Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 21


Chapter 21 Thirty Three Heavens

The world, thirty three years later.

Southeast of Pigweed.

The spring is gurgling and the creek is gurgling.

There was a big rock by the stream, Su Qing sat cross-legged.

The fairy light flows, and the essence gathers on the top. With the ups and downs of breathing, a trace of gray mist drifted away.


Su Qing let out a breath of fresh air and opened his eyes.

“The price of borrowing a sword is still bearable.”

That day, when I returned a sword to the other party, I was mentally prepared. But when sword qi turned around, he wasn’t as seriously injured as he imagined. It’s just been raised for more than 30 days, and it doesn’t matter.

It’s just two hours a day to adjust the breath, what to do at other times or what to do. The spiritual spring, which has been dug for a long time, also came out ten days ago.

The last drop of Renshui has been used up, and the spring water has been successfully infused. Although it is not as good as the real Innate water, the aura in the water is barely up to the mark. After the nourishment of spiritual spring water, the vegetation on the island ushered in a new wave of growth.

The green grass becomes more and more dense, and some exotic flowers grow in small groups in remote places. Many new trees have also grown, making Pigweed more colorful.


The grass trembled suddenly, and a small green snake sprang out. The speed was as fast as a gust of wind and lightning, and he rolled up Su Qing’s wrist in a swish.

“You bastard.” Su Qing didn’t panic, but looked helpless. “Could it be that the theft was discovered again, came to me to hide?”

The small snake’s scales were green and glowing, and he rubbed his head back and forth on the back of his hand. There is grievance in the humanized eyes, as if to please and coquettish.

Since the spiritual spring has been successfully excavated, it is natural to hatch Hong’s snake egg. In the end, the trace of Azure Dragon bloodline was successfully activated, and this little snake was hatched.

It’s just that this little fellow is really naughty, and the past few days have caused trouble on the island.

β€œxiu… ”

The Immortal Crane couple chased after a few birdsong. Murderous aura in his eyes, looking desperate at any time.

“Take it out.” Su Qing said to the little snake.

The little snake spit out its core, as if reluctantly. But he still twisted his body into the grass and arched an egg out.

One Immortal Crane stepped forward and bit the egg, while the other was still staring at the snake. He flicked his neck and tried to peck, obviously not wanting to let go of the brat snake so easily.

β€œIt will be punished.” Su Qing said to Immortal Crane. “You don’t need to be too angry, it’s just playful and won’t really eat it. Since it’s still young, let’s forget it this time.”

Su Qing cast a spell of Quercus water and attracted two more. Green leaves. It turned into a cloud of green water and floated in front of Immortal Crane.

The two Immortal Crane xiu xiu tweeted twice and left with the eggs and water balls in their mouths.

“These two old guys.” Su Qing shook the head.

The bird population expansion program is progressing well, with both the Immortal Crane and the Bluebird laying more than a dozen eggs. The little snake is very interested in those eggs and tries to steal them from time to time.

But if Blue Bird and Immortal Crane are serious, the little snake is simply impossible to steal.

The potential of the little snake is higher than that of a few fairy birds, but at this stage it is completely like a snack. The blue bird has never been successfully stolen, and the little snake is thrown into the sea every time.

But Immortal Crane is different, stolen every day. Su Qing has every reason to suspect that the two gluttonous old people are deliberately fishing and cheating spirit tea from Su Qing.


The little snake looked at Su Qing to spit out the core and made a drinking gesture, as if he also wanted spirit tea.

“Don’t think about it, you need to be punished first if you make a mistake.” Su Qing said with a sullen face: “Go to scholar’s place and listen to him read the scriptures for two hours.”

Whoosh Suddenly, the little snake turned its head and ran into the grass.

Su Qing stretched out the hand to grab the snake’s tail and cast a spell into the cage. Under its desperate struggle, it fluttered to the apricot tree.

“I hope this little fellow grows up soon, otherwise he might be eaten one day.” After packing up the worry-free brat, Su Qing closed his eyes and entered the Sea of Consciousness.

