Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 108


Chapter 108 Migrant Workers

Among the ten people who were on the Pigweed Immortal Path, Grandpa Qi was second only to the Old General of Wei Country Wang, the body has already run out of oil. If it weren’t for the hustle and bustle of the world to fight and fight, I’m afraid that the body would have died long ago.

Today is the first time in years with Primordial Spirit Realm, plus it’s been poisoned. After seeing the Imperial Army exit the courtyard, his will finally loosened, and he died of anger immediately.

“Hey, I’ve been out of the arena for many years, why bother to travel in this murky water.”

Looking at Eunuch Qi’s unmoving corpse, the Great Commander felt something sad in his heart. Until now, he still thinks that this is the disaster of the party struggle, and he and Eunuch Qi are both victims.

“You and I are our masters, don’t blame me.” The Great Commander cup one fist in the other hand bowed deeply, and was helped out of the yard by someone. Little did he know how grateful the old Court Eunuch, who was killed by him, was to him at the moment.


“I can consecrate God too? Can I really confer?” Eunuch Qi’s soul floated in the air, looking at Yuan Xiangru in front of him, his soul was about to disperse with excitement like falling.

“It’s weird.” Yuan Xiangru was a little curious, “You’ve been waiting for so many years, aren’t you just waiting for this day?”

“Isn’t this what you didn’t expect?” Eunuch Qi Hehe said, “At first, I really thought that you might not have given it to me. Besides, you are so loyal to the Imperial Court, and I just fought to the death with the Imperial Army…”

“old man thinks it’s a habit of scolding you. Now, instead of letting you reincarnate, it’s better to stay by your side and have fun.” Yuan Xiangru’ai ignored it. “Of course, it’s fine if you don’t want to be banned.”

“Think about it, who says you don’t want to.” Eunuch Qi chuckled, “If it wasn’t for Eunuch Yuan’s scolding, I wouldn’t be in peace.”


Yuan Xiangru was snorted, a streak of divine light under the hood.

Yin Si Zhengshen belongs to the official establishment of Shinto, and the seal needs to be recognized by Heaven and Earth. Xiaoli Youshen are temporary workers on the fringe, and can be decided by the city god.

After the divine light dissipated, the Duke of Qi changed into the costume of a minor official.

Eunuch Qi looked down and grinned. “That’s it… Yuan Gong, don’t be so stingy, can’t you give a bigger official? The last time I wore this grade of clothes was when I first entered the palace after cleansing.”

“The eunuch is greedy.” Yuan Gong was angry, “I don’t want to pull it down, I won’t give it.”

“Sacred Taoism requires incense, willingness, and even more merit.” Su Qing said, “You helped Yuan Gong’s Transcending Tribulation to die, and you also have the fate of Yin God. Just try your best to assist, and you can become a righteous god in the future.”

The Yin Division officer has the possibility to become a righteous god, but he must Once enough merit is accumulated, Transcending Tribulation is also an indispensable procedure.

“Many thanks, Shangjun.” Eunuch Qi kowtowed and thanked, “Shangjun has a broad mind, that is, he is more generous than ordinary people.” Old eunuch, such a greedy shameless, will one day deliberately kill me and then occupy my position?”

Eunuch Qi spread his hands: “You are already dead now, I still How did it hurt?”

“That’s not a good idea.” Yuan Xiangru is now the god of Yin Sizheng, and many things can’t be explained, “Yin God also has a Yin life, and reincarnation and annihilation are all possible. I need to Go find some suitable wandering spirits, and call some reliable deployments.”

Eunuch Qi pouted: “Aren’t you talking about those pampered elders? It’s not that I talk behind my back, they are unreliable. “

“The city God of Kyoto is a new start-up, and it really needs to recruit strong yamen.” Su Qing said, “The ordinary wandering soul Yin Qi is not enough, it is difficult to deter the evil monster. You can follow me to Siyin Mountain.” , transfer some Yin Soldier to act as Ghost Messenger wandering god.”

