.

While everyone was still at a loss, Su Qing had already entered the room.

Yuan Xiangru was leaning on the bed, looking out the window as if in a trance. Hearing someone entering the house, he instinctively opened his mouth to curse. But after seeing it clearly, his face suddenly changed.

β€œYour Majesty?”

What everyone in the courtyard saw was the Great Commander of the Imperial Army, and what Yuan Xiangru saw was the current emperor.

The Qi State Old Sovereign emperor died last year, and the Crown Prince’s succession foundation is not yet stable. Under the age of forty, it is young and strong.

“The Caomin has seen Your Majesty…” Yuan Xiangru struggled to go down to the ground to pay homage.

Although Yuan Xiangru has been away from the imperial court for many years, he has always been very loyal to Qi State, and the idea of imperial power is deeply rooted. In the early years, he turned his face with Eunuch Qi and scolded the street as a scumbag, which was due to the suspicion of arrogance in the various behaviors of Eunuch Qi.

When the Old Sovereign Emperor died, Yuan Xiangru went to see him off at night. Now that the new emperor came to visit, he naturally did not want to lose his courtesy.

“Aiqing doesn’t need to be too polite.” The emperor hurried over to support Yuan Xiangru.

“Your Majesty…” Yuan Xiangru said in a panic, “Caomin is just a commoner and can’t be called Aiqing.”

“How can I not be, I’m sorry. Aiqing.” The emperor looked ashamed, “When King Su and I were fighting for the crown, the Imperial court ministers mostly stood by him. As a last resort, I used the name of Aiqing to plan and disintegrate King Su’s team. For this, I have always been ashamed of I don’t dare to come and see you…”

“Your Majesty, what are you talking about.” Yuan Xiangru was even more disturbed, “Although Caomin is not in the court, he will always be a subject of Qi State. Your Majesty Back then, I was the Crown Prince, and it is understandable to use the grass-minder.”

“I feel very relieved that Aiqing can think so.” The emperor said, “Actually, I came here this time not only to visit a doctor, but also to ask for love. Your Majesty.”

“Don’t dare, Your Majesty can do whatever you want.” Yuan Xiangru was frightened.

“I am reluctant to leave Aiqing, but now it seems that it is difficult for manpower.” The emperor said, “So I hope that after Aiqing passes away, I can continue to share my worries.”

Yuan Xiangru was stunned and remained silent.

The emperor continued: “After Aiqing’s death, he is Yin God, responsible for the affairs of the dead. Aiqing can know what the world doesn’t know. What the world can’t do, Aiqing can do…”

“Your Majesty, please forgive the rude people.” Yuan Xiangru interrupted the emperor, “Yin and Yang are separated, incomparable. Your Majesty is the emperor of the world, why should you care about Yin Sector.”

“The emperor will die one day, and the Yin Sector incident can also affect the world.” The emperor smiled.

“I’m not in a hurry in the next hundred years, but I do have important things to ask Aiqing. I once almost caught the big handle of King Su, but he silenced the insider. Aiqing only If you need to find the soul of that person, you can ask for the confession for me.”

“Your Majesty forgive me.” Yuan Xiangru said, “Caomin can’t agree.”

The emperor’s expression is not It looked good, and looked at Yuan Xiangru coldly. “It’s not a major event, so why can’t you agree? Didn’t you just say that you are my subject?”

“Yuan Xiangru is a Qi State person alive, and a Qi State ghost in death. For Yin God, you must be fair and strict, and you must not be hindered by the secular kingship.” Yuan Xiangru still maintained respect, but his attitude was also very tough.

β€œThe Caomin will guard the capital to prevent evil monsters from causing chaos. Your Majesty will go to greet you in a hundred years like the emperor.

“Yuan Xiangru, you are so courageous!” The emperor sank his face, “I can’t control your death, but you can control your life. You are not afraid of what I will do, so that you can’t be a Yin God? “

“If the ruler wants the minister to die, the minister has to die. Whatever Your Majesty does, the grass people will not complain.” Yuan Xiangru’s expression was calm, and he stood up and touched the couch with his forehead.

“If you can be reincarnated and reincarnated as a subject of the Qi State, you will surely die for Your Majesty. It’s just what Your Majesty said just now, and the grass-roots people will be hard to obey.”

Yuan Xiangru is waiting for the emperor’s message The verdict, but after waiting for a long time, there was no response. He looked up and saw that there were still people in the empty room.

“Is it hallucinations? But if Your Majesty is as requested, what should I do…” Yuan Xiangru’s eyes were fascinated, and he couldn’t help but ponder.


At the same time, two women came to the guard post two streets away.

A beautiful young woman in her thirties, a fifty-sixty stout woman. The two of them were each holding a tea can and were arguing with the blocking embargo.

“Mr. Jun, we are from 5 minutes, and we are delivering tea to Yuan Old Mister. He likes to drink our clear tea and has been delivering it for many years. This year’s new tea arrived late, so this is the time to deliver it.

It’s too late. Please be accommodating and let us go.”

“No, I am here by the emperor’s order. It is late at night, and it is strictly forbidden for anyone to disturb Yuan Old Mister.”


“Then…then I’ll give you the tea, can you pass it on?”

