Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 105


Chapter 105 The Return of Yin God (middle) The person who turned the robbery

The Great Commander flew out, and Eunuch Qi remained in place . However, the tea set in his hand had already shattered, turning into a pile of shards scattered under his feet.

A forbidden army commander and a former spy chief, neither of them are well-behaved Jianghu people. No matter how harmonious the two sides discussed before, as long as the goals are inconsistent, they are enemies.

No mercy to the enemy.

The Great Commander is one realm lower and chooses the hot raid. Qi Gonggong’s strength is higher than that, and the first move is the first to defeat the enemy.

“Come prepared.” Eunuch Qi raised his palm and glanced at it, there were many small blood holes in it. There was no pain in the numbness, and the blood that flowed out gradually turned black, which was obviously highly poisoned.

“Knowing that my father-in-law is here, how dare you not be prepared.” The Great Commander, who fell to the ground, tore off his front breastplate, revealing a barbed soft armor.

“But Ben didn’t really think that he would actually do it. He always thought that you were loyal to Your Majesty.”

“Resistance and loyalty are two different things.” Qi Gong Gong runs True Qi, the aerosol in the palm rises, and the black blood that flows out evaporates directly. “It should be the greatest loyalty to stop you from angering immortal…”

Before he finished speaking, Eunuch Qi suddenly felt dizzy, and his body shook involuntarily.

“They say Primordial Spirit Realm Hundred Venoms Immunity, but it’s not so absolute.” The Great Commander smiled and stood up with difficulty. “But don’t worry, there is an antidote for this poison. But it’s best not to use True Qi rashly, or I’m afraid the Divine Immortal will be difficult to save.”

The courtyard door was slammed open, and the battalion forbidden army rushed came in.

“Invite Yuan Old Mister out.”

With an order from the Great Commander, the Custodians left and rushed into the house. Then it flew out of the yard in pieces at a faster speed than when charging.

Eunuch Qi shook his body again, and could feel something spreading inside his body.

Primordial Spirit Realm is known as Hundred Venoms Immunity because True Qi can expel toxins from the overwhelming majority. But now the poison in him seems to be getting stronger because of True Qi.

“I don’t know if I die like this, will I still have a chance to be a Yin God Dangdang.” After Eunuch Qi made his decision, his heart was calmed down, although it is still uncertain whether the decision is correct or not.

Another group of forbidden troops rushed into the courtyard and was beaten out by Eunuch Qi again.

“I’m loyal to Your Majesty, but what are you trying to do?” Great Commander frowned, suddenly feeling that he might be wrong. For a prince who failed to win the succession, he might devise some kind of conspiracy. But it doesn’t seem normal to take your life for this.

“Even if it’s a single thought.” Eunuch Qi sighed, “I’ve been a slave all my life, and I’ve always acted according to other people’s intentions. This time, whether it’s right or wrong, at least I made it myself. decision.”

The Great Commander was silent for a moment, then retreated to the door.

At the same time, there were many forbidden soldiers holding bows and crossbows on the roof and roof, and the arrows flashed faintly cold light under the light of the fire.

He just did what he was told, no matter how eccentric he was.

“Send the arrows!”

The Great Commander gave an order, and the arrows shot into the courtyard like locusts.

Eunuch Qi took off his coat and poured True Qi to dial the carved feathers. It was as if a dark cloud was turning, and no arrow could pass through it.

The Great Commander didn’t use bows and arrows to hurt the enemy, but to let Duke Qi continue to run True Qi. As long as the toxicity becomes deeper and deeper, it will naturally be possible to win without a fight.

In the house, Qi Gong and his husband are the gatekeepers. Above the clouds, Su Qing’s eyes were quiet.

“Yuan Xiangru is really not alone in turning robbery people into robbery.”

Talent and strength are only the foundation of Yin God, and whether he can achieve success depends mainly on fate.

Break the fate of the world and cross the yin world.

The courtyard was screaming and fighting, and Yuan Xiangru, who was lying on the couch, continued to change.

The silky blue light filaments overflowed from the body, constantly taking shape in front of the bed.

In the beginning, it was just a chaotic ball of light, and then skeletons and meridians were derived from the ball of light. Then there are the luminous organs and muscles, until they are covered with translucent skin…

Yuan Xiangru is a born Yin God, and will condense his own body after death. The Yin body is different from the soul, equivalent to the new body. It’s just that it will be restrained by the things of Extreme Yang, can’t stay in Human World, and is destined to exist only in the dark.

Until the body is fully condensed, it should not be moved easily or touched by a living person. Otherwise, not only will the Divine Dao be difficult to achieve, but there is a risk of falling into reincarnation.

This is the calamity of Yuan Xiangru.

The father-in-law of Qi, who stopped the imperial army, was Yuan Xiangru’s man who turned the robbery.

It is not the convenience of pre-judgment to let everyone in Yuan’s house see the future images, but a first-line opportunity that is difficult to break in the world.

Yuan Xiangru abides by the rules of the two realms under the imperial power, which means he has passed the First Level.

The sons of the old officials in the house have the conditions to become the underworld officials. It’s a pity that I didn’t understand and understand it thoroughly, which is equivalent to cutting myself off from the divine way.

