Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 25


Chapter 25 This relationship is four taels

โ€œExalted Immortal!!!!โ€

Song Yuan knelt down In front of Su Qing, the child was crying like a child.

Constable can’t remember, Song Yuan can. Because the Pigweed master, appeared in front of him again.

โ€œGet up.โ€

Su Qing was a little helpless.

After leaving the city gate, go directly back to Song Family. Seeing Song Yuan sitting on the steps in despair, he stepped forward to say hello.

Song Yuan was stunned when she saw Su Qing, then burst into tears. If it weren’t for the real immortal art, Su Qing would have no doubt that this guy would hug his thigh and cry.

In the end, Song Yuan had to use a diving technique to calm down. Then he opened the door with a sob, and welcomed Su Qing into the house.

“Exalted Immortal, I thought I would never see you again…”

It was difficult for Song Yuan to completely recover from the dive technique. dong dong kowtowed three times. Then he immediately greeted the servants and called all the wives and children out to meet him.

Su Qing did not block.

This disaster in Song Yuan’s life was not his alone.

The first to come are the wife Wang Family and the elder son Song Ren.

The Wang Family is a chubby woman, very old. Song Ren is also a middle-aged fatty in his forties, very similar to Wang Family.

Both of them looked terrified, especially the Wang Family. He hurriedly kowtowed to Su Qing, but Song Ren almost didn’t stand up.

“I’m so rude, I’m disrespectful in front of Exalted Immortal.” Song Yuan reprimanded in a low voice with a look of disgust, and ordered Song Ren. “After kowtow to Exalted Immortal, just help your mother down. Remember, Exalted Immortal doesn’t like to be disturbed, so don’t talk nonsense in front of people.”

Song Ren un’ed, finished kowtow to Su Qing Head and support Wang Family to go out.

Su Qing glanced at the backs of the mother and son.

“My father-in-law and mother-in-law passed away more than ten years ago, and my uncle passed away last year. I will go there in person on every memorial day. And my nephew, who is also raised by me.” Song Yuan was afraid that Immortal would misunderstand his ungrateful, so he quickly explained.

“In addition, Wang Ji’s business name has always been kept, and all related industries are managed by Song Ren. After a hundred years, Song Ren will inherit the Wang Family Legacy.”

Su Qing un ‘ed , doesn’t care.

He came to end the cause and effect in the world, but he would not care about the affairs of the world. How Song Yuan distributes his family property is his own business.

It was only because the mother and son were not in the robbery that they subconsciously glanced at them.

After a while, Mrs. Fang and her second son Song Zhi entered the room.

Mrs. Fang was holding a cane and pouting like she was aggrieved. Song Zhi was the young businessman he had met at the city gate, and he was stunned when he saw Su Qing.

“Huh, is that you?” Song Zhi called out subconsciously.

“You bastard!” Song Yuan scolded: “How dare you disrespect Exalted Immortal… eh? Do you know each other?”

“I just met at the city gate.” Su Qing said to Song Yuan: “Is the birthday of Master Young in the year of Yi Chou, the month of Yi Chou, the day of Yi Chou, and the time of Ji Mao?”

“Yes, yes!” Song Yuan was excited. “Quick, Zhier, kowtow to Exalted Immortal, and kowtow a few more times.”

I went to the city gate to meet, and said my birthday again.

There is no doubt that there is an immortal fate!

“Exalted Immortal, frankly, my son has always been outstanding.” Song Yuan introduced eloquently.

“Since I was a child, I was smart, smart, and flexible. If I didn’t want to enter the officialdom, I would have participated in the imperial examinations. Later, I did business with me, and it was even better. I earn more in time…”

Su Qing did not speak.

Mortals like Song Zhi don’t need to calculate, just look at their faces and they can be seen at a glance.

This person is smart, but mostly smart. With the grace of the family, there have been few setbacks since childhood. Doing business seeking instant benefit, you can get some huge profits at first, but you can quickly turn down, and now you are in trouble.

Confirming his birthday is due to the four pillars of pure yin.

The Life and Death Tribulation in front of Song Yuan’s eyes should be on his son.

But this point, Su Qing does not intend to point out.

Cause and calamity has its own destiny, and it is also linked to immortal. Even if you help him kill the evil ghost, there will be other dooms to replace.

The calamity in the world can only be faked by the power of the world.

As on the eve of the Conferred God War, Yun Zhongzi lent out a wooden sword to kill the demon queen Daji. In addition to being concerned about the cause and effect of Saint, it is also because it makes no sense to shoot.

Song Yuan fooled around for a long time and found that Su Qing didn’t respond, and didn’t mean to give immortal fate at all. After frowning and thinking for a while, seeing Mrs. Fang, she suddenly realized.

