Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 13


Chapter 13 Humble and insignificant

Guan Zheng had heard the legend of the immortal seed tree, and guessed that digging the spring was a chance . But the pride and dignity of Martial Artist made him unable to accept “two steps are difficult”.

Even if it’s an immortal, it can’t humiliate me!

With righteous indignation, Guan Zheng walked out of the Fuxian Pavilion and took a new step.

Then, silly.

The moment I stepped on the stone steps, everything in front of me changed.

The mountain road is not visible, and Pigweed is not there.

In a vast and boundless dark space, there is no point of focus. He couldn’t even tell whether he was standing or standing upside down, and he completely lost his sense of direction.

He has the consciousness to endure more pain, but he has never thought about this unknown challenge.

“Where is this place? Where am I? Is anyone there?”

Guan Zheng shouted a few times, even more astonished.

He couldn’t hear himself.

“Am I dumb? Where the hell is this? Immortal Monarch…”

Guan Zheng panicked.

Fears like never before poured out.

And then, there is light in front of me. He reappeared in Pigweed, lifted up by the cloud.


Guan Zheng realized the reality and was immediately ashamed.

It’s more difficult than two steps, and one step fails. The previous two thousand steps added up, and this step did not shock him as much.

The owner of Pigweed did not insult him, but he overestimate one’s capabilities and underestimated the road to immortality.

Guan Zheng saw the scholar under the tree and remembered the rumor about the immortal seed tree. The remorse pouring out almost overwhelmed him.

“Master Pigweed is right, the road to cultivation is very different. I was too conceited and missed the opportunity…”

Su Qing looked at Guan Zheng with a remorseful face, The regret in his eyes is also obvious.

β€œWith his temperament and perseverance, Marital Arts Path will definitely not be bad.” Su Qing sighed. “But it’s a pity to miss the people who dug the spring…”

At this time, no one was climbing on the mountain road anymore, and the others flew out one after another before Guan Zheng.

Su Qing is sorry for missing the destined person, I don’t know there is chaos outside.

It has been more than a month since the world outside, during which eleven people who landed on the island returned one after another.

Every time one goes out, it is an uproar.

This is not only a problem of Martial Arts Realm, but also affects the balance of the Six Nations to a certain extent.

No matter how powerful the Innate Realm is, it cannot face the encirclement and suppression of the army. But Primordial Spirit Realm True Qi Body Protection can achieve impervious to sword and spear to a certain extent. Dropping one on the battlefield is enough to affect the outcome of a battle.

After Qi State’s old Court Eunuch went out, the disputed Liang people frowned. After Chu State’s Primordial Spirit Realm went out, Yan Country, who had just fought a battle, was upset. Later, they came out one after another, and the mentality was having ups and downs.

The most beautiful is Wei Country, a total of three people. The already decent national strength, plus three Primordial Spirit Realms, made Old General Wang extremely happy.

Qingguo is the most unhappy, only one person. Although other countries also have one person, but King Hui is equivalent to giving up one place. As the country closest to Pigweed, and also the Alliance Leader country on this trip, there are many things to worry about.

I was even more shocked when Da Dao Guan was going out.

The Primordial Spirit takes a turn! !

Some people saw Guan Zheng suspected of making a turn before, but it was more out of speculation. After confirming it with my own eyes, it is a different feeling.

A Primordial Spirit Realm can win or lose a battle, and a Primordial Spirit can be used as an army in one turn.

In addition to these power shocks, there is another just as crazy.


Not only did King Hui extend his life for 80 years, but others also received similar gifts.

Life extension is not given by immortal, but on the way.

Two thousand steps of the human road, fleshy body and Primordial Spirit are tempered. Martial Arts Realm is just an accessory, the real meaning lies in the root bone.

Old General Wang is over eighty years old, and his body is actually dying. But after leaving Pigweed, it was like recovering one’s youthful vigor. In addition to the appearance of an old man, her skin is softer than that of a little girl.

The Northern Territory Green Island for some time to come is a turbulent one that anyone can foresee.

And Dasaoguanzheng is undoubtedly the biggest storm center.

