Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 14


Chapter 14 so show mercy

Qianzhou Zhong Martial Artist did not plan to land on the island.

The unknown island, mysterious array, has too many potential dangers. They have a bright future and a future, and there is no need to take risks like those Qingzhou native turtles.

But it’s different now.

The turtles just went to the sub-island, and they got up one by one.

The news has been sent back, but the people who stayed are not willing to wait. Since all those Qingzhou people have returned safely, it means that there is no fatal danger on the island.

As for whether or not to arrest people and ask for information, it’s not too late to wait until you can get to the island.

Everyone will lower the flying height, jump off their mounts and ride the waves.

Qingzhou people have shown the right way, and they naturally follow the bottle gourd.

It was just tossing around and not a single one got in.

“Why can’t we get in? Could this Formation limit the cultivation base?”

“It has nothing to do with the cultivation base, it’s just a matter of luck. Don’t forget, those Qingzhou people are no less than thousands , but only eleven went up.”

“In that case, we can only wait for support.”

“You can’t just wait, you have to do something.”

“Yes, try breaking the formation first. It’s just that this formation is unknown, how to start?”

“Break it with strength.”

Qianzhou Martial Artist We don’t want to be so stupid, in fact, there is only one real reason.

Unbalanced mentality.

Looking at the neighbors who used to look down on him rose up, not doing anything is really incomprehensible. The superior mentality of aloof and remote does not allow them to be the same as the Green Island Turtle.

“I’ll come first!”

An azure robed man pulled out his sword and danced the sword light like snow in the air. Finally, it stabbed forward suddenly, and a white rainbow went straight through Pigweed.


The mist billowed around the island, setting off a circle of ripples.

“The Azure Rainbow is shining through the sun, sword qi is in the sky, good Sword Art!”

“It is worthy of being the chief Disciple of Tsing Yi Building, this Azure Rainbow Sword method has already achieved its true meaning… “

Amid the acclaim, a gray-clothed man also shot.

The loudly roared slashed out, the slashes of dozens of meters separated the sea, and the fiercely slashed on the Formation array.

Rumbling sound, huge waves. Going down this blade is comparable to a small tsunami.

“What a profound skill!”

“I heard that each of the thirteen masters of Thirteenwu has their own unique skills, and the Blade Technique of the sixth master has reached the realm of transformation…”

The Martial Artists of Qianzhou are constantly making shots and showcasing Absolute Art without hesitation.

No matter what the Formation is, it is very difficult to be broken by brute force. These experts know this, but they don’t even think about breaking the formation.

I just want to vent my anger in my chest as much as possible before the supporters arrive.

They were having fun outside, but Su Qing inside was a little bored.

“What are these guys trying to do?”

This attack can’t break through the array, and it won’t hurt Pigweed. But it has a certain impact on Spiritual Qi on Pigweed Island.

The effect is almost negligible, like a few grains of dust drifting into a room.

However, Su Qing is obsessed with cleanliness.

And for any cultivator, attacking the dojo is tantamount to declaring war.

“It’s a little impudent.”

Su Qing floated up and returned to the small courtyard on the top of the hill.

Although the injury in Myriad Immortals Array has stabilized, it is not suitable to fight with people for the time being. Some small spells don’t matter much, but attacking spells can affect injuries.

Especially the four suppressed sword qi can be easily awakened by stimulation.

“There is a wicked guest coming from afar, so I can borrow the root and vine to use it.” Su Qing bowed to each other.

Two almond trees gleamed and swayed in response. Scholar seemed to be affected by the light, so he adjusted his sitting position without taking his eyes off the book.

Su Qing raised his hand and pinched a law.

The surface of the apricot tree glowed with light, like a vein extending into the ground.

A moment later, dozens of thick rhizomes protruded from the soil and staggered out of Pigweed. Like a hungry snake python, looking for prey that can fill its stomach.

The culture technique demonstration by Martial Artists in Qianzhou was lively, and the mounts suddenly became restless.

“What’s wrong?”

whiz whiz whiz…

The Qianzhou Martial Artists were stunned and didn’t realize what was going on. He was stunned to see many ferocious roots protruding from the fog, whistling and sweeping towards them.


The Martial Artists instinctively swung their weapons and slashed at those roots with all their strength.

sword qi, sword gang.

Gold and iron sound, fire star shines.