“No, everything that enters the Yuan Family’s yard must go to Jingzhao Yin’s house for the record.”

The young woman pleads softly, and the embargo has a firm attitude. The Old Lady next to her couldn’t help it and got angry.

“That’s not good, that’s not good, you guys have a way to do it.” The stout woman was more aggressive at first glance, and screamed at the top of her voice.

“Why are you soldiers so relentless? We are serving tea, not poisoning. If it weren’t for Old Mister, it would be impossible. You are my wife and willing to come in the middle of the night. “

The Imperial Guard was very dissatisfied, and one of them scolded: “You woman, be careful with your words.”

“I’m careful? It’s you who should be careful! You know we have 5 minutes Where is the square? Do you know who our lady is?” The lady’s voice became much louder, and the spitting Imperial Army hid back.

“The teahouse has been visited by immortal and once drank half a cup of clear tea. That’s how the name came from. My wife serves immortal herself and has been blessed by immortal! You are so offended, beware of poisonous sores on your hands and mouths.

Don’t believe me, I grew up back then.”

“Is this the Bancha Lady?” “Then you’re the one…”

5 minutes They naturally know that, the premier teahouse in the capital. The master is known as a half-tea lady, and she only drinks half of her tea. It is said that the immortal drank half of the cup that year, and drinking half of the tea means the remaining half of the immortal, seeking auspiciousness.

For this half-tea lady, the Imperial Guards naturally admire her. But the other one is pure fear.

I used to have sores on my hands and mouth for half a mile, and anyone who saw it would a strategic withdrawal. Even after it got better, there were still many rumors left. During the day, he never sees each other at the tea shop, and it is said that he is the guard of Bancha Lady.

“Auntie, don’t say this, several military lords are also doing their jobs faithfully.” The young woman dissuaded the woman and continued to beg those banned soldiers. “Otherwise, if you let me know, Eunuch Qi also knows about us. I’m afraid that Old Mister will be sad tonight, we just want to…”

“Who is talking nonsense!” A battallion of men came from behind, leading the way is a general with a back of a tiger and waist of a bear. Next to him was a middle-aged Court Eunuch, the one who had been to Yuan Zhai before. It was the Court Eunuch who spoke out.

“Meet the Great Commander!”

“I’ve seen Mr. Ma.”

The guards paid respect quickly.

“Arrest these two snarky women.” Court Eunuch ordered with a dark face.

“Forget it.” The Great Commander advised, “No need.”

“No need.” Court Eunuch’s eyes flashed fiercely, “Your Majesty has an explanation. , this matter must not be made public. If it gets out…”

“We are in 5 minutes.” The woman exclaimed. “My wife is a half-tea lady, and several Empresses in the palace are very familiar with her.”

Great Commander and Court Eunuch were both stunned and looked at each other.

“Go home and speak more carefully in the future.” The Great Commander said to the two women, “Remember, Yuan Old Mister is in good health and has recovered completely.”

The young woman couldn’t help but said: “Yuan Old Mister is ill? But I heard…”

“If you talk nonsense again, be careful of your heads!” Court Eunuch roared angrily. “Our family knows about 5 minutes, so that’s why we let you go. Otherwise, just based on those words, we can kill you now.”

“You…” The young woman wanted to argue something, but She was stopped and dragged away by a woman.

Seeing that the two women were gone, the Great Commander didn’t say anything, but said to the guards on duty: “Your Majesty is strict, no one is allowed to approach Yuan’s house. No matter what your identity is, you will be arrested if you dare to trespass. .”


The woman who hadn’t gone far heard the cries of the Custodians, dragged the young woman and walked much faster.

“Auntie, why are you dragging me? I’m just asking about Old Mister’s condition.”

“What are you asking, don’t ask, there must be something going on here. ‘ The woman secretly looked back. “I’ve heard about the Great Commander of the Imperial Army, and the red man in front of the emperor. He suddenly came over tonight. There must be something wrong.”

“Of course there is something.” It’s normal for people to go and see.”

“It’s not normal.” Mysterious woman said, “Didn’t you see that the Imperial Army brought by the Great Commander all had bows and crossbows. Things are only used for wars. Who do you see bringing a murder weapon? They seem to have carried a sweet child, it’s so strange…”

“No matter how strange it is, it has nothing to do with us.” The young woman still didn’t understand, “Even if there are gangsters, the Imperial Army is still dealing with gangsters.”

“Hey, what do you want me to say. If it wasn’t for immortal’s blessing, you probably wouldn’t be able to live the new year.” “…” The woman sighed, “Forget it, don’t ask or think about it. Anyway, don’t go out after you go back, there will definitely be a major event tonight.”

“How can you be so sure? ?” The young woman expressed doubts.

“Don’t forget, I have suffered retribution and suffered from poisonous sores.” The woman appeared to be very senior. “I haven’t dared to say anything else since then. As long as there are dangerous things, I feel that it is accurate.”


There are strange women in Qingzhou, who are born with their hands and mouths. Sore, fishy smell for half a mile. Afterwards, if you get the gift of immortals, you can seek fortune and avoid misfortune, and break the blame for good and bad. The people all obeyed and asked for divination. No, lady with poisonous sore.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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