Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Are you a fairy?

I don’t know who stammered out in surprise, the people on the boat seemed to be ordered to rush towards the island shuaa~. Some people can’t even wait for the springboard to jump on the beach.

No one asks stupid questions like true or false, after all, this is what everyone sees with their own eyes.

The island that fell from the sky in the wind and rain, what else could it be if it was not an immortal island?

Excited people quickly noticed Su Qing.

“Huh? Is there someone there?”

“Does anyone know, unlike the boat…”

People gathered together.

“Where did you come from? Did the boat capsize?”

A young man with ragged clothes, the standard form of a victim.

“Is it a disaster?” Su Qing looked around the crowd and asked, “I can’t move now, can you please help me and carry me to that mountain?”

Everyone felt that there was some unfathomable mystery, and the mountains in the distance were collectively speechless.

Su Qing said again: “Those who help me can bear a share of cause and effect.”

Everyone looked at each other and started talking.

“What is the cause and effect? What does it mean to give money?”

“It’s not a matter of more money and less money for such a high mountain. It’s very tiring to climb up, and even more Don’t say backing people.”

“Young man, listen to my advice, you should rest here. There is water here, take a sip.”

“This cake is for you, Eat a mouthful and pamper your stomach…”

“I guess I’m confused, I’m already like this, I’m still thinking about climbing some mountains, and there’s no baby on it.”

“That’s right, the picture What…”

The chatter gradually stopped, and light flashed in everyone’s eyes.

This youngster went to the island before them, maybe they found something. There must be a baby on that mountain!

I don’t know who moved first, and a group of people rushed out.

There was only a middle-aged scholar and a boy of five or six years old, who stopped in place and did not move.

“Big Brother, do you want to go up the mountain?”

“Yes, I want to go up the mountain.” Su Qing asked. “You want to help me?”

“Yes, but I’m too weak to carry you.” The boy was arrogant. “My father is very strong, I asked him to carry you on your back…”

Before the words were finished, a mother and son ran over.

“You said you, the father doesn’t know what to do if he takes a child and gets tricked.”

“Mother, you said to watch the child, let me hurry up Go…”

“Will you talk back? Take the child away.”

The old lady complained about her son and gave Su Qing a warning look. The son was full of grievances, picked up the child and walked away directly.

The middle-aged scholar helped Su Qing to get up when the three generations of grandparents were gone.

β€œmany thanks brother.” Su Qing thanks.

“It’s okay, Shun Luer.” The scholar looked like he was in his thirties, with no expression on his face.

β€œYou also believe that there are treasures on the mountain?” Su Qing asked.

“Even if you have 10,000 taels of gold, it’s not as fun as a day’s reading.” The scholar carried Su Qing up on his back: “The wind and waves were too strong just now, and the book box fell into the sea. I want to look for it, there is something you can see on the top of the mountain. Farther away.”

“You’re an interesting person.” Su Qing smiled.

“Don’t talk, it’s hard.” The scholar walked up the mountain with Su Qing on his back.

The scholar is thin, but has some strength. Carrying people behind his back, he still walks slowly, and gradually catches up with the previous person.

The mountain on the island is just formed, and there is no serious mountain road. Although it is not steep, it is a bit strenuous to climb up. People with little mountain climbing experience are quickly left behind.

“Take a break when you’re tired.” Su Qing felt the scholar’s clothes soaked with sweat.

“If the bookbox is washed away by the sea, it will be difficult to find it.” The scholar gasping for breath did not stop, but quickened his pace. “You don’t weigh more than half of the bookcase.”

Su Qing stopped talking and understood the source of the scholar’s physical strength.

However, no matter how much stamina, it will eventually run out. When climbing to the 2/3/2022 position, the scholar obviously lost his strength. One didn’t stand still and fell with Su Qing.

If they fell to the ground like this, they would have to roll down the mountain.

At the critical moment, one hand supported Su Qing, and the scholar was able to stabilize his feet.

“I can’t stand it anymore.” It was a big man dressed as a businessman who grabbed Su Qing onto his back. “I’ll come.”

The scholar really lost his strength, gasping for breath to let go of Su Qing.

Su Qing asked: “How much do you want?”

“Hugh is talking nonsense.” The businessman’s face turned red. “I was in the rivers and lakes before I started in business. How can I be compared by a scholar. If I talk about the reward, believing or not throwing you down the mountain.”

