Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 12


Chapter 12 May I dig a spring for me (Monday, I hope the collection recommends)

“Primordial Spirit Realm, this is impossible!”

“Fuck, I’ll go down and try. That dead Court Eunuch must be fake!”

The main source of Qianzhou’s sense of superiority is that Primordial Spirit does not appear in Qingzhou. The caps for over a thousand years are Innate, with good reason to despise them.

The result is not only one, but also a Court Eunuch.

“Calm down, it’s just a Court Eunuch, and it’s not him that matters now.” Someone remained calm. “There must be some secrets on this island.”

“Yes, just now that King Hui also said that he has been cured of hidden illnesses for many years, and his lifespan can be extended by 80 years. In his capacity, there is no need for Lie about this kind of thing.”

“Listen to what the Qingzhou people mean, there is an immortal on Pigweed Island. You can get an immortal fate on any ladder.”

“How can there be an immortal fate?” What immortal is all nonsense. It is estimated that it is spiritual grass Spirit Fruit or something, at most there is a hermit above Primordial Spirit Realm.”

“I have sent the letter back, but it will take a lot to go back and forth. Time. Do you want to go down and grab those two people and ask them what’s going on inside?”

“If you can’t enter Pigweed, there’s no point in arresting them. Eleven people from the other party went to the island, and two have just come out. Everyone. Don’t be impatient, wait for others to come out and adapt accordingly.”

Everyone in Qianzhou pressed the anxiety to stop, and the mountaineering of the immortals became more and more intense.

Now there are more than one Primordial Spirit Realm in Qingzhou.

Except for King Hui, who had the intention to retire, everyone passed the thousand-order threshold.

After Qi State’s old Court Eunuch flew out of Pigweed, the others couldn’t take it anymore. In particular, Old General Wang from Wei Country had no plans to go to the island.

He is the famous Dawei Rentu, and the oldest among those who came to the island. Birth, aging, sickness and death have long been overlooked. The primary task of this trip is to hold the line, not to drag the old body to seek immortality.

However, Old General Wang changed his mind after seeing mysterious on Immortal Path.

He doesn’t know what happened to King Hui and Eunuch Liu, but he is sure that those two will regret it. This rare opportunity, there will be no second time. As long as you don’t faint, you can climb as much as you can.

Especially seeing Guan Zheng approaching Fuxian Pavilion, there is a lot of power invisibly.

“This old man…” Su Qing noticed him.

It’s not how good the performance is, but Sendai Huying has a feeling for it. With the constant insistence on climbing, Huying unexpectedly felt a little restless.

“Although he is in his old age, it is in harmony with the White Tiger. The cub enters the world and needs someone to protect it. If expected, this old man should be the protector.”

Myriad Immortals Array The injury has not been completely recovered, and it is temporarily difficult to divination and calculate the perception of heaven. But with the anomaly of Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai, it is not difficult to speculate on the identity of the old man.

“The will is good, but it should not be forced. Your fleshy body is already rotten wood, and continuing to climb will hurt your life. Your fate is not in Pigweed, but outside Pigweed.”

This old man is related to White Tiger, Fang made an exception to sound transmission to advise. If the other party doesn’t listen, they won’t say more.

Old General Wang heard the voice looked thoughtful, and slowly stopped and bowed.

β€œmany thanks Immortal Monarch.”

The cloud lifted up and flew directly away from Pigweed.

Others noticed that others were leaving, but no one was thinking about giving up. In addition to the belief of persevering, it is because the big sword pass has already reached the Fuxian Pavilion.


Guan Zheng almost fell into the pavilion, lying on the ground, panting.

Not tired, but pain.

Guan Zheng considers himself a tough guy who can endure no matter how much pain he suffers. But the more than 1,000 steps that followed made him completely change his mind.

Flooding and burning, scraping bones with sharp knives, peeling skin and cramping… All the tortures he can think of are added, and it’s not as painful as this thousand steps.

But if he were to re-select, he would go without the slightest hesitation.

Because of the value! !

