Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 16


Chapter 16 The Sect Masters who are not difficult to collect corpses

aloof and remote will not take human life seriously. There is another major event to do in this trip, and if you encounter a shipwreck, you can ignore it. Just this time, it’s a little different.

“Why are you?”

“Why did you fall into the sea, where did the crane go?”

Four lucky survivors escaped from Pigweed and ran all the way through the water. Pause for a moment. But even the expert of Primordial Spirit one turn, True Qi will eventually run out. In the end, they could no longer use Qi Yun Gong, and they all fell into the sea.

Although not drowning, embarrassment is embarrassment. The huge pressure in the heart is no less than the physical torture.

Seeing Sect Elder at this moment, I almost cried with excitement.

“Sect master, Disciple is guilty…”

“Master, Disciple is embarrassing for you…”

The four of them don’t have any ink, you say a word In one word, I explain things in bits and pieces. The seven Sect Masters are both shocked and angry, but are more suspicious of the truth.

“Fart, the sixth master’s cultivation base is not bad. Even if the old man makes a move, it is impossible to kill him with one move!”

“Hugh is nonsense, how can my discipline die so easily, he It’s the future of Tsing Yi Building…”

“Everyone don’t be impatient, I think they must have been fascinated by the magic trick. Whether it’s true or false, go to will know when you see it.”

“Yes, take us there quickly.”

“Master, Pigweed is not difficult to find, can you go by yourself…”

“Yes Ah, we…”

“Stop talking nonsense, let’s go together.”

The four unlucky bastards really don’t want to go again, and they are afraid of the nightmare-like place. Just facing seven crazy Sect Masters, they have no room for rejection.

The entire group, fast as lightning, rushed to Pigweed, and immediately found the wrecked Disciple and birds.

Pigweed immortal island is surrounded by clouds and mist, and corpses are floating on the sea. Spiritual Qi floated in Nine Heavens, anger rushing to the heavens.

This is the first time the Seven Sect Masters have encountered a scene that makes them so complicated and tangled.

“Disciple, you died so miserably!!”

“No matter who you are, you are dead! My Thirteenth and 400,000 people are irreconcilable with you! “

“Get out! Give me Disciple’s life!!!”

The Sect Masters were grief-stricken, and some even shouted and yelled, wanting to avenge Disciple.

Su Qing noticed that someone was calling out, and released his consciousness to watch. Seeing the people who were filled with righteous indignation, I was puzzled for a while.

“Great Desolate cultivator fights, fleshy body is destroyed very common. As long as the Primordial Spirit True Spirit is immortal, reincarnation or remodeling is free to choose. After showing mercy, why are these people still so angry?”

In addition to this aspect, there are other doubts.

These people are so weak.

The previous batch equivalent to Foundation Establishment, these are almost considered Golden Core. But it’s only similar in battle strength, there is still no Immortal Spirit Qi, all of them are mortal.

Jingba was just shot to death by a tiger, and a group of corgis came from ao wu ao wu…

“There are not many sections that are as loyal as Section Cult.” Su Qing sighed. “Even if the person who died is not important, you should send the Official Disciple to ask. It’s really impersonal to only send someone to collect the corpse.”

Su Qing didn’t want to make it difficult to collect the corpse, and the Sect Masters started the autopsy.

Influenced by Pigweed Spiritual Qi, the corpse is relatively well preserved. Based on the experience of the Sect Masters, the cause of death was quickly determined.

“The neck bone is crushed, the trachea is broken, and the trachea is broken, and the pure force is strangling.”

“The breath is cut off in an instant, and there is no resistance at all. With their cultivation base, they do not have tens of thousands of pounds of strength. impossible.”

“It is not difficult to judge from the scar, it is a thick rope or something. Ordinary weapon is absolutely impossible, it should be a mechanism.”

“It may also be a defense. The island Spirit Beast, very much like what python did…”

“That, it’s something like a tree root, we’ve all seen it.”

