Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 15


Chapter 15 is too kind

Su Qing is a little embarrassed.

A group of Peking Ba, who are not even cannon fodder, openly attack the cultivator’s dojo. Change to other Great Desolate Fellow Daoist, and the Primordial Spirit of the other party will be destroyed.

But he only killed fleshy body, he was simply the Great Desolate Holy Mother.

“The disposal is still too kind, if there is a next time, it will be more decisive.”

Su Qing took back the roots and the sea returned to calm. Except for the sound of thumping water, there was peace and tranquility.

The dead can’t rest their eyes, and the living soul flew beyond the heaven.

The four survivors are floating in the sea, their eyes glazed, courage entirely to break. Looking at the corpses falling from the sky was like a nightmare.

Elite disciple of Seven Major Sects, expert of Primordial Spirit. In Saint Continent, there is nothing but a giant amongst men, and there is a presence wherever you go.

Can’t say no one dares provoke, but absolutely few people dare to kill. Not to mention killing them all at once, this is something that a lunatic can’t do.

“Senior brother, you are right.” The young Taoist shivered. “He, he really dares to kill. And… kills so many.”

“I didn’t expect this too…” The older Taoist priest looked terrified. “I just thought there was no need to take too many risks for the two old cranes. But didn’t expect…”

“Junior Sister, I have to thank you for saving my life.” Youth Young Master face deathly pale. “If you hadn’t taken the initiative to hand over the blue bird, my life would be already not in now.”

“No, no…he, he actually dared…how dare he?” The young man is still white, stammering for a long time before saying what he wants to say. “This is tantamount to declaring war with the Seven Major Sects, and tantamount to making an enemy of the entire river and lake!”

The young Taoist couldn’t help but said. “Say show mercy, turn around and kill. Not just a bloodfiend head, but simply a lunatic.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” The older Taoist shivered. “You can’t stay here for a long time, let’s leave soon.”

A few people recovered their strength after this, and they hurriedly boosted their energy, stepping on the water and running towards the distance. Pulling out four long white lines on the sea, it looked like four sea fish being chased from a distance.

Su Qing no longer pays attention to the outside world.

Pigweed is a side World by itself. If those people just now didn’t attack, Su Qing wouldn’t care at all.

even more how, now there are more important things to do.

“Sure enough, it’s not simple, mortals are equipped with this kind of mount. Although there is no Ancient Divine Beast bloodline, they are all born spiritual birds.”

Su Qing couldn’t help but count again. After a while, the chaotic perception of the heavenly secret is still unknown, as if it was blocked by something. This situation is not surprising, turn your attention back to the bird in front of you.

Immortal Crane is a human bird, born with spirituality. These two Immortal Crane are among the well-known figures, almost like fairy birds. The blue bird is not an ordinary bird, the spiritual cave is naturally conceived and born. It is born to raise, the first echelon of the immortal bird reserve.

If it is an ordinary bird, it is impossible to fly in the clouds for so many days.

Completing Pigweed’s biosphere, these are the first occupants. As for those who were strangled outside, they naturally missed Pigweed.

If you don’t have a chance, you can’t force it. Reincarnation is the only way out.

“A bird like this, even if it’s not enlightened, it’s long overdue to be an immortal bird that only flies with the mountains. It’s still a mortal body, which means that it has always been fed and ridden by mortals.”


Su Qing sighed, quite a bit sighed.

“People keep immortal birds as poultry, but I pick up what they don’t want as treasures. I used to pick up rubbish in Great Desolate, but I’m still so poor here.”

After a while, Su Qing pinched a magic trick, and the index finger condensed a ball of brilliance, and placed it on the heads of the two blue birds and the two Immortal Crane.

The four birds were attracted by the environment after they entered the island, and have always had the urge to spread their wings and fly high. It was only because he was afraid of Su Qing’s existence that he reluctantly stayed still.

“Enlightenment, enlightenment.”

As the fairy light escaped, the four birds calmed down.

The eyes that were originally slightly cloudy suddenly became smart. Glancing at Su Qing, at the same time bowing his neck and bowing his head, he clicked three points down.

“Don’t rush to thank you, you guys still have things to do. Although Pigweed is not big, there are four fewer.” Su Qing’s hands changed, and she gathered a pink ball of light, scoring four the body of a bird.

Two birds and two cranes raised their heads and chirped, and they spread their wings and flew. Divide into two teams and hover in the air, hidden in the clouds of Pigweed.