Guan Zheng stood up and slowly adjusted his breath. True Qi will create a cyclone in the dantian, and then spread out to the limbs and bones.


A slash in the air.

A huge sword shadow roared out, making the sound of thunder.

On Immortal Path, someone exclaimed.

“The thunder sound of the knife, True Qi gathers shape??! This is… Aiya, bad.”

That Martial Artist has climbed to more than 1,500 steps, I am desperately trying to get to Fuxian Pavilion. As a result, he just saw Guan Zheng’s knife, and he took a step back in shock.

A cloud formed under his feet and lifted it up into the air.

“Ahhh, I was careless, I can still go on… Guan Zheng, you or him, it killed Lao Tzu…”

In a frenzy of anger In expletives, Martial Artist flew out of Pigweed.

Guan Zheng didn’t have time to pay attention, he was trying to restrain himself. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll have to cry again.

“One turn of Primordial Spirit…it turned out to be one turn of Primordial Spirit…”

There is Primordial Spirit above the Innate, and the realm of Primordial Spirit has nine turns. Legend has it that Jiuzhuan can break space and ascend, moving mountains and suppressing seas omnipotent.

The Primordial Spirit Realm is already legendary for Cap Innate’s Northern Territory Green Island. The higher one, two or even nine turns, simply is a legend in the legend, and even whether it exists or not has a question mark.

And now, there is an answer.

“When you gather energy here, and then continue to climb up! Two thousand steps, you can do what no one in Qingzhou has done for thousands of years. Climb another thousand steps…”


Just when Guan Zheng was feeling ten thousand zhang, a voice suddenly came from his ear.

“Let’s go here.”

I made an exception just now to consider that White Tiger needs someone to support him, but this time I wanted to find someone to dig a spring.

“Before Fuxian Pavilion was the road of mortals. Passing through means transcending the human world. With your aptitude, walking a thousand should be the end point. If you can support to get here, the will is rare in ancient and modern times.”

Su Qing made no secret of her appreciation, and Guan Zheng was also flattered.

“Meet the Immortal Monarch.” Guan Zheng hurriedly bowed to the top of the mountain, and at the same time couldn’t help but ask questions.

“Since Immortal Monarch agrees with Guan, why stop it?”

“Arriving at Xianting, the Foundation Establishment can be established. Going up, it is the real registration.

Immortal Path.” Su Qing replied.

“A hundred steps to build the foundation, two hundred to condense the Golden Core. One step is a life-and-death test, and all the way to the top to ask the immortal. You are not a cultivator, and you have no experience. It’s difficult.”

Guan Zheng was stunned for a while.

He only knew about the Primordial Spirit’s nine-turn ascension, but he hadn’t heard of the Foundation Establishment Golden Core. Only “two steps are difficult” to understand, I felt a little dissatisfied.

The road to 2/3/2022 has come, how can it be difficult in the future? Even if you can’t reach the top, it’s not like you can’t take two steps.

“I’ll give you a choice.” Su Qing continued: “You can continue to climb the mountain, or you can dig a spring for this seat.”

A fairy light flew from the top of the mountain, It fell to the stone table of Fuxian Pavilion.

Guan Zheng took a closer look and saw that it was an unremarkable hoe.

“The Fuxian Pavilion can’t be stopped for too long. You have a stick of incense to think about. Pick up the hoe on the table, or continue to climb the mountain.”

Guan Zheng did not let Su Qing wait. Tone barely fell answers.

“Many thanks Immortal Monarch reminded me, but Guan still wants to climb the mountain.” Guan Zheng’s answer was very strong, showing a bit of dissatisfaction.

“If you really can’t get up, it means that you don’t have this fate, so Guan will admit it!!”

Su Qing sighed and retracted the hoe.

Self-cut immortal fate, really missed it.


Warriors went to Pigweed to seek immortals and saw farmers dig springs. The peasant handed over tools to ask for help, but the warrior was in a hurry to climb the mountain and refused to ask for help. The peasants said, “It is hard to save because of the fate.”

γ€ŠJiuzhou Zhizhi Pigweed》

(End of this chapter)

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