Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 19


Chapter 19 There is a sword coming from afar

A consensus was reached after negotiation, Xu Wansheng brought a group of Martial Artists, grandiose’s Come to the mountainside.

There is a large open space on the mountainside of Sword Mountain Village, and there is a large ancient formation. The formation diagram is constructed with boulders and gold and wood, full of traces of history. In the middle is a white jade altar, and a heat wave air column runs straight through Heaven and Earth from the center.

Everyone was instantly attracted by the big formation, especially the red air column.

Someone couldn’t help but sigh: “I heard that Sword Mountain Villa is located where the earth fire is located, and the scarlet air column can be seen in the distance. But I never thought that it was an ancient The formation eye of formation.”

Xu Wansheng said: “This place is originally a forbidden area of the mountain, even the Disciple in the village cannot set foot on it. But since then, for the stability of the world, the old man must not make an exception.”

“Old Zhuang is righteous!”

“I will do my best.”

“You don’t need to do anything, just provide True Qi.” Xu Wansheng After explaining two sentences, he flew to the top of the altar.

The six Primordial Spirit three-turn Old Ancestors stood in six positions on the edge of the altar, and instructed others to take their positions according to the Formation.

Xu Wansheng and everyone else stood up and walked to the center of the altar.

Unable to be seen by those below, there is a stone well in the middle of the altar. The crimson air column that shot into the sky was shot from Ishii.

There is a table beside Ishii with an ancient sword on it.

The ancient sword is buzzing, the cold light is eye-catching, will know when you see it’s not Mortal Grade.

Saint Continent’s treasure, the Martial Saint sword.

However, Xu Wansheng’s attention was not on the sword, but cautiously observing the inside of the stone well.

Although there is a fiery Stanley shooting out, it does not affect vision. Under the red glow, Ishii was bottomless. In the lower position, there seems to be more flames surging.

“That eye hasn’t reappeared for ten years, and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to borrow fire at this time…”

Xu Wansheng was obviously familiar with Ishii, but in his eyes But there is fear. It seems that there is something terrifying below that will rush out at any time.

“This kind of opportunity is hard to come by in a thousand years, and we have to fight again to take risks.” A flash of determination flashed in Xu Wansheng’s eyes.

“I took the power of this earth fire to break through four turns, but my body… The Pigweed master broke through four turns, and there must be a Spirit Fruit that can heal me on the island. No matter what the cost, I will kill the Pigweed Lord and take the Treasure Island back!”

Xu Wansheng bowed three times to Ishii, grabbed the ancient sword and stabbed into Stanley.


In just an instant, the ancient sword turned red.

Xu Wansheng hurriedly raised his hand and threw it up, using True Qi to push it up slowly.


With Xu Wansheng’s loud roar, the entire ancient formation lit up with dazzling brilliance. Everyone felt their bodies together, and True Qi was drawn out uncontrollably.

All True Qi was introduced into the altar and turned into another energy. That energy made the altar emit milky white rays of light, which were injected into the crimson ancient sword.

“With my god, the spirit of the sword.”

Xu Wansheng sat cross-legged, and a trace of divine consciousness escaped into the ancient sword.


The ancient sword beeped and shot into the sky instantly.

Under the gaze of all the Martial Artists in Qianzhou, they flew towards Pigweed with a rising cloud of flames.

At the same time, Su Qing in Pigweed looked up in surprise.

β€œExtreme Yang True Fire?!!”

Because Myriad Immortals Array was injured, not only fell two great realm, but also affected the perception of heaven. Since settling down in Pigweed, it has always been troublesome to notice.

It was the first time that I felt so clear.

“How could it be Extreme Yang True Fire?!” Su Qing couldn’t believe it.

Innate True Fire by Great Desolate, Extreme Yang True Fire Ranked First. Even the Great Firmament Golden Immortal dare not be careless in the face of this fire.

But it’s not the most terrifying, the one who terrifies is the one with this True Fire.

The world is full of paddling, paddling, paddling and paddling, only those three-legged guys have this stuff.

Three-legged Golden Crow.

“The previous guess is not wrong.” Su Qing sighed. “This world is indeed related to the Great Desolate, but didn’t expect Saint Continent to be related to the Monster Race. The Great Desolate Monster Race is famous for discriminating against the Human Race, and why… that’s all, it doesn’t matter.”

Su Qing flew up on the clouds, looking down at Pigweed.