“I’m not your enemy.” Guan Zheng was used to being the center of attention, but he didn’t like it now. Those eyes are not simply looking up at the powerhouse, but also plot against entanglements of interests and machinations.

“Isn’t it, you can’t be the master.” Old General Wang said. “Leaving Pigweed is the world, there are too many involuntarily in the world.”

“The world…” Guan Zheng felt unhappy for a while, and regretted not picking up his hoe. “Did you really not notice?”

“What did you notice?” asked Old General Wang.

“Heaven.” Guan Zheng looked up at the sky, and the light in his eyes flashed.

Everyone looked up at the same time, all looking blank.

“Forget it, maybe it’s an illusion.” Guan Zheng didn’t say more, but his heart was clear.

“The Primordial Spirit here turns, I’m not the only one. Those guys in the sky may be the legendary Ganzhou Martial Artist. I looked up to you before, but now they are all the same humble and small.”

The step of leaving Fuxian Pavilion made Guan Zheng miss the immortal fate. But also because of that step, the mood has changed a lot.

Since I have seen True Dragon on the sky, how can I look at the snakes and insects in the soil.

“I have something to ask you.” Old General Wang came over and asked: “While climbing the mountain, can the owner of Pigweed sound transmission?”

Guan Zheng raised his brows: “Old General, why? Do you have such a question?”

Old General Wang said sorry: “When the old man was climbing the mountain, the owner of Pigweed seemed to say something. But after leaving Pigweed, he couldn’t remember the specific content. The old man asked other people, Everyone said there was no such thing. So the old man wondered if he had hallucinations.”

“Oh, this…” Guan Zheng was just about to answer, but suddenly froze for a moment. Because he couldn’t recall anything in his mind. But he clearly remembered that the owner of Pigweed had definitely spoken to him.

“Sorry.” Guan Zheng said, “I can’t remember either.”

“What are you two talking about?” King Hui came over. “Wei Country and Yan Country, aren’t they going to join forces.”

“His Royal Highness King Hui is joking…”

Old General responded skillfully, and Guan Zheng walked away.

The temptation to talk with each other did not last long, and the six countries soon reached an agreement to return.

Out of awe for Pigweed, no boat was left. Although there are still many people who are not reconciled, no one dares to disturb the immortal cleaning after this encounter.

No, there are.

The people of the Northern Territory Qingzhou dare not, and the people of the Sanganzhou dare.

Because it’s almost crazy.

I came here to investigate this island, and I didn’t want to use the Martial Artist of Qingzhou. But didn’t expect to wait until the end, waiting for such a result.

A Primordial Spirit Realm came out, unbalanced. Two Primordial Spirit Realms came out and were shocked. Three Primordial Spirit Realms came out, and again shocked. Four Primordial Spirit Realm, another shock. Five Primordial Spirit Realm, six Primordial Spirit Realm…


From Innate breakthrough Primordial Spirit Realm, not for breeding old sows. A few days a few days a day, breeding has not seen such efficiency.

When Guan Zheng came out of Pigweed, no one was numb. A few even couldn’t help but slap themselves, wondering if they had fallen asleep.

“Did you notice just now, Guan Zheng seems to have found us.”

“Nonsense, we are all Primordial Spirits, it is not difficult to avoid the perception of Primordial Spirit Realm . But how can the opponents of the same level not find it.”

“Although it is shocking, it can barely make sense. It has already reached the breakthrough point, or eaten some spiritual grass Spirit Fruit. This mysterious On the island of the latter, the probability of the latter is very high.”

“Breakthrough Primordial Spirit makes sense, but what about Primordial Spirit?”

“Hehe, what can you eat to break through? Liangjing, is there such a thing? If there is, I would also like to try it…”

“Then go up and see, what is this island called?”


“Yes, get on Pigweed!”


Martial Artist is arrogant, he had seen immortals when he was young, and his words and martial arts can reach the sky. Immortals perform wonderful tricks, and only know the great absurdity. Cultivation of mind and enlightenment, eventually become a generation of teachers.

“Qingzhou Jianghu Lu”

I am curious about one thing.

The new book is not recommended, nor is it on the list, where did you find it.

(end of this chapter)

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