“many thanks Shangjun.” Yuan Xiangru was overjoyed and quickly thanked him.

“Yin Soldier…” Eunuch Qi was a little depressed.

It’s not that he really has any intention of harming the Lord and overstepping his ambitions, Yuan Chenghuang is inconvenient to start with a guard. Instead, he felt that getting a group of colleagues over would inevitably affect his work performance.

While he was a little worried, Eunuch Qi suddenly thought of another group of guys.

“Even if Yin Soldier is brought in, he is still my subordinate and can always find a way to deal with it. But those guys are all living people, but there is no way they can come to take credit. Especially the recent surnamed Yan’s , and they are making a fuss about establishing the sect. In the future, they will all be competitors…”

While Eunuch Qi was worried, Su Qing also had other worries.

“There is one more thing you need to pay attention to.” Su Qing said to Yuan Xiangru, “Kyoto is the residence of the king and the fate of the dynasty. You can monitor and control the death of officials and civilians, but not Set foot in the imperial city for half a step. Otherwise, it will be devoured by the fate of the dynasty, so remember to remember.”

β€œLittle God, remember.” Yuan Xiangru said yes.

If it were replaced by other Yin Gods, Su Qing would never say this much. For any Yin God, avoiding the imperial city is almost instinctive. But judging from Yuan Xiangru’s style, this kind of thing is really hard to say.

Yin Si Zhengshen is implicated in Heavenly Dao, and it is difficult to count what will happen after that unless a catastrophe. Now it is possible to start a city-wide riot for a Court Eunuch, and it is difficult to say whether it will attack the imperial city for some reason in the future.


“Your Majesty, how long are you going to kneel here?”

“My concubine can’t hold on anymore.”

“Imperial Father, I’m so sleepy, can I go back to sleep first…”

Before the temporary table incense table set up in the Imperial Palace, the emperor brought his concubines and princes to kneel and pray for blessings. At first are very sincere, after all, they all had the same dream. But after the initial fear faded, it gradually stopped taking it seriously.

“Kneel until dawn!” The emperor looked at the concubines and princes with great dissatisfaction, “If any one can’t hold on, then go to me and live outside the palace.”

Immediately no one said a word.

“Your Majesty, the Great Commander is back.” Little Court Eunuch is reporting.

The emperor un’ed, kowtowed three times reverently, and got up to meet the Great Commander below.

“Ai Qing?” The emperor was startled when he saw the Great Commander.

The two Imperial Guards supported them, and they seemed to fall down if they let go.

It should have been reported that the Great Commander of the Imperial Guard was injured, but he did not expect it to be so serious.

“How did Aiqing get hurt like this? Come on, get a chair and cushions… Also, call the imperial doctor right away…” The emperor hurriedly had someone look at the seat and invited someone to invite him Royal doctor.

“many thanks Your Majesty for caring, I’m fine.” Great Commander also insisted, “Your Majesty, I let you down. Yuan Old Mister didn’t bring it back, and Eunuch Qi died. Secretly inciting, causing chaos in the city…”

The Great Commander was very disturbed.

The two men had such a special status in Qi State that they died on the same day. Although he was ordered to run an errand, if something really went wrong, he would definitely be the one to blame.

“It’s not Aiqing’s fault for this, it’s my oversight…” The emperor sighed and told the Chenghuang’s dream.

The Great Commander would be skeptical at best if someone else said these words. But the emperor said this matter, there will be no falsehood.

The Great Commander was taken aback for a while, and then he understood why the city was so chaotic. I thought there was a who instigated, and it was not a person who incited for a long time.

“Your Majesty…”

“Although I realized it later, but luckily it’s not too late.” The Emperor interrupted the Great Commander, motioning to listen to him.

“The theory of Ghost God has always been controversial, with few believers and many unbelievers. Now that it has been confirmed, this opportunity cannot be missed.”

The emperor said: “Yuan Xiangru told Qi during his lifetime State is loyal and will recite this incense for God after he dies. The most urgent thing is to not let him have grudges because of what happened tonight. I have arranged it, and I will personally bury his soul. And erect a monument and a temple , in order to protect the prosperity of my Great Qi.”

