Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 20


Chapter 20 My sword is going from afar

Su Qing reached out to catch the debris before it fell.

“Extreme Yang True Fire’s true meaning is the same…but why is it so weak…”

Su Qing checked it carefully and gradually discovered the problem.

Swords are Heavenly Tribulation scraps, not real fairy weapons. Although there is a bit of aura, but in fact it is still iron.

The Spiritual Qi remaining on the shard is not normal. Although it can control the sword, it is mixed and not pure. It’s not like Spiritual Qi from cultivator, but a mix-up from Spirit Gathering Array.

“Is there true meaning but no substance, just set the sword on the fire?” Su Qing looked strange. “Am I too ignorant? When did I have this usage.”

Although this will have the temperature and breath of fire, it is as different as heaven and earth from truly carrying True Fire.

One more thing, there’s a dead air on the True Fire.

Not a fusion of the Great Dao Law, but some kind of accidental change.

For example, death.

“The embers on the Golden Crow’s body?”

Thinking about it is the only possibility, but it seems to be the most impossible reason.

“It seems that Saint Continent has to go there after all.”

Extreme Yang True Fire is false, but the true meaning cannot be false. In the land of Saint Continent, there must be a real Innate True Fire.

Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai 1st floor Jiugong, Southern Vermillion Bird needs Innate True Fire to hatch. Now that we have the information on Innate True Fire, we have to go through it no matter what.

Of course, not now.

Before the injury recovered, he moved the sword qi in his body again. After a period of time, to rest as much as possible.

Just before training, there are still things to do.

“Anyway, it’s already moving, so move more.” Su Qing looked towards the direction of the sword. “No matter who makes a sword, it’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives.”

The sword qi who had just finished strangling seemed to understand, and whimpered in the air with unbearable excitement.

Great Desolate A fierce sword that wants to drink blood.

Which four swords came out of these four sword qi, Su Qing has not dared to think about it until now.

You need to know Saint for a single thought, and you can gain insight into Myriad Realms. If it is really related to those four guys, any attempt to explore may be detected.

However, borrowed.

“Lingtai hides the sword, the universe is reversed. You use the True Fire to quench the sword, and this seat will return it with the sword that has been wounded…” Su Qing pointed out the method, combed the sword qi, pointed out the long sky.


Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai shines, and Zhonggong shines even more. Sword qi whistled and hovered in the air, turning into a chaotic giant dragon surrounded by thunder and lightning, and sank into the end of the sky.

Saint Continent, Lie Sword Mountain Estate mountainside.

array On the altar of the censor, Xu Wansheng just spits out mouthful of blood.

“Who the hell is that person…”

Xu Wansheng coursed entirely to break, and was shocked beyond words.

He was lucky.

Because he didn’t dare to fight, the holy sword had a spirit, it shattered on its own, and his consciousness was preserved.

But he was also unfortunate.

Because of provoking a terrifying existence, it is enough to bring havoc to Saint Continent.

That’s the Martial Saint sword!

There is no stronghold one cannot overcome. In the history of Saint Continent, there is nothing that it cannot cut.

But just now, I would rather annihilate myself than dare to compete with the opponent.

And the earth fire, which can burn everything, is extinguished like a candle blown by the wind.

How terrifying that earth fire is, only the people from Sword Mountain Village know.

I don’t know how many experts want to explore, but will burn to ashes with just the slightest touch. From time to time, a dead eye will appear, and it will be ashes at a glance.

The origin of Sword Mountain Village is these two distinct things.

And today.

The sword is destroyed, the fire is extinguished.

It was almost a blow that gathered all the strength of Saint Continent, and the opponent raised his hand into ashes.

“I was wrong, very wrong!” Xu Wansheng regretted it and was afraid.

No matter what realm the other party is, it is not something he can provoke.

Lord of Pigweed, do not commit.

“No, I have to get out of here.”

Under the extreme fear, Xu Wansheng was sober like never before.

