Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 11


Chapter 11 Court Eunuch Rising

β€œNever stop, I want to reach the top!”

Close There was fire in his eyes, and his heart became more and more excited.

Walking up a thousand steps will break the Millennium Curse, and no one will be willing to stop here.

Su Qing couldn’t hear Guan Zheng’s voice, but he could see the ambition in his eyes.

But, that’s hard.

This is the road he has traveled, the real road to immortality. Even if you only bear your own fate, it is difficult to really reach the top. The front is easy, the real test is in the back.

After Guan Zheng passed the thousand-order mark, he only took two steps before shaking violently.

There are no more wounds on his body, but his expression is distorted in pain.

Not fleshy body pain, but soul pain.

His Primordial Spirit, being sharpened.

That kind of pain is not something that can be simply endured.

“I’m going! Must go…”

Guan Zheng gritted his teeth and continued to climb.

“Not bad.” Su Qing’s eyes showed a burst of admiration. “Although the aptitude is a little worse, the will is extraordinary. If you can stick to Fuxian Pavilion, someone will help you dig in spiritual spring.”

Su Qing looked down again and couldn’t help sighed.

“It’s a pity.”

The person who made Su Qing regret was King Hui.

Among the eleven ascents, this person has the best aptitude. Climbing up more than 800 steps, the wounds were not seen. If Guan Zheng had his roots, there would be no suspense when he walked to Fuxian Pavilion.

But at this moment, King Hui’s pace became more and more faltering, and he couldn’t hold it any longer.

“No, it must be fake… But this feeling is too real, my leg seems to be broken… Illusion, is it really an illusion…”

King Hui raised his head again and looked towards the front, and the last trace of faith was also broken.

Guan Zheng, who has walked more than 1,500 steps, has already exceeded his limit. He staggered on the mountain road, as if he was about to fall at any moment. When King Hui raised his head, he just turned sideways.

The torn clothes and the blood on his chest deeply stimulated King Hui’s nerves.

“No… it doesn’t matter if I die, but I can’t be disabled… A royal family with mutilated limbs cannot stand in court.”

The young King Hui was not afraid of death, but Exclusion from power cannot be tolerated.

He stopped.

There is still the ability to continue, but the courage is lost.

A cloud of air rises under his feet, holding it up and floating. The injuries on his body were repaired, and King Hui gradually regained his senses.

Floating in the air, through the layers of clouds. King Hui saw Pigweed’s true face from an excellent perspective.

Two celestial trees are erected on the top of the mountain, and the canopy is like a cloud. A private garden that does not belong to the mundane world, nestled with big trees.

Someone is reading under the tree, and is dedicated and upright. Inside the house sits the Miao Dharma layman, who does not show his true appearance but is detached from the world.

“This is Pigweed…that is immortal…”

King Hui bowed down on the cloud, with infinite remorse in his heart.

He didn’t know what he had lost, but he felt this way when he saw the top of the mountain.

“The Immortal Path is unreasonable because you have a lot of scheming. But being able to climb the island is your fate.” Zhong Lu’s voice came from the small courtyard, and only King Hui could hear it.

“Climb the Immortal Path for 800 years, and you can get 80 years of life. Your path is in the world, and the Immortal Path is not with you. Go back, don’t come again.”

“Immortal Monarch…”

The remorse that was just a feeling was real now.

He could clearly feel that the hidden disease that made the famous doctor helpless has now completely disappeared. With eighty years of life, he is destined to live a hundred years.

Why can’t you hold on? Why stop? Immortal fate is just three thousand steps away, why don’t you have the courage to persevere?

“Immortal Monarch have pity, give me another chance…”

King Hui burst into tears.

For their own cowardice, for the unwillingness in my heart.

Hui Wang is lucky.

While pleading, had already flown out of Pigweed’s borders. Otherwise, the instant greed will reduce his life span by ten years.

“Someone seems to have flown out?”

“It’s His Royal Highness!”

“Quickly roll the boat over and save people…”


Qingguo’s men and horses jumped and came forward to rescue their prince. Others couldn’t wait to ask what was going on inside.

It’s just that King Hui is not in the mood right now, he just sits on the boat in a daze.

“There’s something weird.”

