Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 23


Chapter 23 is a fairy coming to the world

Northern Territory Qingzhou.

Qing Kingdom, Qizhou Prefecture.

“Hot buns, new hot buns…”

“Please in the guest, the small shop has all kinds of frying, frying, and frying, and the price is not expensive and sufficient. I hope you are satisfied…”

“This dish of yours is not gold, why is it so expensive… two copper plates, no more…”

“Shan Get out of the way, why don’t you look at the road… I’ll be surprised when a horse hits me, but don’t expect Lao Tzu to lose money…”

There is a lot of traffic, people coming, people going, and the small businesses and hawkers shouted again and again. Su Qing wears a snow-white robe and jade as a crown, and walks in the crowd with her azure sword cross-body. Lu Fuhe is outstanding, and he knows that he is extraordinary at first sight.

It’s just that there are so many people on the street that no one pays attention. Even if they pass by, they don’t seem to see it.


Su Qing is only for the purpose of establishing cause and effect, not for secular practice. If you want to be seen, you will see, if you don’t want to be seen, you will not be seen.

Those who are entangled in cause and effect, those who are destined, are exceptions.

Walking on the street is because the smoke is too heavy and it is inconvenient to find it from the clouds. Walking to listen to the loud voices should be a pastime.

Except for the noise on the road, and the chatter of drinkers.

“Although the world is still competing for the hegemony among the six countries, the general trend is already not in the national power itself, but depends on the ten Great Grandmasters.”

“The ten Great Grandmasters are still alright. After all, it’s been so many years. There are talents from all over the world, and I heard that some of them have been defeated by the younger generation.”

β€œYou know what the fuck, the ten Great Grandmasters have all received immortal guidance. It doesn’t mean the future.”

“I agree, the nine members of the Great Grandmaster have established the sect. No matter their influence or strength, they are not comparable to those of later generations. For example, our Qingguo Baishengtang, then But even the Imperial Court has to rely on it.”

“Only the strongest Blade God of the ten Great Grandmasters has not opened, and has always been alone. Because he promised to play for Yan Country for 30 years, the three-year expiration expired. He hung up the seal and left.”

“I know about this, and after that, he challenged experts in various places and defeated the other nine Great Grandmasters. A year later, he crossed the sea and lost another hundred foreign experts. Later, it seemed that I encountered an opponent, and I was seriously injured and lost. Returned in low spirits after failing. There has been no news for the past year, so I should be recovering from an injury.”

“Speaking of Blade God, I have to mention Wei Country People Tu. I mean the newest one. The old generation is the strongest with Blade God, and the new generation is definitely the first to kill people.”

“I heard that he is the Disciple of Lao Tu, and he has also played against Blade God. It’s just because I didn’t enter the arena, so the result is still a mystery.”

“In the past 33 years, the forces have been reshuffled and the situation has been turbulent, and the changeable situation has risen and fallen one after another. It has been a wonderful ten years. I am so lucky to be born in the present.”

“I feel the same way, all of you drink this cup…”

“Wang Lao Er, You’re drinking here again, go home and chop the firewood for me!”

“Hey, ma’am. You shouldn’t be so rude in front of all the heroes… oops, don’t throw it away Bench, I’ll go back right now…”

There was a flutter in the tavern, but no matter how exciting it was, it had nothing to do with Su Qing.

The chatter of the drinkers is just a pastime, and the so-called Grandmaster powerhouse will not care. Just like when a pedestrian is bored, he glances at the ants on the side of the road, but never studies which one is the strongest.

The Lord of Pigweed came to the world, and everything except the predestined law was like a cloud.

Walking to a large mansion, Su Qing stepped forward and knocked the door latch.

Cause and effect are in the human world, and they will be terminated from the human world. You can get here from Pigweed in a few breaths, but you can’t break into the house next door.

There were footsteps in the door, and an old servant opened the door.

Seeing Su Qing standing outside the door, the old servant froze slightly.

As the gatekeeper of the Song Family, I have seen many dignitaries. But it was the first time for the old servant to see the immortal wind in front of him.

“You… who are you looking for?” the old servant asked.

“Song Yuan.” Su Qing said.

Hearing the other party calling patriarch’s name, the old servant didn’t dare to be careless, and continued to ask carefully: “I dare to ask who you are? Do you have a famous post?”