The root and vine didn’t react at all, and the speed and momentum did not slow down at all. The so-called resistance is not even symbolic.

“What the hell!”

“Save me…,”

In the terrified cries, Martial, who was just too powerful, Artists, even the birds and the people were all tied up.

So simple?

Su Qing was a little surprised.

I thought these people would at least struggle, at least throw a movement method or something. If I knew this was the case, it was superfluous to borrow from spirit root.

“This seat gives you a choice.”

Zhong Lu’s thunderous sound reverberated through the sky, and the roots and vines danced again.

Qianzhou people turned pale in fright.

“This thing can talk?”


Su Qing, who was standing by the tree, had a black line on his face.

In Great Desolate, Heavenspan Cult Lord education for everyone, irrespective of background, but did not accept Disciple. Not even recognizing spirit root avatars, which is really bad.

“Leave your mounts, people can leave safely.”

There is no need to get angry with a group of fools, Su Qing decided to be gentle. Leaving the birds to enrich Pigweed is a good relationship.

Hearing the choice given by Su Qing, people like Qianzhou have big eyes staring at small eyes.

Spirit Beast birds are not common in Qianzhou, even in Seven Major Sects are rare treasures. Besides, Qianzhou is not too far from here, so they can’t swim back after handing over their mounts.

“Dare to ask senior, where are you holy?” Someone asked tentatively.

β€œten breaths.”

A group of little Pekingese who only bark and bark, normal people will not have the will to communicate. Especially since it was overestimated before, Su Qing, who was secretly embarrassed, didn’t want to say more.

“My original intention of the White Crane Gate.” A Taoist priest riding a crane broke the silence and motioned his companions to hand over his mount.

“Senior brother?” The companion was a young Taoist priest, very puzzled.

“The other party is deep and unmeasurable, and it is definitely not a good person.” The Taoist said in a low voice: “It doesn’t matter if I die, but Little Junior Brother, you bear the future of Sect, and you must not make any mistakes. These two The crane is an old crane, so it’s okay to hand it over.”

Su Qing listened, but didn’t mind. Genman swept the two old cranes into the mist, and the two Taoist priests were gently put into the sea.

“Our Sword Mountain Village is also willing.” A woman also said.

β€œJunior Sister!” said the fellow man surprised and angry. “Our bluebirds are not old cranes, they are extremely rare spiritual objects. Besides, these two bluebirds were raised by their father, so how can they be with others.”

“It is precisely because the father raised them by himself. …” The woman winked.

The man suddenly realized, and immediately changed his words: “senior, Sword Mountain Village is willing to hand over two blue birds in exchange for the two of my fellow apprentices to go back.”



Su Qing saw the small movements of the two, but also didn’t care. The root vines roll back to the blue bird, let go of the pair of fellow apprentices.

Others spoke up, but the response was a different one.

“How can I be afraid of threats from people in the Disciple of Tsing Yi Building! If you have the ability, you can kill me!”

“Hahaha, old monster, if you have the ability, you can do it, I am Shisanwu. Which man is afraid of!”

β€œWhether you are a human or a demon, I advise you not to underestimate the Yaoyue Palace…” No fear at all.

Their mounts are not as lavish as Sword Mountain Village and Baihemen, many of them are mounted by several people. Of course, more, or have the confidence to refuse.

If the other party doesn’t speak, there is still some drumming in my heart. But Su Qing opened her mouth to speak, but instead calmed down.

Because as long as they have the ability to think, they absolutely dare not ignore them.

Su Qing is serious.

“Although I haven’t heard of any of them, it seems to have a lot of history.”

Su Qing made a decision with prudence.

“This seat does not like to forge cause and effect with others, but offending Pigweed must not go unpunished. Nian Zai Er is the first offense, and this seat will show mercy.”

“Forgive you, too. Mmmm.”

The vines tightened.

Like a duck strangled by its neck, the air instantly quieted down.

Someone was still clamoring, but was restrained.

Together with people and birds, collective strangulation.

Indestructible Primordial Spirit True Spirit, only kill fleshy body.

How kind.


The tigers are sleeping soundly, the dogs will see each other, and they will go forward in groups and do obscene things. The tiger woke up, slaughtered all the dogs, and abandoned the cliffs and valleys. Zan said, kill without eating, this is the tiger of the Holy Mother.

“A strange smell in the mountains and the wild”

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