Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 24


Chapter 24 The ghost enters the city, but the wandering spirit is not seen

“Where are the people? Where are the people?”

Song Yuan He ran to the gate and looked around excitedly.

“Master, what’s wrong with you? Do you know that person?”

Mrs. Fang and the others chased after him and were a little scared seeing Song Yuan’s madness.

“I don’t know.” Song Yuan gasped. “But, but…”

The source of Song Family’s fame is Pigweed immortal fate. Some people are envious and jealous, and some people are crooked. Since more than 30 years ago, people have often come to cheat.

Some say that they are friends who have been on Pigweed together, and some simply say that Pigweed came out.

Because immortal said to help through a Death Tribulation, so at first Song Yuan was deceived many times. After a lot of experience, it is not surprising.

This time I heard that someone was cheating, but I didn’t take it seriously. But it was found that no one could remember, Song Yuan couldn’t calm down.

Because he couldn’t remember what immortal looked like when he got back from Pigweed.

Later, Song Yuan found a lot of people, and even asked for the ten Great Grandmasters. I just want to get an immortal portrait, hang it up and say goodbye.

It turned out to be a big circle, and no one remembers it.

Now I hear that someone who can’t remember came to the door, how dare they take it seriously.

“Find someone, find someone for me!” Song Yuan shouted. “Everyone go, must get them back!”

“Okay.” Mrs. Fang complied, turned around and whispered to the maid, “I’m afraid I’m a little hysterical, go and invite the doctor. “


Su Qing did not leave.

The end of the world, and the door is blocked is part of it. The reason for leaving was not because of resentment, but because of a sense of Yin Qi.

The appearance of Yin Qi during the day is very unusual and has the potential to kill people. If you can’t see it, that’s all. If you find it, you can’t ignore it.

Su Qing stepped forward and came to the side of the city gate.

A caravan was about to enter the city and had an argument with the yamen. A truckload of goods in the caravan is the source of Yin Qi.

β€œGhost brocade?”

Su Qing could see the strangeness at a glance.

The brocade in the truck was not made by human hands, but made by Li Gui with pickled objects. Clothed on the body to absorb yang and short life, it is a fierce thing of yin and evil.

However, it is strange that such an evil thing entered the city in a grand manner, but no wandering god came to deal with it. On the contrary, Yangjian officials found something different and entangled with the owner here.

“The corpse is a vegetarian meal, and the divine way is not prosperous. When this matter is over, I have to report to the city god.”

Su Qing twisted his fingers to gather spirits and prepared to destroy it. Encounter is fate, easy thing.

Just as he was about to make a move, his heart suddenly moved, his eyes turned in one direction, and he met a businessman in his early thirties. Next to the merchant stood a Constable, also looking at him.

The two were officials and the head of the caravan, and they were arguing there. It was Su Qing’s presence that was so conspicuous that he turned his attention.

Su Qing stood at the front of the crowd, automatically leaving three feet around her body. A bunch of people were squeezing around, but they didn’t take half a step, but no one seemed to notice this.

Only Constable and youngster noticed, and couldn’t help but glance at him.

“These two people…”

Su Qing glanced at the two of them, then glanced at the goods in the car, and scattered the gathered Spiritual Qi away if she felt something.

“Cause and effect are in Song’s house, and doom is here.”

Constable and the young businessman were just curious, and soon turned their eyes back to each other.

“You see clearly, this is Songji’s font size.” The young businessman argued with Constable. “We’re in the silk and satin business, and you’re looking for private salt. You’re right to look up Wangji’s rice shop. I have something to look into here.”

“It’s all business from Song officials. If you have Wang Ji, you won’t be afraid to check Song Ji.” Constable is a bearded man in his forties, with the appearance of an integral and incorruptible. “Since it’s a satin, just open it and take a look. Why did Second Young Master stop it again and again.”

“Just look at other satin, but this car won’t work.” The young businessman did not back down. “This car is a newly spun night brocade, and it is most afraid of the sun.”

“I have been away for more than 20 years, and I have never heard of fabrics that are afraid of the sun.” Constable said solemnly: “Second Young If the Master doesn’t let me go, don’t blame me for doing business.”

“You dare!” The young businessman was furious. “Protect the car for me, and see who dares to be tough.”

The bodyguards surrounded the car and confronted the police officers.

β€œWho fights?”

β€œMaster Song Second Young and Constable Yan, it seems because of the goods.”

β€œAh? Yamen and Song Ji are engaged… ”

People kept coming, and the chaos at the city gate became more and more chaotic.

Constable frowned.

He actually believed that the cloth was pulled on the car, but he just felt that the car was not right. If you don’t check it out, you’ll be really clueless.

“Forget it, Yan Constable can check it if he wants.” The young businessman suddenly let out a sigh of relief. “So many people are watching today. If I don’t open it up for everyone to see, I’m afraid they really think that Song Clan is doing something.”

“many thanks Second Young Master.” Constable relaxed.

“If there is no problem, Yan Constable will have to explain it.” The young businessman sullenly. “Also, although you can see, you must go to a dark place.”

The car was pulled into the shade of the inner city. The young businessman asked the bodyguards to pull out a large black cloth and use a bamboo pole to hold the car to block the car. . After everything was ready, he cautiously lifted the rough cloth covering the car, revealing a few boxes.

“dressed up as God, playing the Devil.” Constable was very disdainful.

But when the box is opened, everyone’s eyes are straight.

The box is full of brocade, brocade beyond description.

It’s like something is attached to the smooth cloth surface, and the bright green is very beautiful. If you get closer, you can still feel the slightest coolness.

“It’s so pretty.”

“What kind of cloth is this?”

“Second Young Master, I’ll buy one.”

“I want one too.”


The people were attracted, and some even shouted to buy.

“Don’t rush to buy it.” The young businessman said: “Everyone think clearly, this cloth is very afraid of the sun. If you buy it back to make clothes, it will be damaged if you wear it during the day.”

“It’s okay to wear it at night, at worst, when the sun’s out.”

“Give it to my wife and let her wear it at home. She wants to wear it, but I don’t want it…”

“Then it can’t be sold now.” The young businessman said: “These must be brought back to Songji Buzhuang first, and they will be sold uniformly in a few days. For the specific price and date, you can go to the Buzhuang tomorrow and ask. Got it…”

To appease the restless crowd, the young businessman asked him to put away the cloth and said to Constable, “Yan Constable, everything has been checked, can you leave?”

“So you came up with that idea.” Constable grimaced. “Use me to help you do business.”

“Ai, Yan Constable, don’t get me wrong.” The young businessman was a little proud. “But if you have to think so, I can’t do anything about it.”

Song Family’s motorcade left, bearded Constable face sank like water.

“Isn’t convinced that I was used?” someone asked.

“It’s nothing to do with that.” Constable darkened. “I just feel that the goods are not right, but I just don’t know what the problem is.”

The voice said again: “He said that he can’t see the light during the day, so just go and see it at night.”

“Yes, I’ll go check it out at night…” Constable replied half a sentence, suddenly realizing something, turned his head quickly, but didn’t see anything.

“Have you seen who?” Constable asked his men.

“Yantou, there is no who.” The official who was asked was a little hairy. “You were talking to yourself just now, and who were you talking to?”

“No one?” Constable was even more suspicious, and a silhouette appeared in his mind.

It’s just that the silhouette is so vague that I can’t remember it at all.


People who die are not reborn as ghosts, but the strong can do human affairs. There are ghosts weaving cloth to make clothes, and they lose their lives when they absorb the sun.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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