Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 22


Chapter 22 Fairies and animals are courteous

Su Qing tried to deduce by pinching his fingers, and there was a lightning bolt between his fingers. In the end, the rays of light flashed, and the fingers that were pressed completely bounced off.

“The secret of heaven is unknown, and the cause and effect is difficult to determine.” Su Qing sighed.

Due to the injury of Myriad Immortals Array, it has not been possible to accurately calculate the deduction. However, when it comes to the law of causality, no matter how obscure the secrets of heaven can be, they can gain insight into two or three. Just want to think more details, it’s still a bit difficult now.

The businessman Song Yuan once climbed Pigweed and walked a thousand paces on the back of the mountain road. Promise to help him through a Death Tribulation, and his descendants will be safe for thousands of years.

Suddenly when I was refining immortals, I felt that Song Yuan was approaching the calamity, and this calamity was obviously not simple.

“Lighting up Sendai’s fourth palace, the injury has been relieved a lot. Although the realm has not recovered, the basic attack method is no problem. Going to find the Extreme Yang True Fire may be dangerous, but the Northern Territory Qingzhou can deal with it.”

Northern Territory Qingzhou is a world of mortals, without the cultivator’s line. As long as we act in a low-key and steady manner, although there are some unknown factors, I believe that there will not be too many setbacks.

Before going into the WTO, however, Pigweed had to make some arrangements to be safe.

At the top of the Immortal Apricot tree, scholar is still reading. There is a small cage on the table, trapped by the unlovable little azure snake.

“Isn’t it asking you to read to it?” Su Qing asked scholar.

The scholar said: “The sound of the book is in the ear.”

“Very good.” Su Qing snorted and said, “I’ll go out and you will protect Pigweed.”

For the first time, scholar’s eyes left the scroll, and he looked towards Su Qing unexpectedly.

Su Qing said. “There are some things to do, come back when you’re done.”

The scholar nodded slightly, then turned his gaze back to continue reading.

The little snake in the cage stood up abruptly, hit the cage desperately, and even bit with its toothless mouth.

Su Qing flexed his fingers, the cage disappeared, the little snake swishly wrapped around his wrist, and kept spitting out his core, eager to express something.

“You can’t go.” Su Qing said: “If you want to fully awaken bloodline to become Jackie Chan, you really need to experience the world. It’s just that you are still too young, and you need to grow up.”

Little Snake kept shaking his head, expressing his plea again.

Su Qing shook her head firmly and refused again.

The little snake was obviously a little discouraged, and tilted his head to think for a while. He slowly climbed down his wrist and got into the gap under the tree.

I thought this guy was in a mood, but I didn’t expect to get out again soon. With a bunch of snake skin in his mouth, he pulled it out of the tree hole with difficulty.

Su Qing suddenly said, “You gave me the shed skin as a gift?”

The little snake nodded hard and pulled the snake skin forward again.

Su Qing couldn’t help laughing: “Okay, then I will accept it. The newly cut wooden sword is missing its scabbard.”

The wooden sword flew out of his hand, The snake skin then floated up.

Under the shroud of fairy light, it twisted and changed, wrapping the wooden sword in circles. In the end, the brilliance was fiercely received, and the snake skin was completely transformed into the Qinglin scabbard.

The little snake spit out its core, looking very happy.


Two Immortal Crane flew far away.

The little snake instinctively wanted to run when Immortal Crane came over, but later realized that he didn’t steal the egg. Then he climbed onto the scabbard and gestured for comparison, then climbed onto the table and twisted back and forth, showing a smug look.

The two Immortal Crane were a little depressed when they saw the little snake twisting around and showing off. They called each other twice as if to discuss, and then flew back to the nest to take out some feathers.

Feathers drifted in the air, and two Immortal Crane shuttled back and forth. A burst of tweets, a line of fairy light. When it was about to fall to the ground, a feather coat was woven out.

The two Immortal Crane each had a sleeve and flew over to put it on Su Qing. Then he glanced at Xiao Snake provocatively, and turned his neck away proudly.

“Why and child lower oneself to somebody’s level…” Su Qing didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, but still put on the gown. “Many thanks.”


There was another bird chirping, and two blue birds came flying.

Compared to the two old Immortal Crane, the blue bird has been very quiet since it came to the island. Especially after laying a clutch of eggs, the nest is almost followed closely. The situation of two birds flying together has not been seen for a long time.

The two blue birds each have a jade stone in their mouths.

A square and round crystal clear and near-transparent, a thin curved crescent hook.

The male bird will drop the round jade on top of Su Qing’s head, and the female bird will pass the curved jade through a bun. After a halo of light flashed, the blue bird jade crown suddenly became refined.

“I have a heart.” Su Qing thanked.

Blue bird saliva nectar, can be named petrochemical jade. These two blue birds had already started to dew and turned into jade, and it was not because they wanted to go out that they thought of gifts temporarily.


The two blue birds nodded in return, turned around and flew back to the nest. Before leaving, he glanced at the little snake cautiously, as if he was worried about following them.

The little snake spit out its core to express dissatisfaction, and stood up to make a fierce attack.

Su Qing looked at the little snake and remembered that the things she wanted to explain were not finished yet.

β€œDon’t worry about Pigweed, if there are any bad guests, I will come back.” Su Qing said to scholar: β€œHowever, you need to pay more attention to the affairs on the island.”

Since After the last sword, Pigweed array senses the sword intent and gives birth to Slaughter Qi. Although it is still a natural array, it is not as gentle as before.

Any more ships or creatures approach, there will be strong winds and huge waves to stop them. If you want to force through it, you will be hurt by the sword intent. It’s hard to get close to Pigweed if you have another visitor.

“How long?” Scholar looked up again.

“Soon.” Su Qing knew that scholar was afraid of trouble and didn’t want to interfere with his reading. Whether the Immortal Apricot spirit root can grow rapidly, the existence of scholar is extremely critical. It’s just that the other little fellow is equally critical. If he doesn’t take care of him, he might cause something to happen.

“There’s nothing to do on the island, it won’t delay your reading. Blue Bird and Immortal Crane don’t need to bother, as long as the snakes don’t steal eggs.”

“Oh.” scholar put After thinking about it, he turned his head to read the book again, and said in his mouth. “Then let it stay in the cage all the time, I’ll read to it.”

The little snake that was posing was stunned for a while, and turned its head to burrow into the grass.

Before getting in, he was trapped in the cage again.

“It seems that this is the only way.” Su Qing picked up the cage.

The little snake had tears in her eyes, and she was pitifully wronged. Keeping nodded complaining, it seems that he is guaranteeing that he will never steal eggs.

Su Qing ignored it completely and put the cage on the table. Glancing at Scholar, who was only looking at books, he suddenly had a bit of a bad taste.

“Apricot tree broken branches and wooden swords, azure snakes offer scales as sheaths. Immortal Crane feathers woven long gowns, blue birds hold jade as crowns.” Su Qing deliberately said to scholar: “I have given gifts, you don’t Give me something?”

Scholar seemed to be stumped, fumbling for nothing on his body, frowned thought for a long time, stood up and bowed.

“I wish Venerable Lord a safe journey.”


Apricot leaves rustled, Su Qing was silent.

Only the little snake in the cage struggled desperately, complaining about the injustice of the world.


Pigweed has snakes, is timid, and does not appear in front of others. However, because of his good prose, he often hides himself in the writing desk, and falls asleep listening to the sound of the loud voice.

“Pigweed of Jiuzhou Zhizhi”

Two shifts a day, from nine to eight in the morning.

(End of this chapter)

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