“I still don’t apologize to Exalted Immortal!” Song Yuan winked at Mrs. Fang: “If you have no eyes, stop Exalted Immortal from the door. You are disrespectful, and you have wronged your children and grandchildren!”

“Please forgive the concubine from Exalted Immortal.” Madam Fang held up the cane reluctantly.

It’s not that she doesn’t believe that Su Qing is immortal, but she feels that she has no benefit in this matter.

Immortal helps to prevent disasters for the benefit of the husband, and light incense for shelter is the benefit of the children and grandchildren. Nothing has anything to do with her lady, and it even affects her. Originally, the master was very fond of him, but immortal didn’t even have that.

“No problem.” Su Qing said. “If you don’t know the old friend, there is no fate. It’s not your fault to stop the customer.”

“many thanks Exalted Immortal.” Mrs. Fang thought that the immortal was not bad, and put down the cane she was holding.

Song Yuan rubbed his hands angrily beside him, scolding the little wife for being an idiot.

That’s the Lord of Pigweed, and you’ll benefit from anything you give. Do you think I’m just asking you to apologize, to fight for immortal fate for you and your son.

Su Qing suddenly asked Song Yuan: “Where is the old servant who is the gatekeeper?”

“Yes, yes.” Song Yuan hurriedly went out and called in.

When notifying other family members, Song Yuan informed Su Qing’s identity. But I don’t know why I called old servant, so I just said that a distinguished guest wanted to see him.

“I have seen a noble person.” The old servant was very nervous when he saw Su Qing, thinking that he was blocking the door and came to ask the teacher to ask the guilt. After all, even Mrs. was kneeling there, thinking that it would be even more difficult for me to fall.

“Be kind to others, and be kind to yourself.” Su Qing said: “Your grandson-in-law is pregnant, and will give birth to a child in July. And you are ill, and your lifespan will be difficult to live for half a year. Four taels of fine silver, and I will give you four generations to live together.”

Under the shadow of a fairy, a wisp of filth flew away from the old servant’s head. The wrinkles on the face disappeared, and the skin was rosy and warm. Full of white hair, as white as silver threads.

In an instant, the withered old man disappeared, only Shouweng’s white hair and youthful face.

Song Yuan sighed with a look of nostalgia.

Mrs. Fang was stunned, and subconsciously touched the corners of her wrinkled eyes.

“many thanks Exalted Immortal, many thanks Exalted Immortal.” The old servant is not a stupid person. At this time, he didn’t know where to see True Immortal, so he immediately bowed his head and thanked him.

“When your great-grandson was five years old, you suffered from old age and disease, and good medicine can cure you. If you pass it safely, your life span will reach its crown. After that, it will be gone.” Su Qing said: “Fourth The relationship between the two is so much.”

“Enough, enough.” The old servant smiled happily. “Knowing that my daughter-in-law is pregnant with a kid, I can still accompany him for five years. It’s enough to have no back…”

“immortal, immortal elder.” Mrs. Fang couldn’t help it. “I asked someone to give you two money, do you remember this? If you don’t want to live a few more years, you can just let me recover one’s youthful vigor…”

“Shut up.” Song Yuan was shocked. It was broken, so he hurriedly went up to cover Mrs. Fang’s mouth and said in a low voice: “But remember I mentioned to you, what happened to those people who were seeking fate when you were in Pigweed? You said this remark, and you haven’t become an old woman. .”

“Ah!” “No, I don’t want anything.”

“There is no fate, no cause, no effect.” Su Qing ignored Mrs. Fang and only said to Song Yuan, “It will take three days to solve your doom. , light incense after three days. If there is no inconvenience, you can stay here for a while.”

“I can’t ask for it.” Song Yuan was overjoyed: “Let’s not say three days, three years are fine, you can stay as long as you want, there are Whatever needs to be mentioned.”

“Clean.” Su Qing flicked his hands.

Song Yuan and the others saw a blur , all in the courtyard.

“We are closing doors today and politely declining visitors!” Song Yuan said: “Exalted Immortal does not speak, and no one is allowed to enter the front yard. When entering and exiting shopping, let me go through the side door. Whoever violates the taboo, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Song Zhi and the old servant said yes, and Mrs. Fang was still absent. The remorse in my heart can’t be added anymore.

Four silver tael is nothing, four hundred two or four thousand tael is nothing. If I really want to borrow 4,000 taels from this immortal, I might be able to change back to the appearance of a girl.

Mrs. Fang looked at the old servant with white hair and youthful face, and then looked down at the loose skin on her hands, and finally, wu wu cried.


Pigweed entered the WTO and met the elderly and wives. The old man gave four taels of silver, and the woman threw two coins. The immortals repaid the elders with their childlike appearance, and the women’s money was transferred to the beggars. The woman weeps and Shaoyin loses her predestined relationship, but she does not know that it is the fault of her heart.

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