Su Qing said: “Pigweed old friend, there is no famous post.”


Just as I was about to ask something, a carriage stopped outside the door. The coachman stopped, opened the curtain, and a maid came down from inside. After the maid got out of the car, she turned around and helped a noble lady in her forties.

“Why are you so lacking in vision?” the maid called out to the old servant. “I haven’t seen Madam back, so I didn’t hurry to open the door.”

“Hey, right away.” The old servant hurriedly opened the door.

The maid helped the noble lady up the steps, but she didn’t seem to see Su Qing. But the noble lady saw it and stopped, showing dissatisfaction.

“Who are you? Why are you stopping here?”

Hearing the question from the noble lady, the maid was shocked when she saw Su Qing’s appearance. “Yeah, what’s wrong with you, standing here without a word, scaring people to death.”

“This tribulation is close.” Su Qing looked thoughtful at the woman.

The noble lady glared at Su Qing and turned to ask the old servant. “Where did this person come from?”

The old servant said: “I came to see the master and said that he was an old friend of Pigweed.”

“It’s this kind of deception again. It’s over.” The noble lady said to Su Qing with a teasing expression, “Are you trying to say that your parents have been to Pigweed Island. Or, you came from Pigweed?”

Su Qing said. “I live there.”

“As expected.” Noble lady pu chi laughed. “I’ve lost a pair of good skins, I have to be a liar. A liar is a liar, and I don’t know how to learn something new. The routines from several decades ago are still used now.”

Su Qing said : “You can report it to Song Yuan.”

“Yo, it’s quite exciting? What kind of report, believing or not I report to the official!”

The noble lady scolded Su Qing twice. Looking at the old servant, he said to the old servant: “Give him two money to send away, and this kind of thing will be handled in the future. If you are greedy, let the yamen come.” The old servant said to Su Qing sighed: “Young man, you don’t look like a gangster, this is the first time. Don’t do it in the future, you will be punished for entering the yamen.”

The old servant digs He gave out two copper coins and stuffed it to Su Qing, turned around and thought about it, and stuffed four more silver taels.

Su Qing asked: “Isn’t it two coins?”

“This is mine.” The old servant said: “Take it and do some small business, and do something right at a young age, Or go home and honor your parents, it’s better than fooling people.”

Su Qing laughed. “I take it.”

The old servant also laughed, then closed the door.

Su Qing collected the silver, and the copper coin disappeared. There is a beggar two streets away, and there are two more copper coins in the bowl.

Meanwhile, in the house.

β€œHave guests?”

A man in his fifties walked out of the hall. It was the Wang Family’s son-in-law, Song Yuan.

He was a sturdy young man back then, but now he is a rich and puffy man. Don’t say that it is hard to climb the mountain by yourself.

Now he is no longer a son-in-law, but a famous official of the Song Dynasty, famous throughout the Qing Kingdom.

“Master, are you here to pick up your concubine?” The noble lady greeted her with a beaming smile.

“Suddenly a little irritable, come out to breathe.” Song Yuan said. “I just happened to meet my wife, and it’s fate.”

Mrs. Fang is the concubine of the concubine, and she was born in the scholarly Aristocratic Family. Although a little petty, but knowledgeable and reasonable and good at teaching children. Song Yuan likes it very much, and the relationship has always been good.

The woman giggled. “The old man has been his wife for so many years, and the master is still destined.”

“You don’t understand.” Song Yuan laughed and asked again, “I heard you talking outside and there were guests. Are you coming?”

“A liar, still the same. But she looks…” Mrs. Fang suddenly got stuck: “Hey, what does she look like?”

Song Yuan couldn’t help but smile. “I can forget this…”

“I really forgot.” Madam Fang turned to ask the maid and the old servant. “Do you remember?”

The maid and the old servant were also confused.

“Strange, I forgot too.”

“I can’t remember either, are there men or women?”

Song Daguanren The smile disappeared, and the face gradually changed color.


Song Clan, a big family in Qizhou, is very polite. Warlock cheated, and his wife gave two coins. Small deceit can be done, big deception fears prison. Later generations praised, good without losing wisdom, and everyone’s wife.

“Qizhou Fuzhi”

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(end of this chapter)

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