The situation of Eunuch Qi is somewhat different.

He made the choice to cut the fate and became Yuan Xiangru’s calamity.

If he passes this level, Yuan Xiangru will become Yin God, and he will also be enlightened by grace. But if he can’t make it through, he will fall into reincarnation with Yuan Xiangru.

“You little brats, keep coming.” Eunuch Qi waved his robes and laughed, “I hope you have enough arrows, don’t run out and let Eunuch stand.”

In the rain of arrows from the Imperial Army, Eunuch Qi seemed really relaxed. He waved his robe to block the feathers, like a gust of wind sweeping leaves.

“Father-in-law, what’s the matter with you.”

The Great Commander couldn’t hold it in any longer. During the period, he made two sneak attacks, all of which were repelled. At this moment, the injury is more serious, and his subordinates vomit blood in the corner of the wall, and have no strength to fight again. But looking at Eunuch Qi, the Great Commander also sighed.

Eunuch Qi looked very relaxed, but his face was very ugly. With azure on his pale face, black blood spilled from his nose and mouth.

Meanwhile, the room was another scene.

Yuan Xiangru’s female body has been formed and looks exactly similar to the fleshy body. The clothes are worn without official robes and chains, as they were when they died.


The yin body let out a long breath of cold air, and slowly opened both eyes.

“Has the time come?” Yuan Xiang was mentally prepared when he saw the fleshy body lying on the couch. But when I looked around, I always felt something was missing. After thinking about it for a while, he blurted out a curse,

“Where’s the old eunuch?”

Many people have different habits when they wake up. Some yawned, some froze, some pretended not to wake up, closed their eyes and went to sleep for a while. Yuan Xiangru’s habit is naturally to scold people. The object of scolding is not there, and I feel uncomfortable all over.

“This damn old eunuch, he was so active in the past, but he was not there at the most critical time. He deserved to be Court Eunuch for the rest of his life.”

Yuan Xiangru floated out of the room, and then the startled .

The sky was filled with arrows like rain, and Eunuch Qi fought the enemy with blood. The Custodian Great Commander leaned against the corner and vomited blood, while the soldiers guarding him trembled.

“What happened? What happened?” Yuan Xiangru was surprised.

In addition to not understanding why the Imperial Army was besieging him, he was more unable to understand the state of Eunuch Qi.

Father Qi is very old now, and Essence, Qi, and Spirit are nowhere near as old as they were. But the size is the expert of the Primordial Spirit, and it should be easy to deal with ordinary soldiers. This is a small courtyard, not a battlefield army, just to resist some bows and arrows, why is it so hard to fight.

It’s also a bit strange that the forbidden army attacked, and only wildly fired arrows there. Using this method against Primordial Spirit Realm is clearly a war of attrition.

“What are you doing?” Eunuch Qi stared at the Great Commander of the Imperial Army and scolded. “damned bastard, this is the place of the old man, how dare he come here!”

The forbidden army did not respond, and no one could see him.

“Old eunuch, what’s going on?” Yuan Xiangru turned to ask Eunuch Qi. “Could it be that you did something immoral, and the emperor sent the Imperial Army to arrest you?”

“Damn it!!”

Yuan Xiangru was furious.

Now I even forgot my identity, and I don’t care about what I want to do after death. I just instinctively don’t want to see this person have an accident.

Yuan Xiangru turned and floated into the room, trying to get back into his body.

The drill goes in, but pops out again soon.

The fleshy body is his former fleshy body, now completely separated, impossible to go back.

“Stop it! Stop it all for the old man!” Yuan Xiangru had to rush out of the house again and curse.

“No matter what crime the old eunuch commits, the old man is his godfather. If there is anything, please explain it to the old man first. In this way, people will be arrested indiscriminately, believing or not old man. I lost your soul!”

Yuan Xiangru jumped and cursed, but no one could see it.

“Father-in-law, give it up.” Although the Imperial Guard Great Commander was weak, he could barely speak.

“The poison you have been poisoned is specially designed to deal with Primordial Spirit Realm. Although it is not fatal in itself, the more you touch True Qi, the more poisonous it becomes. I just took Yuan Xiangru’s body away, why are you so desperate? .”

“You don’t believe it, so why ask again.” Eunuch Qi reluctantly laughed. “Just think I owe that old bastard.”

Yuan Xiangru stood beside him blankly, wanting to scold someone but didn’t know what to scold.

Now that he has achieved a negative body, he naturally knows that he cannot be touched before. It’s just that he never thought that the Qi Gong Guild would know about this, and he would work hard for him and the Imperial Army.

“How did the old eunuch know about it? Why did the Imperial Army want to kill me?”

“Yuan Xiangru.”

While in a daze, in midair suddenly A voice came.

Yuan Xiangru looked up and saw a person standing in the cloud.

“The Lord of Pigweed?!”


The Duke of Qi has absolute power, no more fears, life and death, wanting to endanger the society. The emperor remembered his merits, and sent troops to comfort him, so as to secure Tiannian. Ran Gong did not feel the grace of the Holy Spirit, but he acted bravely and rebelled. The madness of castration and erection is solid.

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(End of this chapter)

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