On the surface of the clouds, the mist billowed and the birds chirped incessantly.

“It’s not bad luck, one male and one female.” The old mother’s smile appeared on Su Qing’s face. “It won’t take long for the island to have a baby.”

“Ignoring ethics, Sven sweeps the floor.” Scholar suddenly said.

Su Qing’s expression froze, and he coughed: “The technique of yin and yang is indeed illegal, and I have never used it before. Pigweed is in an emergency, so he makes an exception.”

“Unspoken, Your Majesty.” Scholar turned the scroll in his hand without looking up. “In the story.”



A few days later, somewhere in the sky in the Northern Sea.

Seven birds soared in the air, with a person sitting on each of their backs.

There are scribes who are gentle and elegant, and there are women who are elegant and poised. There are old men in rough clothes, and men in bright blue clothes…

Sword Mountain Village, Shisanwu, Yaoyue Palace, Baihemen, Northern Sea Sword Sect, Huiyan Yidaoliu, Tsing Yi Building. The bearer of the Seven Major Sects, and the nominal ruler of the Land of Sacred Canton.

Most people were silent, only the old man in rough clothes and the azure robed man talked all the way.

“If the old man remembers correctly, the last time the Qijia Association was sixty years ago. At that time, it seemed that the landlord had not yet been born.”

“Yes. Ah, there is no way to do it. There are many excellent youngsters in Tsing Yi Building, unlike Shisanwu only relying on the elderly. In a few years, it will be my disciple to deal with the Boss.”

β€œ he he he , then the old man doesn’t mind continuing to teach the younger generation.”

“If the boss doesn’t have to wait for the future, he can accompany you now.”

“All What time is it, you guys are still fighting here. The situation of Pigweed is unknown now, and I will wait and see to the outside world.”

“I don’t want to, but some people are disrespectful to the old.”

” Don’t stop them, the old man has endured him for a long time…”

The interest entanglement between the Seven Major Sects is open strife and veiled struggle, but most of them can pass on the surface. Only Shisanwu and Tsing Yilou have deep grievances, and many people die every year in the discussions between the two sides. Although others persuaded, the fire medical smell is getting stronger and stronger.

“Enough!” The scribe in white interrupted the quarrel and scolded sullenly:

“The presence of overseas Fukushima is a rare opportunity. Sending various Disciples to experience, I have not thought about it carefully. Now that you know there are treasures on the island, you are still fighting and not repairing. Do you have to wait for more Primordial Spirit from Qingzhou before you know you regret it?”

Although the old man and the man were still glaring at each other, they also stopped at the same time.

“Fortunately, there is Master Xu.” The Taoist relaxed, bitterly said with a smile: “Otherwise, it would be impossible to subdue these two if we were alone.”

“Yes. Yes, yes, I will wait for the owner of Xu Zhuang.” The beautiful woman said with a lovable smile: “If there is danger in a while, the owner of the villa can protect his concubine.”

“Everyone is the Primordial Spirit. Second rank, my strength can’t even make it into the top three. Forget it, I naturally know what you think.” The scribe’s expression was indifferent.

“But as long as Martial Saint is still at Sword Mountain, and as long as the old owner is still alive, you have to endure it. But I can swear to God, there is no selfishness at all. Wait for the end Pigweed If you want to go back and do whatever you want, I will never ask.”

“Okay, Master Xu is refreshing.” The old man laughed. “No matter how big a grudge is, it’s no bigger than Pigweed’s treasure. For your own affairs, go home and solve it behind closed doors.”

azure robed man is also nodded. “The grievances are put aside, and the unanimous agreement is made.”

“Let’s go quickly, I am really worried that the juniors will mess up. In case of breaking the formation indiscriminately and destroying the treasure, the gains will outweigh the losses.”

“Heaven and Earth Treasure are often guarded by Spirit Beasts, and they can take two back to protect the mountain. If they accidentally kill them, it will be reckless waste of natural resources.”

“Ha, old man also I have this intention…”

The seven reached an agreement and continued on their way.

Then, I saw four silhouettes appearing in the sea in the distance, fluttering feebly.

“That… all Sect Masters, those drowning people seem familiar.”

A house with complete furniture and vegetation, Only less lively. To buy four birds, medicine stone to urge them, to Zhuang people. The master said, lewdness is evil, and virtue is ruined.

“Folk Miscellaneous”

(end of this chapter)

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