“That’s how it should be.” The Great Commander said, “I would like to resign from the position of commander of the Imperial Army, and guard the tomb of Yuan Old Mister in order to ask for his forgiveness. “

“The matter of Eunuch Qi should also be handled properly.” The emperor said solemnly, “He was protecting Yuan Xiangru’s body, but the Imperial Army played a different role. Eunuch Qi arranged for a burial, but in the future, try not to do so as much as possible.” I’ll mention it again.”

“I’ll understand later.” The Great Commander felt a little sad, but this kind of thing wasn’t new.

“There is one more important thing that I intend to entrust you to do.” The emperor said, “The immortal canonized for Yuan Xiangru in the dream should be the legendary Lord of Pigweed. To catch, Pigweed immortal fate is not to be missed.”

β€œYour Majesty says everything.” Great Commander hurriedly said, β€œYour Majesty but let the minister go to find this immortal?”

“It was impossible to find it,” the emperor said. “There have been an endless stream of people looking for Pigweed over the years, but they couldn’t survive the terrifying storm. If it wasn’t for several decades, no one would wait for Pigweed. How can there be so many voices of doubt.”

“The meaning of Your Majesty…”

“I can’t find it, but I have a chance to wait.” The emperor said a name, “Yan Chixia.”

“Yan Chixia?” The Great Commander was taken aback.

Of course he knows the name, recognized as the Number One Person of Qingzhou Jianghu. Except for Guan Zheng, who had long since retired, no one could survive ten rounds in front of him. There is even a saying that Yan Chixia is not practicing Martial Arts, but Immortal Technique.

It’s just that the Great Commander didn’t understand why the Emperor mentioned him.

The emperor said: “Yan Chixia is a knight-errant of the rivers and lakes, and I have no interest in him. But I got news not long ago that he joined four Jianghu Sect factions to establish the sect. Those four The founders of Sect have all been to Pigweed. Because some people have an Imperial Court background, I paid attention to it. Later, it was determined that it was a matter of the rivers and lakes, so I ignored it.”

The Great Commander also knew about this. The four Sects are known as the Four Sects of Tomb Raiders. The founders have not only been to Pigweed, but also have the official background of Chu State Liangguo. Qi State and Chu State are adjacent to each other. When he heard that they were going to join forces, the emperor could not help but be overwhelmed.

The Great Commander tentatively said: “Your Majesty means to think…”

“I thought it was a matter of the rivers and lakes, but now it seems that it is only a matter of the fairy family.” The emperor said , “Other countries don’t seem to notice, I, Qi State, want to take the lead. I want you to represent Qi State to attend the opening mountain ceremony, or have the opportunity to meet the Lord of Pigweed. Even if you don’t see it, you can also A good fate.”

“I understand.” The Great Commander thought about it again and asked, “Ask Your Majesty, where did Yan Chixia start her business.”

“Maoshan.” The emperor replied.


The emperor has the name of benevolence and treats affairs with kindness. There were eunuchs who messed up the government, deceived the people into rebellion, and the capital was chaotic. After the peace, the sins were pardoned, the eunuchs were buried thickly, and the rumors and discussions were forbidden to protect their names. Compared with the ancient sage emperor Mingzhu, he only has the posthumous title of benevolence.

“Qingzhou ChronicleΒ·Qi Ji”

Regarding the author’s mentality, please don’t worry too much. No matter what kind of advice or criticism, at most it is to study the plot to improve the level, and it will never explode because of the comments.

The plot was flat when it was put on the shelves, so that the chase kept dropping, and it was pulled back after the climax. In that case, the author is steady. Sometimes I will spit out and chat with everyone, and it is the right to adjust the state.

There is only one thing that affects my mentality now, that is, I have not saved the manuscript, and I am a little anxious.

Code word code word, save ten chapters to revise the draft steadily.

(End of this chapter)

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