Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 26


Chapter 26 is all fake


Song Kee cloth village.

Front doors and windows closed, backyard brightly lit.

There is a pavilion in the center of the yard, where seven or eight nursing homes drink. Three sides are warehouses, one side is the front hall.

In addition to the front hall, there are two nursing homes on duty at the entrance of each warehouse. In front of the largest warehouse in the middle, there are four people guarding it.

“A pile of rags is stricter than the guards in the prison. How about sending so many people?”

The bearded man hid in the next room and kept scolding mother .

As a Constable of Qizhou Prefecture, he is notorious for being honest. As long as there is a case under his eyes, he will pursue it no matter what. Others solve cases with their brains, he solves cases with a lot of energy.

Song Clan’s batch of fabrics, no matter how you think about it, there is something wrong with it.

After being reminded by that mysterious person, I thought of carefully examining the fabrics at night to see how weird those fabrics are. But I didn’t expect the guards to be so tight, and there was no room to drill.

“It seems that we can only try hard.” The bearded man moved his wrists, be eager to have a try.

“Reckless.” Su Qing, who was standing in the cloud, shook his head for a while.

The cause and effect of the human world must be terminated from the human world, and this bearded man is Song Yuan’s calamity.

Su Qing didn’t want to come over in person, she wanted to let the city gods help here. Unexpectedly, after using the dive technique three times, the land did not call out a single one.

This is really weird, so I just checked it out.

“I have to work hard on my own.”

Su Qing opened her lips slightly and let out a breath of fresh air.

The clear air turned into a gentle breeze, blowing into the backyard of the cloth village.

The people at the drinking table slumped on the table. The few people standing guard in front of the door also yawned and fell asleep softly.

“What’s the situation? Shouldn’t it be a set-up?” The bearded man was suspicious for a while, pondered for a while, picked up a stone and threw it out to check the reactions of those people.

β€œThick and thin on the outside.” Su Qing commented.

Then the bearded man picked up a tile and slammed it on a person.

“Robust.” Su Qing added.

The beard jumped out of the room after continuous testing without incident. The key was found from the nursing home, ready to open the door of the warehouse.

See him running to the middle warehouse, Su Qing flicks with the finger. The door to the warehouse on the left rattled, attracting Beard’s attention.

The bearded man hesitated and opened the warehouse on the left first.

As soon as the door was opened, there was a chill in my face, and the bearded man couldn’t help but shiver.

I took a closer look, and I instantly locked the target without Su Qing’s further prompting.

On a shelf, there are four large boxes. The surface of the box was glowing with green light, and it made my back feel cold when I looked at it. Especially the light in the gap is especially bright, as if something is about to come out.

The bearded man stepped forward and broke a lock. Then grab the edge, take a deep breath, and open the box a little at a very slow speed…

sou! !

A rotting human hand sticks out of the chest.


The bearded man was scared and jumped back.

The box opens automatically.

No human hands were seen inside, only the same cloth as in the daytime.


Beard thought for a moment.

“There must be a fascination to make me hallucinate.”

Meteor with a big beard strode forward and grabbed a roll of fabric directly from the box.

He never believed in Ghost God, including the legend of Pigweed.

According to his own words, I don’t know how many wicked people he has captured in his life, and many of them died directly at his hands. If there were ghosts, they would have come to ask for their lives long ago.

Pigweed immortal or something, I don’t even bother to listen to it. In Big Beard’s view, it was just those dignitaries who, for various purposes, concocted foolish words to fool the people.

“Nothing out of the ordinary.”

The bearded man took the fabric in his hand and looked over it twice. Apart from feeling cold, there is no mystery.

After that, I simply shook the fabric two feet away and draped it over my shoulders.

“tsk tsk, it’s so pretty. But it’s definitely not cheap, I’m afraid I can’t afford it with my little money.”

The bearded man thinks it’s mostly a misunderstanding.

Song Kee is under the banner of immortal blessing, so he has always been prejudiced. But think about it carefully, with the fame and status of Song Daguan, there is no need to fool with some fake cloth. Taking a ten thousand steps back, even if it is fake fabric, it is not his responsibility.

