Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 17


Chapter 17 is not a person

Su Qing stepped on auspicious clouds and looked down at the world.

The last time I used Immortal Apricot spirit root, I was hurt and didn’t want to fight. But for an opponent of this level, simply is not a fighting method. Even if there are more, it is nothing more than a few strokes.

The seven Sect Masters did not make another move, and their eyes were astonished as if they were ghosts.

That person actually stepped on the cloud and was flying.

Practicing Lightweight Art to the pinnacle will achieve the flying effect in the eyes of the ordinary person. But to say a thousand words and ten thousand, all need a place to borrow. Hovering like a bird or Insect is a completely different concept.

The person in front of him undoubtedly belongs to the latter.

Stand there firmly, as if standing on the ground.

This can’t even be done by the Old Ancestor with the 3rd turn of the Primordial Spirit.

Of course, it may also be the Illusion Technique. But they are all powerhouses of Primordial Spirit’s second turn, and even the third turn of Old Ancestor can’t disturb their minds.

In either case, this person is above the 4th turn.

“We don’t seem to be opponents…”

“Nonsense, the opponent at least turns four Primordial Spirit, which is two realm higher than me.”

“impossible Ah, I haven’t done the fourth round for many years. Since Venerable Linghui passed away 500 years ago, I haven’t done the fourth round again.”

“Those rebels, with such important information, don’t even have it. Listen clearly.”

“It doesn’t matter, what should I do now? If you want to deal with him, unless you ask for the Martial Saint sword…”

The Sect Masters regretted it, and even more so. A little panic.

As long as you make a move, you will know if there is any. Just this one-handed air technique immediately made the seven Sect Masters discover the gap.

Here simply is not an unborn overseas blessed land, but a territory occupied by hidden experts for a long time. Most of the Martial Artists in Qingzhou who went to the island before were directed by this person. It is only because of the decline of Qingzhou Martial Arts that expert is regarded as Divine Immortal.

“Sect Masters, don’t panic.” The white scribe remained calm. “I am Xu Family Old Ancestor, also a Primordial Spirit 4th turn.”


Everyone was surprised and delighted.

“The old manor was a Primordial Spirit rank four more than ten years ago.” The scribe in white was a little proud. “I wanted to spread the word to the world, but the old village owner said it was not necessary, so he kept it a secret.”

“Hahaha, that’s what he said. The old village owner of Sanzhuan has already done it. Continental leader, it doesn’t matter if it’s four turns.”

“But in today’s situation, I don’t have to wait too much.”

“Well, first find out the origin of the other party. …”

The seven Sect Masters were emboldened again and held their heads high.

The scribe in white sent a sound transmission to the four who were watching the formation. “Hurry back and report this matter back to Sword Mountain Villa. If I don’t have any news within three days, I will ask the old villa owner to leave the customs.”

Although I used sound transmission to get into the secrets , but did not deliberately lower his voice, obviously deliberately letting Su Qing hear.

Su Qing did not stop or speak.

Not scared, but thinking.

“It seems that something is wrong.”

I thought I would take action immediately when I showed up, but the more and more these people said, the more strange they were.

There are obviously a group of weak chickens, but they are both the Sect Master and the village owner, as if they have a high status. Although the outer sect can also be explained, the above statement of realm does not make sense.

According to now known information, the so-called Primordial Spirit Realm is the mortal Martial Arts. Although the battle strength can be compared with the entry-level cultivator, it is impossible to realize the longevity.

The 1st turn of Primordial Spirit is equivalent to Foundation Establishment, the 2nd turn of Primordial Spirit is equivalent to Golden Core, and the 3rd turn of Primordial Spirit is equivalent to Nascent Soul. The seven guys in front of him are almost equivalent to seven Golden Core cultivators.

If the so-called Old Ancestor is just three turns of Primordial Spirit, then the gap with the Old Ancestors of Great Desolate is too big.

Take the senior stepping stone Netherworld River Old Ancestor as an example, the nosebleed is more than this level.

“Am I mistaken, their sect is not that strong? This world has nothing to do with Great Desolate?” Su Qing had a somewhat absurd thought.

After crossing to the Great Desolate, I never thought about the second crossing.

Escape from the Great Desolate and come here, only when you enter a Small World. The realm’s fall injury has not recovered, and the horror of the Myriad Immortals Array is vividly remembered. With Saint and Great Firmament in mind, how dare you not walk on thin ice with awe.

But thinking about it now, I had mistakenly thought that Northern Territory Qingzhou was very strong. Later, when the Six Nations Fleet landed on the island to seek immortality, they discovered that there were only a group of real mortals. Although there are many potential stocks, the battle strength is not even Qi Refinement.