“Seven days, what happened?”

The Martial Artist of Qianzhou above the cloud is paying attention to everything below, and his expressions are different. Much more serious before.

Once the Eleven landed on the island, they wanted to see what would happen. But after those people passed through the barrier, they disappeared completely.

The authorities are obsessed, and bystanders are clear. Imaginary formation and other methods confuse the players. They are condescending, and they should see it for real.

I began to suspect that it was a trick to hide under water, but I saw King Hui flying out of the air, proving that my previous guess was wrong.

“See what?”

“This imaginary formation is extraordinary, and Poor Daoist can’t understand it.”

“Hiss…even you… Do you want to go back and find someone?”

“If we can’t see the mystery, we can only invite a few Sect Masters over.”

“Look at it again. Come on, no, I’m afraid I really want to… eh? Someone comes out…”

The Formation barrier changed again, and another person flew out.

It’s the old Court Eunuch of Qi State.

Old Court Eunuch was not as embarrassed as King Hui, and at the same time as the cloud disappeared and his body fell, he slapped the sea.

The wind roared like a gust of wind, and the ships were scratched. The old Court Eunuch landed lightly on a boat with the help of the reverse thrust.

“Energetic like a knife, this is True Qi!!”

“Primordial Spirit Realm, Primordial Spirit Realm, he is Primordial Spirit Realm!!”

Many Martial Artists on the sea of clouds are all turned pale in fright.

Innate Realm can do inner Qi outgoing, but True Qi is a feature of Primordial Spirit Realm. In Qingzhou is the legendary realm, an existence that can only be seen in the classics.

“Yes, we have Primordial Spirit Realm.”

Old Court Eunuch smiled.

He could have used Lightweight Art, and the punch was a deliberate dazzle.

A group of people couldn’t close their mouths in shock, only King Hui, who came back to his senses, sneered.

“Eunuch Liu, you should have walked a thousand steps and then got kicked out?”

King Hui remembered that when he left, the old Court Eunuch was two days in front of him. About a hundred steps. Since it is the front and rear feet, it is at most a thousand orders.

“This…” Old Court Eunuch blushed and said whitely. “Our family is a little short, and we can’t hold it just after the thousandth order. But it is no better than your Highness King Hui, and you will be kicked out of Pigweed after more than 800 steps.”

“Yes, all of They are stronger than mine…” King Hui smiled wryly. “Up to 800 steps on the mountain road, 80 years of life. After a thousand steps, you can condense the Primordial Spirit…hey…it’s too late to regret it.”

“Yes.” Old Court Eunuch lost his previous air and looked towards Pigweed unwillingly. “Our family is really old, and it’s already the limit to climb to the thousandth order. If it was twenty years in the morning…hey…”

Hearing the conversation between the two, all around was quiet, and it was easy to land on the ground. smell.

We all know that King Hui has a deep mind, but he never lies. Especially when it comes to Pigweed immortal island, he is more cautious than anyone.

“Eighty years of life?”

“Primordial Spirit Realm…”

This time, no one cares about gold and silver for those who come to Pigweed to seek immortality jewelry. The pursuit is either to seek the highest of Martial Arts, or to pursue the avenue of longevity.

Listening to the conversation between King Hui and Eunuch Liu, if you want these two distinct things, it seems that you can get them by climbing a mountain.

I don’t know who made the move first, and the big gang scrambled to jump into the sea. Swim towards Pigweed and try again, regardless of whether you have failed before or not.

The people on Qianzhou in the cloud didn’t jump into the sea, but their expressions were even uglier than jumping into the sea.

Prmordial Spirit Realm!

Cap Innate No Primordial Spirit, Northern Territory Green Island Millennium Curse.

It was punctured.

An old Court Eunuch, punctured.


The rich have been married for a long time, while the poor are widowed. One day, the poor married a woman, falling red and lasting. The rich get jealous and ask why. The poor said that they cut off their roots, so they did not marry. Today, the immortals have given them their roots, and they will rise up.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Wild Talk》

Thanks to Wen Dao for correcting mistakes, White Tiger has become the North. When making settings, I adjusted the outline, but the content of the manuscript did not change.

You are welcome to watch the officials to pick up faults.


(End of this chapter)

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