Nine Reasons Good Fortune The Nine Reasons Good Fortune on the first floor of Sendai has now lit up the fourth.

In addition to the Central Palace and the Western Dui Palace, there are also the Southeast Sunda Palace and the Eastern Zhen Palace.

There is a spiritual spring projection in the southeast of the Sunda Palace, and the flowing water is pleasing to the heart. The Eastern Zhen Palace showed a dragon shadow, but it was thin and outrageous. Relative to the clarity of Sungu, it was almost as if it didn’t exist.

The tiger shadow in the Western Duigong is more obvious than before, and the area covered by white hair is more and more. Nearly one-tenth of the part has been covered with white fur.

However, the clearest and most stable one is, of course, the Immortal Apricot spirit root.

The Immortal Apricot spirit root is growing stronger and stronger, and it gives people a sense of solidity when standing there.

But what Su Qing cared about most at this time was not Sendai itself, but the four sword shadows hanging under the tree shadows.

The sword shadow has changed since the last sword.

No longer a completely illusory shadow, but a substantive texture. Although the texture of the sword body is relatively light, it already has an outline.

Especially one of the handles has a very clear edge profile.

Su Qing thought for a while, then opened his eyes to look at Immortal Apricot.

“Apricot sword shadow, borrow one to prove it.”


The Immortal Apricot spirit root swayed its branches, and a branch broke off and flew away, falling directly in front of Su Qing.

“many thanks.” Su Qing nodded slightly, holding the branch in his hand. Fingering micro-knife, finely cut and carved.

Flakes of sawdust fell, and a wooden sword appeared. Looking at its appearance, it is very similar to the sword shadow under the Nakamiya tree.

After the shape came out, I started to carve more details. Attach the hilt to the green leaf package, and repair the blade blood groove on the blade. The movement was much slower than before, and it seemed a little laborious.

At the same time, the sky appeared strange.

In the sky of Pigweed, where the wind and rain are not seen in the four seasons, there are actually black thunderclouds.

The clouds are dark and contain lightning. The dull rumbling sound startled all beings on the island.

Blue birds guard their nests, and Immortal Crane looks up at the sky. Under the Immortal Apricot tree, scholar is still reading, and the little snake has no love in the cage.

After Su Qing finished carving the last stroke, the wooden sword slowly floated up.

The sky rumbled and three lightning bolts fell.

In the first pass, the thunderbolt exploded into flames.

second , the scorch marks of the lightning snake appear.

third, cut off the thunder.

After the three passages, the clouds open to the sun.

The fireworks ignited sharp blades, and the scorch marks turned into mysterious patterns. The sword is three feet three long, and the handle is covered with green leaves.

Su Qing reached out and retrieved the wooden sword, flicking the sword edge lightly.

It is obviously a wooden sword, but it has several points of metallic feel. The texture of the scorch marks is like the product of fine carving. The dark red sword edge reflects the streamer, making the nearby air feel cool.

“Three Thunder Tribulations, a little less. You can barely enter the fairy weapon, but the fighting skills are too reluctant, so you can only use it for fun.” Su Qing was not satisfied.

“Based on apricot wood, the sword shadow is interesting. I thought there would be at least five Dao Tribulation thunderbolts. It’s not the problem of comprehend, but the foundation is not strong. If you want to completely eliminate the hidden dangers of the body, you just need to put All the nine palaces are lit up.”

Suddenly, Su Qing’s heart moved, and she looked towards the Northern Territory Qingzhou.

“Apricot wood sword life, destined person should be robbed. The cause and effect of this repayment seems to be a bit extraordinary.”


Pigweed has an old crane , through human nature, like the tea ceremony. When a traveler brings tea, he will stop and slander it, drink it and leave.

“Pigweed of Jiuzhou Zhizhi”

The opening story is over, the digging is almost done, but the handling method is not very good, a little panic. Recommended on weekends, first round PK, even more apprehensive.

But don’t think too much about it, old man just pays attention to the Spirit Tree hole here, and babbles. can be ignored.

(end of this chapter)

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