Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 107


Chapter 107 The capital is a bit chaotic

Yuan Xiangru has never been a qualified courtier.

Loyal to the imperial power but disregarding the general situation, living in the temple but not knowing the danger. He is just a literati with a sense of justice, a senior troll with a high-profile battle strength.

Even if you achieve the position of Yin God, it is difficult to change your nature. He doesn’t think about what his actions will lead to, he only knows that he can’t let the scolded old eunuch die because of him.

The people of the capital woke up from their dreams, not knowing what to do.

Normal people don’t do anything in reality just because of a nightmare. But there are so many people in the capital, and there are always a few stunned young people out of a hundred. In addition, this dream is too real, so many people have to believe it.

First, some people tentatively walked out the door and found that someone was also looking around. After a simple communication, the reality of the dream was confirmed.

The City God has orders, so why not obey.

Pick up the guy you can pick up and rush to the Yuan Family mansion together.

Before rushing to the place, I met a Court Eunuch first.

“You guys, what are you doing?” Middle-aged Court Eunuch was a little confused.

Qi Gonggong and his husband were in charge, and the Imperial Army was unable to enter the room for a long time. The middle-aged Court Eunuch felt that this would not work, so he decided to report to the emperor. As a result, halfway through the city, there was a riot in the city, and it happened to collide with a group of people.

“Let’s go save Eunuch Qi!” someone shouted.

“Save Eunuch Qi?” The middle-aged Court Eunuch was stunned for a moment, then became furious, “It turned out to be a riot! Eunuch Qi rebelled, do you want to rebel too?”

People He was stunned, and then reacted.

“Okay, so it turns out that you are not good for Qi’s father-in-law.”

“Everyone, come on, beat him!”

A group of people rushed to fight.

In addition to this little episode in the streets, more people rushed to the vicinity of Yuan’s house. Encountered the forbidden army at the street intersection and prevented them from passing through.

There were not many people in small groups who did not dare to attack the guard post. But as the crowd continued to gather, the fear in my heart gradually subsided.

“What’s the matter with you people? What are you doing running out without going to sleep at night?”

The guards guarding the periphery were a little stunned, and instinctively reprimanded the gathered people.

“Save people!”

“Yes, let’s save people!”

Someone shouted.

“Save who!” “Hurry up and go home, or else they will all be arrested.”

Most ordinary people will be frightened, but few of them are ordinary people who can come here just because of a dream.

Besides, this is not the Imperial Palace, but an ordinary street with Spiritual God backing it up.

“Where are we going, we are here from Oracle.”

“The Chenghuang Gong Yuan asked us to come, we want to save Qi Gong Gong!”

” Get out of the way…”

As there are more and more people, people are getting more and more courageous. Not knowing who took the lead, a group of people screamed and started rushing in.

“Bold, do you want to rebel!”

“All back for me… oops…”

The Custodians didn’t get an order, the opposite They all carry a pole and a rolling pin, and if it is not good, they will use a knife and gun right away. The two sides crowded together in a chaotic manner, and in an instant they became a mess.

Su Qing sees it clearly in Yuntou.

“The City God should protect the safety of the whole place, but your actions have caused turmoil, especially on the day of the canonization.” Su Qing said to Yuan Xiangru, “When tonight passes, you will definitely be punished by the divine way, and Yin Fire Burning.”

“Ah? What did you say?” Yuan Xiangru turned back.

He just stared at Eunuch Qi, who was below, and didn’t notice what Su Qing said.

Su Qing’s expression was calm, without words.

It’s not that I’m pretending to be arrogant, but I suddenly realize that I’ve said something nonsense.

When he first met Yuan Xiangru, he did not hesitate to suffer the burning pain of Yin Fire in order to rectify the wicked. Whether or not he will be punished for making this fight now is simply impossible for Old Mister to care.

Seeing that Su Qing was silent, Yuan Xiangru thought that he had heard it wrong, and turned his head back again, looking at Eunuch Qi, who was in a hurry below.

The stunned youths who were awakened by him had already rushed outside the courtyard, but the main force of the forbidden army was guarding here. Originally formed a battle, there are also high-level generals.

“What’s going on with these people? Form a formation! Stop them!”

“Kill, kill, kill!!”

The forbidden army is under the command of the general Array, the murderous-looking shouted a few times to kill, rushed over to make trouble suddenly collectively stopped.

One side is the regular army of the Great Commander, and the other side is the unorganized mob.

No suspense at all.

However, the number of mobs is really large. The internal attack had to be temporarily stopped, and the rescue purpose could be considered to have been achieved.

“What the hell is going on? Where did these rioters come from?” Great Commander was a little confused.

“I don’t know, it suddenly appeared.” Some soldiers reported, “But according to what they shouted, it was Lord Chenghuang who called them to save people.”

” What is a city god?” The Great Commander was even more confused, and the soldiers looked at each other.

Shinto is not prosperous, yin and yang are disordered, and people have no related concepts. A person who sleeps witnesses Fengshen with his own eyes, and will leave a memory in his mind. But to those who are awake, the City God is still an unknown existence.

There are more and more people on the street when I am in the circle.

On such an ordinary night, there are only a few people who are awake. The overwhelming majority of people in Beijing got summon in their dreams.

