Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 104


Chapter 104: The Return of Yin God (Part 1) The foreseen future

Yuan Xiangru died.

As he himself said, the previous awakening was just a flashback. When Eunuch Qi went out to make tea and came back, he was already breathless.


“Yuan Gong Qiangu,farewell…”

“Whatever you want to go, you have to take us with you. Yes.”

“Yes, I almost forgot the most important thing…is Yuan Old Mister now Yin God? How can I be sure?”

“I don’t know. , maybe we won’t know until we die.”

“What are you doing? Put down the knife, suicide doesn’t count…”

The commotion in the courtyard is like New Year’s Eve similar. The unknowing banned army soldier only felt hair on his back, thinking that these old men were all crazy.

Only Eunuch Qi in the room had a complicated expression.

“You’re really not used to closing your eyes.”

Looking at the cold old man on the bed, Eunuch Qi found that he was not as happy as he thought.

Whether it is a god or a ghost after death, it is inevitable that there will be a separation between yin and yang. This special sense of distance is not as simple as talking about it.

If you want to put down the tea set and go to tidy up his clothes, he can take a half step and then stop. I couldn’t tell what kind of feeling it was, but I suddenly felt that I couldn’t touch Yuan Xiangru.

The source of this feeling is not clear, and no one has asked him, but Eunuch Qi just felt that he couldn’t touch it, at least not tonight.

Hesitating for a moment, Qi Gonggong exited the room with the tea set, and closed the door tightly.

“Sleep well, my friend. It’s already the middle of the night, so it’s the same for the funeral tomorrow morning.”

Eunuch Qi didn’t notice that he just closed the door. Yuan Xiangru changed.

A faint blue light floated out from Yuan Xiangru’s body.

At about the same time, the courtyard gate was pushed open with a creak.

The Great Commander stepped in.

“Great Commander?”

“Why are you here again?”

“See you again… eh? Have you been here?”

Everyone in the yard was confused.

I feel this scene is very familiar, as if I have just experienced it.

“This is…” Eunuch Qi’s complexion changed, and he felt a strong sense of unease in his heart.

The Great Commander also looked weird, wondering if there was something wrong with these old men, their speech and expressions were so strange.

But he had an important purpose in mind, and he didn’t have time to explore these details. He coughed and opened his mouth to speak.

“Your Majesty has a purpose?” someone asked.

“Well, yes… purpose…” The Great Commander choked.

“The minister waits for the order.” Everyone knelt down to receive the order.

The Great Commander cleared his throat and was about to speak when someone asked.

“Is it an oral order?”

Great Commander startled, said: “Yes, Your Majesty oral order…”

Another person raised his head and asked: “Your Majesty Did Majesty let Yuan Old Mister into the palace?”

“Yes…” Great Commander’s aggrieved, imposing manner was all dispelled. Seeing that there were still people who wanted to talk, I finally couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Shut up Ben and listen to me finish!!”

Everyone was silent.

“Oral order!” Great Commander sullenly said loudly: “The first emperor’s teacher Yuan Xiangru learned to be rich in five cars, and his character is noble. Your Majesty recruited him into the palace and served as the teacher of the little prince!”

After speaking, his eyes glanced at everyone coldly. The heart said that even if you guessed it, or if there were any spies, you must be called for this reason didn’t expect Your Majesty.

“I understand.” Everyone kowtowed to accept the order, and then got up one after another.

“What to do?” The Great Commander frowned.

“Go home.” An old man hehe said: “Yuan Old Mister is healthy, we will all remember.”

“Huh?” Great Commander startled.

“What we ask for is what happens behind us, and we can get what we want after tonight. What Your Majesty worries about is the court situation ahead, and many people won’t share the worries for Your Majesty like I do.”

“I’ll be tight-lipped about Yuan Old Mister. Your Majesty knows we’re not afraid of death, but we Old Guys also have families…”

All the old ministers cup one fist in the other The hand expressed understanding, and the whole Great Commander became more and more confused.

As Yuan Xiangru, he knew very well that it would be difficult to handle today. But the most important thing is to be fast, to prevent Ye Changmeng from having more accidents. Before you came, Your Majesty had a face-to-face instruction on opportunities, and on the road, he also did several previews of the belly draft, so as not to miss any mistakes.

I have thought about each situation, but I have not thought about it so happily. And what the Old Guy said was almost indistinguishable from what he had prepared.

“In the end, they have been in the court for many years, and everyone is really old and mature.” The Great Commander can only attribute it to this reason, and finally turned his attention to Eunuch Qi.

“How about you, Eunuch Qi?” asked the Great Commander.

“Leave early tomorrow.” Eunuch Qi had a strange expression, and his words were a bit deliberate. “But tonight, our family wants to send Yuan Old Mister off for the last trip.”

“It’s not impossible if Father-in-law wants to send it, but I’m afraid it’s not very convenient here.” The Great Commander’s voice was much lower.

“Your Majesty said that if Yuan Old Mister dies, he must not stay in the old house for the night. Feng Shui Treasure Land has been arranged, and he needs to be buried immediately. But in three to five years, it is not possible to erect a monument for the time being. “

Eunuch Qi’s hands trembled, muttered: “People can die, but not mourning. If a funeral is held here, things can’t be hidden…”

“many thanks Eunuch Qi.” The Great Commander waved his hand, and a group of forbidden troops entered the courtyard, followed by a sedan chair and the middle-aged Court Eunuch.

