Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 106


Chapter 106 Yin God Returns (Part 2) 7000 Orders and Updates

Yuan Xiangru was so excited that his body immediately floated up.

As a senior troll with few friends, he didn’t know Su Qing’s true identity back then. I only know that after being enlightened, I can become Yin God after death. But after more than ten years, there is no way to guess.

Afterwards, I regretted and hated myself for a while, and felt that I was too rude when we first met.

Fearless of sovereign’s prestige Being powerful is a character, but that doesn’t mean there is no awe. I have been thinking that if we meet again, must sincerely apologize.

But now he’s not excited about this, but to beg the Immortal Monarch to stop the fight below.

“I beg Immortal Monarch for help!” Yuan Xiangru couldn’t get up halfway, so he had to bow down in midair. “That old eunuch… No, it was because of me that Eunuch Qi fought with the forbidden army, and it is suspected that he was poisoned. I beg the Immortal Monarch to have mercy and save him.”

Su Qing said: “This is only to confer a divine position, and it is inconvenient to intervene in human affairs.”

Yuan Xiangru said anxiously: “I don’t need a divine position, I just want…”

The words just came out Halfway through, Yuan Xiangru suddenly realized something was wrong.

“By the way, isn’t that old guy just waiting for me to die, wanting to wait until I become a Yin God and give him a half-official position. Now that he is dead like this, it seems as he intended. This Old Guy, shouldn’t it be intentional…”

Yuan Xiangru instinctively speculated maliciously, but he was very uncomfortable. Looking at Eunuch Qi’s appearance, it was impossible to pretend. Moreover, even if it was pretending, it really helped him.

“I beg Immortal Monarch to save him.” Yuan Xiangru still said, “I don’t want to owe this old man a favor, even if I die, I can’t let him die because of me.”

“This tribulation is not a simple human matter, but the catastrophe of your underworld.” Su Qing said, “Qi Gong is your tribulation person, even if you want to save it, it is up to you to save it.”

” Transcending Tribulation for me? This bastard… If so, don’t I owe him more…” Yuan Xiangru suddenly realized, but his mood was even more complicated.

If you owe human feelings, you are already troubled. How can you endure this even if you owe ghost feelings.

Yuan Xiangru hurriedly asked: “How to save, please show Immortal Monarch.”

Su Qing said: “Yin God controls ghosts and demons, but he cannot directly touch mortals. Entering the dreams of mortals and manifesting the Holy Spirit, making believers do things for you.”

Yuan Xiangru was very disappointed.

Now he can’t wait to go down and beat people in person, didn’t expect he can only dream and let others do things. But now it’s most urgent, and it doesn’t bother to pick and choose.

“Immortal Monarch, please.” Yuan Xiangru bowed again.

Su Qing didn’t say much, and the fairy light was released, feeling Heaven and Earth.

“The divine way is not prosperous, and the yin is disorderly. Wicked souls are chasing each other, and the final retribution is endless…”

As Su Qing recited, bursts of Brahma chants sounded at the end of the sky, There was a whimper from deep underground.

Heaven and Earth responded, allowing Su Qing’s move.

“Sure enough, there is no other Yin God, Heaven and Hell do not exist…” Su Qing felt a little strange.

Calling on Heaven and Earth to lead the Shinto will enter a special area. Like the stars lit up in the dark night sky, everything will be very eye-catching.

If there are other Yin Gods, they must be seen during this process. Even if it is intentionally hidden and it is not clear, you can still see a faint starlight.

But in Su Qing’s perception, there is only darkness that can’t see the end.

“Since there is none, let me light the first one.”

Su Qing pointed to Yuan Xiangru.

“Heaven and Earth are the proof, Pigweed is the proof. In my name, I canonize the righteous god of Yin Si in the Qi of Qingzhou…”


Two dive lights, one white and one black, escape from Heaven and Earth respectively. With Yuan Xiangru as the center point, they are slowly connected together.

Wake people noticed the strangeness and looked out the window at the night sky. I didn’t see anything special other than the feeling of the moonlight being bright.

But for people in their sleep, it’s completely different.

A celestial being stands in the cloud with rays of light but not dazzling. It seems that everyone can see the appearance, but no one can tell clearly. Drive the wind and clouds between your breaths, raise your hands and feet to cover Heaven and Earth.