He can throw a sword at the opponent, and the opponent can naturally counterattack. He didn’t think that by terrifying existence in that way, he would easily let go of those who had offended him.

“Master Xu, go ahead!”

A voice suddenly came from under the altar, and then there were many eyes that were almost frenzied.

“Oops!” Xu Wansheng was shocked and forgot about these people.

Using Formation to gather Qi and leverage, the role of these people was originally to provide True Qi. But because Martial Saint’s sword self-destructed, his consciousness escaped in time, and True Qi, who gathered to convert, lost his target and reacted with the formation eye.

Inside the formation eye, is the earth fire.

These formations must have been tempted by earth fire.

“Don’t stay here for long, leave quickly!” Xu Wansheng shouted loudly.

“Hahaha, Master Xu, you can’t abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal.”

“No wonder you can break through Primordial Spirit 4th turn, it turns out that the secret lies in this great formation. Come on.”

“Old mansion owner, don’t hide your secrets. If we all break through, it will be a blessing for Qianzhou.”

“The Great Mountain Formation of Sword Mountain Village , to be able to increase the cultivation base. Such a big secret is only known today…”

The Martial Artists around the altar were all covered by red glow at the moment. All, including the six Primordial Spirit three-turn Old Ancestors, showed signs of breaking through.

I can’t call it irrational, but no one can keep calm.

Especially the six-bit three-turn Old Ancestor, his eyes were all red.

“It’s not what you think…” Xu Wansheng is indeed selfish, and the secret of Sword Mountain Village has been hidden for many years. But Heaven and Earth has a conscience, and now he really wants to save these people in front of him.

“earth fire does help realm breakthrough, but the price is not what you can imagine. Trust me, leave now, and old man will explain clearly in the future!”

Xu Wansheng was so anxious, But which of the Martial Artists is willing to listen.

Just when the two sides were at a standstill, a dragon roar suddenly came from the horizon.

The strong wind blows down, and Xu Wansheng’s clothes crack.

A blood-red skeleton.

The body under the shirt is completely invisible. There is only one reddish bone and blood vessels attached to it.

This is the price of his Primordial Spirit four turns, the last secret he wants to be known.

The body of the living dead.

But at this moment, no one cares. Including Xu Wansheng himself, all looked up at the sky.

A thousand zhang giant, wrapped in thunder and lightning, twisted its body from the sky.


Someone murmured, and then saw the dragon change.

The dragon body spreads out in the air, turning into countless lights and shadows.

Not a dragon, but a sword.

In every shadow, there is a sword floating.

Then the sword fell.

whiz whiz whiz β€”β€”

Simple and unpretentious sword qi, like rain falling.

Puncture every leaf, severing ridges and eaves. The top of the mountain is lowered one foot, and the earth is depressed one by one.

Sword qi is covered.

There is nothing wrong with it, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Even a speck of dust in the air was cut open without any suspense.

In the blink of an eye, the famous Sword Mountain Village, connected with a group of experts standing at the apex of Saint Continent, turned into clouds in the sword qi hiding the sky and covering the earth.

A dozen or more li stood four silhouettes, staring at all this in horror.

The lucky ones who survived Pigweed, this time.

“Senior brother, you saved me again.”

“If you didn’t save others, you shouldn’t be an enemy of the Lord of Pigweed.”

“We persuaded us, but no one listened.”

“Hehe, say we are cowards, cowards…don’t take revenge on teachers and leaders, and don’t ask about the grief of Qianzhou.”

“Dry The tragedy of the continent… After today, the real tragedy of Qianzhou…”

One day, the heroes gathered in the villa to celebrate the feast of the rivers and lakes. Suddenly a star came from the sky and fell into the village. mountains burst and ground split, Qunhao lost his life. Weeping and saying, disaster and good fortune in the near future, unforeseen events in the sky, and the disaster of Qianzhou.

γ€ŠJianzhou Jianghu Chronicle》

Which one said that the protagonist is counseling<(οΏ£οΈΆοΏ£)>

(End of this chapter)

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