Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 18


Chapter 18 Qianzhou Alliance

bang, bang, bang…

Crouching in a place southeast of Pigweed, Su Qing swung the hoe and smashed it.

Every time the hoe fell, a blue light flashed on the ground. The dull sound was like someone playing a drum underground, and the sea rippled on the edge of the shaking island.

Two Immortal Crane stood aside, chirping from time to time, as if urging something.

“Don’t be in a hurry, just be patient.” Su Qing stopped his hoe. “It is not a matter of time and a half to dig out this spiritual spring. In terms of time other than Pigweed, it will take at least ten years.”

Blessed land reclamation has its own magic truth, destined person Dig out a spiritual spring in just a few taps. It can be replaced by a real immortal like Su Qing, which is more time-consuming and labor-intensive than ordinary people digging a well.

If you swing a hoe, you will only have one hoe, and if you dig a foot, you will only have one foot. When the spring water is dug out, it can be infused with innate liquid.

Hey, xiuβ€”β€”

The two old cranes continued to cry and express their demands.

Immortal Crane, the blue bird, is an enlightened fairy bird, and only the spiritual grass on the island is enough. But only the blue bird has several points of immortal bird aura, and the nature of the two old cranes and beasts is irresistible. Fishing from time to time to satisfy my appetite, but also to spiritual spring to quench my thirst.

“I really can’t do anything against you.” Su Qing decided to propose two fresh water dendrobium, and then took the spirit root apricot leaves and dissolved it in the water. Turned into two balls of water-blue light, flickering into the sky.


Four immortal birds spread their wings at the same time, flying high in the sky, chasing and drinking.

“Although raising birds is a bit of a hassle, it’s always good to have more vitality.”

Su Qing looked up and smiled.

After sending away those people in Qianzhou, it was a bit of free time. As for what this world is like, I have basically never thought about it.

The road to longevity has no years, and it is leisurely and content to be alone. Except for the Sect Lord and the like, few immortals care about their affairs. It is also a common problem for cultivators to deal with it randomly.


Sword Mountain Village, Sangan State.

The front hall of the villa was crowded with more than 100 people. Men and women, fat, thin, old and young, monks, Taoists and laymen, Three Doctrines and Nine Philosophies.

At first glance, it is known that it is a gathering of Jianghu people, discussing a great major event. The overall atmosphere is very depressing, and Pigweed is almost two extremes.

Su Qing just lays down for cultivation, no matter if it’s a little corgi or a big golden retriever next. However, Saint Continent’s Jianghu powerhouses clearly have a stronger sense of urgency.

In a small hall, there are at least 80% people with heads and faces. In particular, the elites of the Seven Major Sects are almost all present.

There are seven chairs in the hall, all empty. There were three turns of Martial Artist talking next to them, but no one dared to sit down.

Under normal circumstances, seven chairs belong to the seven Sect Masters. But today everyone knows that those few will not come.

Because the Sect Master who didn’t come is the reason for the gathering.

“Really missing?”

“Probably, no body was found anyway.”

“In addition to the elite disciple who was lost before, my Sheng Ganzhou is equal to ten years back.”

“Hey, the seven factions suffer, the death of Qianzhou…”

“Old Ancestors to…”

Disciple shouted loudly outside the door, and everyone in the hall fell silent. Then I saw seven old men who filed in from the outside and took their seats on the chairs.

“I’ve seen Old Ancestor!”

Everyone in the hall saluted.

All are influential figures of the previous generation, old monsters that Seven Major Sects did not come out of. The Martial Artists in the hall are all extraordinary, but they are all juniors in front of them.

Especially the old man in white sitting in the main seat.

Lie Sword Mountain Zhuang Lao Zhuang owner, Xu Family Old Ancestor Xu Wansheng.

Prmordial Spirit four turns.

“I’m really happy to hear that the old man has broken through Primordial Spirit 4th turn.”

“It’s been so hard to hide from us all these years.”

” After Master Linghui passed away, there are no four rounds. The old village owner has been Number One Person for five hundred years…”

“Forget about these scenes, why are you here?” The old man in white face sank like water. “There is Person beyond the Person, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven. The Primordial Spirit turns four, and it’s not just an old man.”

Everyone was silent for a while.

Just now I didn’t just shoot flattery, I used this method to relieve stress.