With the help of the businessman, Su Qing climbed to the top of the mountain. to the top of the mountain.

A group of people have come up from the top of the mountain, looking for the baby.

Su Qing asked the merchant to put him on and off the ground, and chose a location to dig the ground. The arm still had no strength, and only a layer of floating soil was removed after a few digs.

“What do you do?” the businessman asked curiously. “Baby is in the soil?”

“Dig a hole and plant a tree.” Su Qing gestured with an apricot kernel.

“You’re sick.” The businessman regretted helping.

Other people rolled their eyes, feeling that the big guy was being tricked.

He’s a lunatic, or he’s a jerk. With two almond pits in hand, climb up the hill to plant a tree.

The middle-aged scholar builds a pergola all around to look around, the waves are rippling and the seascape is vast. But the bookcase he was looking for did not see half a shadow.

Glancing at Su Qing, he silently came to help.

β€œWhat are you doing?” Su Qing was surprised.

“I can’t find the bookcase.” The scholar was still dumbfounded. “But since you’re here, you have to do something. If you want to plant a tree, you can help you.”

“so that’s how it is.” Su Qing retracted her hand, a look of expression on her face. Share a smile. “My karma, your karma.”

“Big Brother.” The little boy I met at the foot of the mountain also went up the mountain and ran over excitedly. “I saw someone helped you, so it’s fun to climb up.”

Su Qing glanced at the little boy and said, “You want to help me down the mountain, but you don’t have the strength. Now I want to plant Tree, can you help dig the pit?”

“Okay!” the little boy agreed.

The boy, apparently experienced in digging, found a flat, angular stone. Although the strength is smaller, the efficiency is comparable to that of the scholar.

The middle-aged scholar and the boy were busy, and soon dug two small holes.

Su Qing held the apricot kernel in his hand and motioned for the two to help plant it.

The scholar took one, but the old lady dragged the boy away when he stretched out his hand.

“Run around when you can’t see for a while, be careful of being kidnapped. These two people are crazy, don’t come closer…”

Su Qing didn’t say anything, just Showing some regret.

The scholar helped to bury the two apricot kernels, and Su Qing took out the small bottle gourd and prepared to water it. The scholar wanted to continue to help, but was stopped by Su Qing raising his hand.

“There are only these things, and more is the cause and effect. Just water it, you can’t stand it.”

Su Qing did not explain much, but poured out two drops of innate liquid.

Everyone’s eyes are instantly attracted.

It looks like just two drops of water, but it feels especially tempting. It was an indescribable beauty that one couldn’t take their eyes off of. When the water fell into the soil, a sense of regret was born invariably.

But soon, it was overshadowed by other emotions.

In the soil, the seedlings emerged.


“How is this possible?”

They all regard Su Qing as a lunatic, didn’t expect to grow something, let alone Said that the seedlings appeared so quickly.

People quickly discovered that it was a little early to be surprised.

The two green seedlings unearthed trembled and grew taller at a speed visible to naked eyes.

A sturdy trunk, branches and forks, and leaves grow…

In a few breaths, two unremarkable apricot kernels turn into two towering trees .

The tree is dozens of feet high, and the canopy covers the top of the mountain. The little splendor flashes among the branches and leaves, I don’t know if it is the sunshine, or the rays of light of the tree itself.

The barren hills are green, spreading in all directions with the big tree as the center.

The mountains are green and the fragrance of flowers is everywhere.

A courtyard rises from the tree.

An antique, quiet and elegant house, with a courtyard wall born from the ground. White stone steps appeared on the mountain road I had just walked. Like invisible craftsmen building, the first rank is paved to the bottom of the mountain.

Su Qing almost fell down where she was being supported, and a pavilion appeared where she could rest her feet.

An ancient seal on the plaque, Fuxian Pavilion.

The stone steps continue to extend to the bottom of the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, the stone tablet fell to the ground.

Dan Book, Pigweed.

Those who have seen the mountain fall during the storm thought nothing would surprise them. But the scene in front of him refreshed his cognition once again.

Thanks to the previous experience, everyone recovered much faster this time.

Everyone’s eyes are focused on one person.

Insanity, excitement, awe, longing in the eyes…

“You…are a fairy?”

Pigweed has Immortals, it is difficult for people to reach them, but if they reach the fruit of immortals, they can be sought.

“Jiuzhou Zhizhi Pigweed”, Vol.

(End of this chapter)

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