“Hehe, you know that you are a person who knows current affairs.” The middle-aged Court Eunuch smiled and greeted people to enter the room.

Looking at this familiar scene, Eunuch Qi faced deathly pale.

From the moment the Great Commander entered the courtyard, everyone gradually remembered their previous hallucinations.

That wasn’t an illusion at all, but a preview of what was to come.

Old ministers have experienced many storms, and they all have yearning for Yin God. This kind of weirdness did not frighten them, but felt that it was some kind of omen of becoming a god.

Deriving the future seek luck and avoid calamity is the original ability of Divine Immortal.

So after confirming, they all went home happily.

Eunuch Qi naturally wouldn’t be afraid, but he was afraid that this omen would be the opposite.

“What if the current situation is not good for Yuan old man? Should we stop them? But if my judgment is wrong, this is the right development, so what should I do? What to do?”

Eunuch Qi was embarrassed and became more and more anxious.

“Wait a minute!” Qi Gonggong blocked the door.

The Great Commander was stunned for a moment, then asked in doubt: “Father-in-law, what’s the matter?”

“Let me say more.” Qi Gong said, “Your Majesty is worried about , are you afraid that after Yuan Xiangru’s death, Yin God’s argument will be self-defeating, which will affect the purge of the court.”

“Well…” The Great Commander did not hide it. “The theory of Yin God has been circulated for a long time, but there has never been any evidence. It is said that it is related to Pigweed, but the Six Kingdoms can’t confirm it, so how can this be confirmed.”

Eunuch Qi frowned. “There are so many participants in the Six Kingdoms Search for Immortals, how can it be said that it cannot be confirmed?”

“Hehe, how can it be confirmed?” Middle-aged Court Eunuch laughed.

“It was fifty years ago, and many participants have passed away. At that time, the realm of the so-called person who went to the island rose, but swallowing the fruit cannot be ruled out. You are welcome, but also Some people question you. There is also Pigweed Leaf, the same…”

“Okay, let’s not mention these for the time being, just talk about Yin God.” Qi Gonggong did not want to argue, but felt that arguing about this issue was not good for Pigweed. Great disrespect. “It’s hard to prove Yuan Xiangru’s story, but you should have heard of the living tombs in Qing.”

“You mean that Prince Hui?” Middle-aged Court Eunuch even more disdain. “Before Your Majesty ascended the throne, he was on an envoy to Qingguo and visited the famous Hui King. Your Majesty came back with only eight words, just its name, wine skin and rice bag!”

“Hey, Your Majesty is too conceited. There are so many opposing voices in the Imperial court, not all from the party struggle…” Eunuch Qi secretly sighed. “Then wait two more hours, and we’ll see tonight. Even if Your Majesty has arrangements, unhurried this night.”

“No.” The Great Commander stopped the middle-aged Court Eunuch who was about to speak. “Eunuch don’t want to make things difficult, please open the door.”

“I can’t do it.” Eunuch Qi made a decision. “No one can enter this room before dawn.”

Great Commander’s face darkened, and he was silent for a while, opened the mouth and said. “Eunuch Qi, if I remember correctly, when you presided over the Palace of Eunuch Qi, you were very close to His Royal Highness Prince Su.”

“It’s a party fight again…” Eunuch Qi smiled wryly. “All I can say is, Your Majesty is thinking too much.”

“Then get out of the way.” The Great Commander’s expression grew worse. “There are so many dreams in the night, Yuan Old Mister must come with me and can’t delay any longer. Unless, you want to resist!”

“I hope I won’t regret this decision.” Eunuch Qi picked up the tea from the tea tray After taking a sip, frowned spit out the leaves, “It still doesn’t work, I’m not used to drinking this tea, it’s too bland.”

Just for an inexplicable feeling, he resisted the decree against the Imperial Army. It was ridiculous to think about it before, but now it is necessary to put this ridiculous into action.

The Great Commander didn’t speak any more, just stared harder.

Eunuch Qi continued to drink tea with a frown, without the slightest intention of letting go.

The middle-aged Court Eunuch keenly sensed that the atmosphere was not right, and slowly retreated to the outside of the yard.


The battle broke out in an instant.

The middle-aged Court Eunuch, who had just retreated to the door, was directly lifted by the air and flew out.


The country once had the calamity of eunuchs, and the power resided above the temple. The big traitor Qi Gong, framed Zhongliang, and harmed the famous man Yuan. Overstepping and resisting the decree, the great evil is to chaos the government. When the Young Emperor ascends the throne, he will execute conspiracy.

“Qingzhou ChronicleΒ·Qi Ji”

I’m really thinking about the plot, in order to pave the way for the plot and design a predictable routine, didn’t expect it will be said to be Water…

It can be said that the author’s level is not enough, and the writing is not good. The chapter titles have not been fixed, and the title is party.

But speaking of water, this heartfelt heart is filled with o(β•₯﹏β•₯)oo(β•₯﹏β•₯)o

(End of this chapter)

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