The bearded man tried to put the cloth back, but he pulled it twice without pulling it. Thinking it was hanging somewhere, I reached out to uncover it again.

β€œen?” still remains untouched.

On closer inspection, her hair almost stood up.

There were many blood vessels on the cloth, which were tightly bonded to his skin. The blood vessels were pumping, and they actually sucked his blood again.

“What the hell?”

The beard was ripping it down hard.

Su Qing watched from the air, not intending to shoot.

If you can’t even handle this, you’ve picked the wrong person.

“Fuck, I don’t believe it anymore, it’s not a mother-in-law’s pants, it’s so hard to pick up!”

The bearded growled fiercely, and suddenly a layer of red and black appeared on his body. The fog, the glued wrought cloth seemed to encounter something terrifying, and quickly detached.

“Pure Yang baleful aura.” Su Qing was slightly surprised. “This person has killed demons. And more than one.”

“Fuck, want to run?!” The bearded man pulled out his waist knife when he saw that the fabric seemed to fly away. I saw a flurry of blade light, and the cloth was cut into dozens of pieces.

The fluttering cloth changes, corroding at a rate visible to the naked eye. After falling to the ground, it turned into something like mud. Vaguely, there seem to be many white worms in the middle.

“What the hell is going on?”

The bearded man was disgusted and took off his coat subconsciously. For fear that the short contact just now, there will be residues of the insect.

Looking towards the box again, his pupils shrunk.

As expected, there were hands and even other corpses in the box.

Beard opened the other boxes with a knife, all of which were much the same.

snakes, insects, mouse and ants, slimy leaves. Corpses, organs…

Even though there were many tragic murders, the bearded throat was still churning.

“Song Zhi, you bastard!”

The bearded man is not afraid, except for nausea and more anger.

“I have long heard of some witchcraft techniques, which fascinate people’s hearts. It seems that Songji Buzhuang selling new cloth is fake, and it is true that this method is used to gain attention. Use me today to deceive the people.

, and I will sell it with other fabrics in the coming day.”

The bearded man closed all the boxes, took out the seals and put them on, and the aggressive ones were about to go out.

“Where are you going?” someone asked.

“Hui Yamen calls people.” Bearded and exasperated. “These black-hearted businessmen, Tamar’s madness. These are all evidence, and I will directly present to Lord Magistrate. Regardless of him, he will be arrested and sent to prison. You… eh?” Realizing that something was wrong, he turned sharply to the source of the sound.

This time the other party didn’t leave, just stood at the door and looked at him.

“It’s not entirely the Song Family’s problem, and these are not evidence.” Su Qing said: “What you can see, most people can’t.”

“Did you remind me during the day? It was you who stunned the guard with the drug just now?” The bearded man looked at Su Qing. “I don’t know who you are, but you seem to know a lot about these things.”

Su Qing said: “Yin and Yang are separated, and the law of the human world doesn’t care about Yin Sector. These ghost brocades, the Song Family is not the source. “

“What is Yin Sector’s Yin Sector, Jianghu warlock will be a god.” The bearded man looked at Su Qing. “However, looking at your actions, you should also be a righteous person with good intentions. I don’t care about anything else, you just need to tell me where the source is.”

“That thing has some origins, and it may be difficult for you to deal with it. “Su Qing patted the sword at his waist. “If you insist on handling it yourself, I can lend you a sword.”

“What do you want your sword to do.” Beard felt that this man was strange. “I, Yan Chixia, don’t have a knife!”

“What’s your name?” Su Qing wondered.

“Yan Chixia, what’s wrong?” The bearded man stared.

“Good name.” Su Qing said.


Wen Bu Zhuang had a strange incident, and the arresters checked it at night. There was a strange sound in the library, and the box was out of hand, and everyone was shocked to say that it was a ghost. The only brave man was not afraid, and he stepped forward to cut him with a knife. Knowing that snakes, insects, mouse and ants are evil, dazzled and misunderstood.

“Jiuzhou Stranger Things”

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(End of this chapter)

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