The soaring fairy birds, the Immortal Apricot spirit root at the top, the scholar reading under the tree…

“Come and come.”

Su Qing flew away from Pigweed, hundreds of miles away in an instant.

“The Great Desolate Monster Race has long since fallen, and it’s a blessing to be able to experience it here.”

Su Qing is well aware of the gap in strength.

Those crows playing Extreme Yang True Fire are not something that little Earth Immortal can provoke. Even when it is the True Immortal Realm of peak state, people will clean up their feathers.

Pigweed is too vulnerable in the face of this existence.

“If you can’t survive, there is no need for someone to be buried with you. If you really die today, just leave Pigweed as a memory.”

Su Qing pinched the secret art, The waves of the sea subside. After two breaths, it was as calm as a mirror. An energy that looks like light but not light, like fog but not fog, slowly drums on the sea.

As if something is brewing, something will come out.

Soldiers come to block, fire to flood. Against Extreme Yang True Fire, only by the power of the sea.

Under Su Qing’s calm gaze, the end of the sky was gradually shrouded in red. An ancient sword with raging flames appeared in sight.

“That’s the Lord of Pigweed?” Xu Wansheng saw a silhouette vaguely in the sword.

The long gown star crown stands in the cloud, divide poise and sagelike features to cover the sea. The real face can’t tell the difference, and the eyes are faintly penetrating into Nine Heavens.

“Hi… this person is definitely not a Primordial Spirit 4th rank…”

Xu Wansheng came to a judgment in an instant, and he felt a little remorse in his heart. Especially seeing the mirror-like sea, soul flew beyond the heaven in an instant.

What a cultivation base it would be to be able to control the sea. Does such a powerhouse really exist in the world?

“How could it be Flying Sword?”

Xu Wansheng was terrified, Su Qing was stunned.

It’s not that Monster Race doesn’t play swords, it’s that swords shouldn’t be here.

Extreme Yang True Fire itself has infinite formidable power, and it is quite different from Flying Sword. Not to mention reducing the formidable power, it is even more suspected of killing.

In Su Qing’s body, there is a more fierce sword.

Four sword qi.

The four sword qi from the Myriad Immortals Array.

“If that’s the case, it’ll save your energy.” Su Qing withdrew his mana and turned to release the restraint in his body. “Just, it might hurt a little.”

The sea began to undulate again, and the energy floating on the surface dissipated.

Xu Wan grew relaxed and looked at Su Qing’s silhouette with gratitude.

“Fortunately, the senior didn’t care. In this case, he should be ready to show mercy.”

Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai Yingying is shining, sword shadow under the fairy tree projection keep struggling.

They can’t be counted as being suppressed, but are kept alive by the spirit root. Soothe them in a very gentle way.

But now, it’s being provoked.

An alien sword pointed at them.

How dare you!


As the flame ancient sword approached, the four sword shadows became more and more violent.

The sword qi on the body surface leaked out, Su Qing was in great pain.

“I don’t want to fight with self-harm, but since you are out of swords, this seat will welcome them with swords… go.”

Sword qi finally broke free from the shackles, and from Su Qing The body flew out.

Only one.

The sky and the earth instantly became dim, and the violent sword intent seemed to come from ancient times. Everything in the world is gone, only the extremely terrifying sword qi.

Slaughter, death, annihilation…

“This?” Xu Wansheng turned pale in fright.

Abandoning that terrifying energy turned out to be a sword.

He couldn’t judge how strong this sword qi was, because this sword was beyond his cognition.

A stone was lost and a mountain came back.

“As for what?” Xu Wansheng wanted to cry inexplicably.

sword qi touches ancient sword.

Like a Flood Dragon, plunge into flames.



The ancient sword is cracked.

Then it shattered and scattered like pieces of paper.

As for the terrifying Extreme Yang True Fire, there is no collision of heaven shaking and earth shattering, just like a drop of water thrown into the sea, instantly disappeared without a trace.

It’s not sword fighting, it’s annihilation.

Break apart before touching it.

On the opposite side is the king.

The sword has a spirit, and I dare not fight.

Only to die.


There is a sword from outside the sky, the red clouds are thousands of miles away, and the momentum is majestic. The Lord of Pigweed laughed and said, Little Gil. Flick off, no dust.

“Pigweed of Jiuzhou Zhizhi”

It is rare for the protagonist to have a serious fight, please ask for something.

For example, tickets.

(End of this chapter)

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