Even if I didn’t have any concept in my mind before, I knew in an instant that it was a fairy.

“Who is that?”

“immortal Linfan?”

Basically no one recognizes this immortal, only the two who just fell asleep in 5 minutes. The lady, faintly guessed something.

“Could it be…”

Lady Bancha extended the hand in her dream, Lady Poisonous Sore covered her mouth in her dream.

While people were still in awe, another beam of light went straight through Heaven and Earth. There is a silhouette in the beam of light, which seems familiar in the world. There are quite a few people, immediately recognized.

β€œYuan Xiangru!”

In the capital of Qi State, this is of course a celebrity. No one can identify immortal’s appearance, but Yuan Xiangru’s face should not be recognized too much.

It is not only limited to powerful officials and officials, but also many ordinary people.

Walking around the streets with a group of old men all day, every day I can find out a few wicked people. There are many cases that cannot be solved by the government, this one can easily find the murderer.

There are many heroes who are brave and righteous, but no one dares to arrest them.

“It’s Yuan Old Mister!”

“Goodness is rewarded, is this about to become an immortal?”

“Mr. Yuan…”

The people in the dream are very awake and can’t tell whether it is a dream or reality.

But the people were just curious and amazed, and some powerful officials were excited.

“Yin God! This is Yin God!”

“The legend turned out to be true, Yuan Xiangru is about to become a god?”

“Aiya Ah, Immortal has come to pick up Yuan Old Mister, I didn’t even believe it before.”

“Brother Yuan, it’s me…you look at me…”

VIPs Either excited or regretful, the emperor of the bedroom is brow beaded with sweat.

Because he sent someone to Yuan’s house tonight, the emperor didn’t plan to sleep. In particular, he was even more annoyed when he got the news that Eunuch Qi was blocking him, and he summoned some confidants to enter the palace overnight.

The emperor was worried that Eunuch Qi and King Su would join forces, which would definitely have the possibility of subverting the imperial power. In the middle of the night after the discussion, I couldn’t bear it, so I leaned on the chair and dozed off.

Seeing the night sky in a dream, the emperor felt bad.

“Is the story of Yin God really true? Yuan Xiangru really wants to be canonized for immortal?”

When the emperor was surprised, the cloud immortal Lang Lang said.

β€œYuan Xiangru, a famous scholar of Qi State, born Yin God, can distinguish between good and evil. Yin Sector arrests evil spirits at night, and walks the sun to complain about grievances…”

Lang Lang’s voice echoed in the In everyone’s ears, Yuan Xiangru’s body also changed.

The plain gown turned into an official robe, and the skinny face became fuller. There was a little more golden on the skin, and a soul-sweeping breath gradually came out.

“Yin God returns to his place, the city god of Kyoto, Duke Yuan.”

Between Heaven and Earth, there seemed to be a burst of bells ringing, and Yuan Xiangru’s Shinto dharma stood in the air.

People kneel uncontrollably in their dreams, worshipping the newly born Spiritual God.

“All sentient beings in the capital listen to my words…”

The Shinto Dharma voice opened his mouth, like a low-pitched bell. After Yin God returned to his place, he issued a decree to all sentient beings in the capital.

“Quickly go to the Yuan Family’s house on Hengjie in the Western District, and save Qi Gong who guards the fleshy body of the god for the god…”

The people in the dream stared blankly Spiritual God’s words were all at a loss.

Spiritual God was silent for a while, a little unsteady.

“If you’re still doing something stupid, don’t put your mind to sleep!” The Old Yuan troll roared.

“Wake up!!!”

The capital is in chaos.


One night, everyone in the capital had the same dream, the heavens and the people climbed the clouds, the Yin Sizheng God, the city god Yuan Gong. To discern good and evil, and fortune and misfortune, the holy mind is as thick as Heaven and Earth. The righteous god displayed his prestige, and everyone woke up from a startled dream.

“Qingzhou ChronicleΒ·Qi Ji”

After reflecting on it again, I feel that the biggest problem is still in the title. It shouldn’t be misunderstood for such a triple title, send it out and try it. If the response is not good, adjust it later.

(End of this chapter)

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