At first came out Leng Touqing, not Leng Touqing can’t wait. People have a herd mentality, and they always want to join in the fun, not to mention the same dream echoes. After a while, the streets became more lively than during the day.

Usually this is the case now, either a rebellion or a riot. The defense mechanism of the capital started on its own, and the four gates blocked the soldiers out of the camp. People on the street shouted neighing, spear Lin Tiejia, and the atmosphere in the capital instantly became tense.

The crowd is chaotic and the soldiers are fully armed. In addition to the streets around Yuan’s house, contact has also occurred in other places in the capital.

In a chaotic situation like tonight, usually as long as the army and the crowd meet, there is little suspense of conflict. But this time is different, the scene is unusually harmonious.

Because the soldiers who were dispatched were all sleeping just now. Yuan Chenghuang’s summoning order was basically received by everyone.

“Soldiers, brothers, we are not rebelling, we came out under the order of Lord Chenghuang.”

“Really? We saw it too, and we asked Yuan Zhai to go to the Western District. Right?”

“Yes, yes, it’s all my own.”

“It turned out to be a misunderstanding.”

“He’s a jerk, What kind of people, what misunderstandings, have you forgotten that you are a forbidden army?”

“Lord Colonel, we are just talking.”

“Oh, let’s talk. In fact, I also had that dream…”

At night in the capital of Qi State, a strange scene appeared.

Soldiers and civilians faced off in the streets and alleys, from a distance it seemed to be with swords drawn and bows bent. But when they get closer, they will find that they are very harmonious, and they communicate with each other about the dream Yin God.

The military and civilian families are friendly and friendly, only the generals of the Imperial Guard and the Beijing City Lord have suffered.

A lot of them were sleeping and dreaming just now, and they knew that Yuan Xiangru had been banned as Yin God by immortal. But they are courtiers of the Qi State, whether they listen to the emperor or the city god, this is obviously a difficult question.

Listen to the Emperor may be punished by the Divine Immortal, and the City God may be beheaded.

“Your Majesty, it’s back, it’s back! Eunuch Qi is back, and many people are back. The streets are full of rioters, and they’re all back!!”

Middle-aged Court Eunuch gasping for breath ran into the palace to report the news, bloody nose and swollen face clothes were tattered and very embarrassing.

After being surrounded, I managed to escape. Turn left and right to avoid the crowd, and run all the way back to Imperial Palace.

“Stupid slave, I think you want to go against it!”

The emperor rushed over and kicked the middle-aged Court Eunuch out.

It wasn’t disrespectful to Immortal God who sent someone to Yuan’s house before, but it was just a brutal battle for reserve just now. Suspicion is a normal state of mind. Coupled with the similar rumors he made when he was Crown Prince, it would naturally be arranged according to what he thought.

But because of a dream, the emperor knew he was wrong.

After being awakened by a dream, I asked people around me to interpret the dream, and only when I asked did I know that they all had the same dream. If you can’t think of this, you can’t sit on the throne.

Just as he was regretting and anxious to get angry, the middle-aged Court Eunuch came back and shouted rebellion and just hit the gun.

But after such a toss, it reminded the emperor.

“Go and send me a decree for the Great Commander to withdraw!!! No, one decree is not enough, send a few more…I personally made a decree, not only to the Great Commander, but to send people to the whole city Shout, let everyone hear… Also, put the incense table in the palace, I want to plead guilty and pray…”

Of course the emperor will not admit his mistake easily, but it depends on what is wrong. .

The decree was written here and a group of Court Eunuchs were driven out to preach the decree, and the incense table altar was already set up there. All the princes and concubines shouted, and the emperor took the lead in burning incense.

“Your Majesty has a purpose, Yuan Xiangru seals the city god, which is the blessing of Qi State. Amnesty the world, lead the earth to celebrate together. Sculpt for Yuan Gong Temple and enjoy the incense of thousands of families. When the temple is completed, Your Majesty should be worshipped by the ministers in person…”

Dozens of Court Eunuchs rode on horses and went berserk in different directions. Holding the imperial edict high in his hand, he shouted loudly as he ran.

“Long live! Long live! Long live Your Majesty!!”

When the people heard the decree, they immediately shouted long live.

But it’s impossible to go home and continue to scream and run in the streets.

After several decrees came out from the palace, ribbons and lanterns were quickly hung on the streets to celebrate the birth of the Kyoto City God and pray for the safety of the coming year.

What was an ordinary day turned into a festive carnival.

The Emperor took the time to make amends, and the Great Commander also received his orders amid cheers.

Yuan Zhai also received an order to withdraw troops, and the Imperial Army quickly collected bows and arrows to sweep the battlefield. Great Commander didn’t even care about his serious injury, he immediately took out the antidote and wanted to give it to Eunuch Qi.

Only this time, it is useless.

Sitting on the steps at the door of Yuan Xiangru’s bedroom, his eyes were cloudy and he looked forward, his heartbeat breathless.

In the carnival of the whole city, on the festive days. Eunuch Qi followed Yuan Xiangru and died.


The emperor was generous, courteous and frugal, and loved the people and things. The people were startled and ran around at night crying. The ministers please curfew and arrest the rioters. The emperor refused, saying folk music, I should have fun together. Hanging silk lanterns to make the ministers and the people rejoice together. Later generations said that emperors who are benevolent in the world are also benevolent rulers for thousands of years.

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(End of this chapter)

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