“Little child goes, That’s all Enchantment Technique…”

The Sect Masters know the truth about know yourself and know your enemy, and sort out information through autopsy. After some research and discussion, the mechanism and python occupied the mainstream. As for the testimony stated by the survivors, the Enchantment Technique has always been judged inadmissible.

Su Qing withdrew his consciousness and went to dig the spring with a pickaxe.

It’s not easy to eat at the bottom, so there’s no need to be too hard on others. I don’t have time to listen to their bragging. If I have time, I might as well dig spiritual spring.

Su Qing didn’t want to pay attention to these people, but the seven Sect Masters couldn’t be without a sense of existence.

“Now the enemy’s situation can be determined, either the Spirit Beast python guarding the island, or the warlock, the organ that caught the early bird catches the worm. In addition, this array is a natural array, with a confused mind. mist, never trespass.”

The scribe in white made a final summary and formulated strategies and tactics.

“My scoundrel was quite alert and sent two blue birds in. As long as the enemy can show up, I can work with the blue birds to find a weak spot.”

” The Master Xu, Formation Dao, is far better than me, so you can say what to do.”

“It’s very simple.” The middle aged scholar took out a piccolo, blew a few intermittent whistles, and put it down again. Said: “This thing is in contact with the blue bird, and there will be a response soon. No matter how mysterious the Formation is, it can only block people, but it can’t block the sound.” small eyes.

“It seems that something has changed.” The middle aged scholar’s face was a little blue. “Then it’s up to the seven of us to attack the array and force him to show up.”

The other Sect Masters couldn’t hold back and agreed in unison. There were only four survivors, but they were all frightened.

“Ah, no. We stimulated that monster before we started.”

“Yes, Master! Don’t attack Formation, it’s too dangerous!”

“You guys are so disappointing to me, thankfully I had expectations. If you’re afraid, stay away and take the bodies of the other senior and junior brothers.”

“Also There are those birds… Forget it, I will send you back in several mounts. What you see is really a shame for Baihemen.”

If the four survivors were granted amnesty, they gathered their bodies and quickly avoided them. But he didn’t really escape completely, he just watched the formation from a distance.

They also don’t know why.

Xu is to show their loyalty to sect,Xu thinks there will be something they can do…

bang bang bang!

Seven Sect Masters Each exhibition learns to attack the Pigweed array.

blade light and sword shadows

The number of paths is basically the same as the previous wave, but the formidable power is significantly larger.

At least in the eyes of a few spectators, it was the martial arts of connecting the heavens through the earth. Except for the waves and the radiating energy, the silhouettes of people can hardly be seen.

“Perhaps, we can win…”

There was a little fantasy in the hearts of the four.

“Here again.”

Su Qing, who was shaking his head, had a sore face.

I have the intention to strangle these guys to death, but I feel that it is rare to be so righteous. Besides, in the current situation, it seems that there is no point in killing it.

The Great Sect family is very ruthless, and they don’t care about the death of a few scumbags.

I pressed a batch of Beijing Ba before, and here came a group of corgis. When Corgi is also killed, the next dial might be the sausage.

This batch after batch, when is the head.

“We have to think of another way, so that the next wave will not come directly. No matter if you are an immortal or an immortal, you should have a heart of awe.”

Su Qing thought for a moment, Take a step forward.

I was on Pigweed when I lifted my feet, and I was in the clouds when I landed.

“Someone came out!”

“hmph, I knew it wasn’t some Spirit Beast guarding the mountain, but someone dressed up as God, playing the Devil.”

“Yeah, dressed up as God, playing the Devil, and still flying in the sky.”

“Flying…wait, he’s flying?!”

Seven The big Sect Master noticed Su Qing, the boss staring at each other.


The puppies are devoured by tigers. The dog seeks grievances, and it is also food. The big dog arrives again, and it eats again every week, and the tiger retreats. People ask, why are tigers afraid of dogs? Tiger said, very full, hard to eat.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Miscellaneous Notes》

I am very hungry, so I need all kinds of tickets to satisfy my hunger.

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