Of course, there are other possibilities.

For example, these people are too low-level and have limited understanding, or Saint Continent itself is special. It must be obstructed by heaven, which is a fact after all.

“If it’s too cautious, then it’s a joke.”

Looking at these few, Su Qing hesitated.

immortal deduces past and present lives, just like the cultivation Soul Searching Technique. Saint is only a general trend, and will not spy on people’s hearts and invade privacy. Otherwise, how could the long-eared Dingguang Fairy in the Myriad Immortals Array have the possibility of apostasy.

If you want to find out what’s going on, you can only ask questions, but I feel embarrassed to ask.

Not only Su Qing, but also the seven Sect Masters on the opposite side.

“Aiya, it turns out that this island already has a master.”

“The next time Yan Yidaoliu is the sect master, dare to ask senior…”

Although my family There’s a Primordial Spirit on the 4th turn, but after all a slow remedy does not address the current emergency. If you admit it like this, it will be a bit embarrassing. Then he thought of eliciting the other party’s questions, saying a few scenes and then convincing himself.

So they missed their last chance.

“Without reverence, there is no limit to what you can do. This seat bans you and other cultivation bases. Go to the mortal world and have a good understanding of what a mortal is.”

Su Qing shot.

If you are really weak, it doesn’t matter if you ask or not. If it is not a weak chicken, verify it in the simplest way.

There is no fierce energy, no violent cultivation technique. He just waved his sleeves gently, bringing out a gentle breeze.

Earth Immortal doesn’t have the skills of Universe in the Sleeves, but it’s not difficult to send you thousands of miles.

The Seven Sect Masters did not feel any discomfort, and even felt comfortable for a while, and closed their eyes uncontrollably.

When you open it again, you are already in the wilderness.

“Where is this?”

“Where have we been?”

“Inside Pigweed?”

“The ecstatic Illusion Technique?”

The seven Sect Masters are all stupid.

Even if the other party opens their mouth and eats them, it’s not as scary as the current situation. Because this is beyond common sense knowledge, it is something that cannot be understood at all.

Just as I was about to ask someone to ask, I saw a group of people walking out of the forest on the opposite side.

The clothes were tattered and stained with blood, and he was carrying the same tattered gun. Seeing the seven Sect Masters, green light flashed in his eyes.

“There are fat sheep? Why didn’t you see it just now.”

“It’s okay, it’s not too late to see it now. There’s a woman, she seems pretty.”

“Be quick with your hands and feet, rush up the mountain and talk about it…”

Seeing this group of people approaching with grinning smiles, the faces of the seven Sect Masters turned terribly blue.

“It’s okay to be teased by a hidden expert, a group of bandits dare to be so arrogant.”

“Don’t take action, I will tear them apart!”

“Wait, didn’t you notice what’s wrong? I can’t exercise right now, and I don’t need much strength in my arms.”

“Ah! Me too… Pigweed master took us My martial arts is obsolete?”

“Master Xu, protect your concubine.”

“Who will protect me, hurry up and run.”

After all, the seven Sect Masters are a giant amongst men, each with a keen mind and quick response, turning around and running without the slightest hesitation.

“Run, run hard, that’s the fun.”

The mountain bandits, laughed heartily, started chasing after them.

“How dare you be so impudent, do you know who I am? I am the Palace Lord of the Palace of the Moon, the Palace of the Moon Moon, one of the Saint Continent Seven Major Sects!”

“What money? The Seven Major Sects of the continent? I am the Seven Major Sects of the Northern Territory Qingzhou, have you heard of the robbery?”

“I’m afraid this little lady is not a fool…but it doesn’t matter, the big brother still hurts .”

“These bastards… When I recover my skills, I will smash them to pieces.”

The bandits chased after them excitedly, and the seven Sect Masters fled in anger. While fleeing for his life, the scribe in white caught a key word.

“Northern Territory Green Island? Is this the Northern Territory Green Island…”

The scribe in white realized a terrifying fact.

The other party just waved his sleeves, and even brought them to the Northern Territory Green Island.

“What a terrifying cultivation base to be able to achieve this level. Rank 6? Rank 7? 8… Oops, Disciples shouldn’t be sent back to report.”

White clothes The scribe was shocked and regretful.

“Old Ancestor, never go to Pigweed. That person…may not be a person…”

The stranger does not know the immortal. Pigweed, perverse, bragging about his ancestors. Immortal waved his sleeves and sent it to the corner in an instant. The guests are frightened, people can’t do it, it’s inhuman.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Zhizhi Pigweed》

(End of this chapter)

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