Seven Major Sects elite disciple dies, the Seven Major Sect Masters disappear, the immortal mountain suddenly appeared in the world, the mysterious four-turn powerhouse…

It’s amazing to take out any one of them. major event pieces. Now that it’s all added together, it’s so depressing that I can’t even think about it.

“Master Xu, please forgive me for speaking bluntly.” One person cup one fist in the other hand salutes.

“This kind of thing is not something that people like us can worry about. It’s been a few days, and everyone is suddenly called at this time. There must be a charter, so just tell me what to do.”

“Okay, the old man will not hide it.” Xu Wansheng and the six Old Ancestors exchanged glances, opened the mouth and said: “We have reached an agreement, please use the Martial Saint sword to destroy Pigweed. !”


There was an uproar in the hall.

The reason why Saint Continent is called Saint Continent is because there was a Primordial Spirit in the legend, who was named Martial Saint by the world.

Martial Saint smashing void soars, leaving behind his sword.

In the following history, this sword has appeared many times, and each time it was a bloody storm.

It has been more than 80 years since the last holy sword was born. Among these people present, almost no one has seen his style.

But what surprised everyone the most was not this, but the decision to kill Pigweed.

“Old Master Xu.” Someone couldn’t help but said, “Isn’t it better to get in touch with Primordial Spirit’s four-turn expert first?”

Someone immediately echoed nodded.

The identity and motive of the other party is unknown, only the fourth turn of Primordial Spirit is known. It’s irreconcilable with this monster, even many people in Seven Major Sects are reluctant.

“It is difficult to make this decision, but it has to be done.” Xu Wansheng said solemnly: “Don’t think that I am just revenge. It is the Pigweed master who is a great threat to Saint Continent. The benefits and the benefits, the old man does not say, you should understand.”

β€œWhat the old village owner said is very true, this is not a simple hatred. The Pigweed owner supported Qingzhou, and there were ten Primordial Spirit Realm in three months. , there is one more turn.”

“We can also send young Martial Artists there, and the Qianzhou people are no worse than those Qingzhou people.”

“Bah, why do you need outsiders to be geniuses in Qianzhou? Besides, the other party obviously favors Qingzhou, but is the enemy of Qianzhou. The seven Sect Masters are afraid of bode ill rather than well, and it will be a matter of time before they come to us.”

“Yes, even if he doesn’t come, You can’t let Qingzhou grow bigger. A bunch of ignorant bastards, how can they be on an equal footing with me…”

The peace talk faction and the main war faction were arguing endlessly, and the main war faction clearly had the upper hand.

“Everyone, please listen to the old man.” Seeing that the discussion was almost over, Xu Wansheng spoke again.

“If it’s just Primordial Spirit four turns, it’s okay to talk to him. But the things on Pigweed Island can make Innate into Primordial Spirit, have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly The potential is not trivial. Please ask yourselves, replace it with Sitting on Pigweed, will you be content to stay in a corner?”

These are words to punish the heart, and no one from the Peace Talk Party made a sound.

The people of Jianghu are fighting for one breath, and few are recluses to be hermits. And judging from the style of Pigweed’s owner, killing firmness and wild ambition. To say that he will stay quiet, no one will believe it.

“There is an ancient sword array in Sword Mountain Village, which can kill the enemy thousands of miles away.” Xu Wansheng gave the final weight: “It is difficult to motivate the Formation with the strength of the old man alone. Therefore, I would like to ask all of you to help us to kill the Lord of Pigweed.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s concerns were completely dispelled.

Beyond a thousand li slaying the enemy, don’t be afraid of Primordial Spirit. Even if you can’t kill him, if the opponent calls, he will still be a big man to carry.

“I am willing to obey, and we will kill the Lord of Pigweed together!”

The Martial Arts elites in Qianzhou have reached a final consensus.

The four survivors of Pigweed were also in the lobby, and they didn’t speak from start to finish. Seeing the fighting intent of all the people in the rivers and lakes, the four of them became more and more uneasy.

“You say, can this happen?”

“It’s hard to say, but I know one thing for sure.”

“What? ”

β€œIf it can be done, it’s fine, but if it can’t be done… that’s the real tragedy of Qianzhou.”


Haisheng evil monster, fearing disaster for the common people, the seven martial arts are far from being executed without success. The righteous way will join the alliance, push Xu Zu as the main, take the Holy Weapon, and re-execute him.

“Qianzhou Chronicle”

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