Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 27


Chapter 27 Hell

Song House.

A silhouette came out of the darkened room, it was Song Yuan’s youngest son, Song Zhi. I looked around all around, making sure no one was there, and walked out on tiptoe. When walking to the corridor, a voice suddenly came from behind.

“Who’s there?” Song Yuan in clothes, holding a lantern in his hand.

Song Zhi was startled and turned back quickly. “Father, it’s me.”

“Oh, Zhier.” Song Yuan was stunned.

“It’s me.” Song Zhi hurriedly took the lantern and asked, “Dad, it’s so late, why haven’t you slept yet?”

“Hey, I can’t sleep.” Song Yuan sighed.

“Before the Exalted Immortal came, my father was looking forward to it day and night, thinking about seeing the fairy again. This time I finally saw it and stayed at our house again. Dad is really happy. …but… but Dad just suddenly thought that he will never see this side again… uu…”

Song Yuan slapped his chest and felt sad, not noticing his son’s abnormality. Song Zhi seemed very anxious and seemed to want to go out quickly.

“Father, don’t you always say, fate can’t be forced.” Song Zhi said patiently: “If Exalted Immortal sees you like this, I’m afraid it won’t be very good.”

“That’s right, right, you’re right to remind me.” Song Yuan was startled and quickly wiped away his tears. “I’m still smart, and I almost made a big mistake. By the way, what are you doing here if you don’t sleep?”

“That…” Song Zhi coughed and said, “Fate can’t be forced, But you can also look for opportunities. The child is thinking about being smart, in case Exalted Immortal has something to go through first. Even if you can’t wait for immortal fate, it’s good to get closer.”

“Okay, okay. child.” Song Yuan looked at this son and became more and more satisfied.

“People often gossip and say that it is dogshit luck for the Song Family to have today. I bah, how do they know, we are immortal fate. As long as there is Exalted Immortal, there is no need to be afraid of demons and ghosts. You need to know Xian Jingxian, every day is fragrant. Don’t imitate your big brother…”

Song Yuan continued to talk, Song Zhi became more and more anxious. Especially when I hear the words Exalted Immortal is not afraid of demons and ghosts, anxiety and fear exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech.

“What’s wrong?” Song Yuan noticed that his son was abnormal.

“Oh, I was thinking of those fabrics.” Song Zhi hurriedly said: “The market is not very good now, I asked someone to buy this night brocade with a lot of money, and I will only wait for it to be officially sold the day after tomorrow. But now Exalted Immortal I’m here, I’m afraid it will be postponed. If the income is insufficient this month, it will affect the settlement of the merchants…”

“I’m complimenting you.” Song Yuan was not very happy. “It’s not that we don’t have any money in our account, so we can just pay it out. Besides, Song Ji hasn’t owed them anything, so what can we do later.”

“Yes, what Dad said is, but night The brocade is too delicate, so consider changing the place to store it.” Song Zhi hurriedly said, “Exalted Immortal should not be summoned at night, I will go to the warehouse to dispose of it now. This way, I can come back earlier and serve Exalted Immortal well.”

Song Yuan was silent, nodded and said: “Okay, quickly go and quickly return.”

“Well, child as soon as possible.” Song Zhi responded and left.

Looking at his son’s back, Song Yuan frowned.

“This child is unwilling to leave. He will be Exalted Immortal for a while, and he will buy a house for a while, obviously he has something on his mind. Could it be that there is something wrong with the business of the house? Although he hasn’t bothered much in the past two years, his mother has been Help take care of it, it should be fine…”

Song Zhi has something to do with Exalted Immortal and Bu Zhuang.

The Yejin that comes from can make up for the shortfall in the cloth village, but the existence of Exalted Immortal threatens this. The more Daddy talked about the Exalted Immortal, the more scared he got. The partner must be told to hide before Exalted Immortal notices.


The Western District, thirty miles away.

“I’ve been working in Ningzhou for more than 20 years, but I don’t know there is a mansion here?”

Standing in front of a big mansion, Yan Chixia looked different.

The house is very luxurious, even more grand than Song Family. The door is open, and you can see the central hall.

There are many red lanterns hanging all around the hall, brightly lit the room. There is a table in the middle, which is full of delicious food. Even standing at the door, it seems that you can smell the fragrance.

“Are you sure it’s right here? Didn’t you lie to me on purpose?” Yan Chixia looked at Su Qing suspiciously. “This kind of house is not an ordinary person’s house.”

Su Qing said: “You have been working in Ningzhou for many years, so you should have an impression of this place. Think carefully about what it was like before.”

“Before…” Yan Chixia looked at the environment all around. “It’s not very good, but it seems to be a wild field.”

“You remember correctly.” Su Qing extended the hand and passed it in front of Yan Chixia’s eyes.

Yan Chixia saw a blur, when she could see again, she turned pale in fright.

Where there are any luxury mansions, it is clearly the wilderness. The original location of the hall was a solitary tomb with a large stone beside it. There are rotten leaves and bones on the stones, just like the ghost brocade in the cloth village.

“What kind of blindfold is this?” Yan Chixia rubbed her eyes. “Is Fang Fang a fake? Or is it a fake now?”

Faced with such a firm atheist, Su Qing has no desire to explain. She just indicated a direction and let Yan Chixia see it for herself.

Yan Chixia followed the direction and found a dark shadow behind the tomb. Suosuo’s shaking shoulders seemed to be doing something.

“The one behind the grave is the warlock who conspired with the Song Family?” Yan Chixia asked.

“I can still lend you a sword now.” Su Qing said.

“No need.” Yan Chixia drew out her waist knife, strode forward, and pointed at the shadow.

“He Fang Yaoren dressed up as God, playing the Devil, get out of here for Lao Tzu.”

“gΔ“ gΔ“ gΔ“ … I am a ghost, yes, but you are pretending to be a ghost. .” The shadow let out a burst of laughter. “Can you see through my tricks, but not my real body?”

The shadow turned around while laughing.

A woman.

Blue skin, loose hair, gloomy white teeth, and green eyes. Holding a corpse in his hand, it seems to be weaving something. The appearance is not ugly, but it is more intimidating.

The standard female ghost.

“It really is a monster!”

Yan Chixia couldn’t help but say, going up is a knife.


The female ghost had multiple incisions on her body, but it quickly healed at a speed visible to naked eyes.

Su Qing squinted slightly.

“Your knife, baleful aura, is very heavy, and an ordinary Spirit Physique can’t stand it.” The female ghost smiled. “But, I’m not ordinary, and I’m not from the human world.”

“I’ve seen this kind of trick again, I’ve seen people like you a lot.” Yan Chixia was very disdainful.

“Do you need it?” Su Qing picked up the sword and shook it again.

“No!” Yan Chixia took a step back sideways, put the knife on her left arm, drew the knife, and cast a glance at Su Qing involuntarily.

This person made him very uncomfortable, even more uncomfortable than that so-called female ghost.

It is obviously the warlock he most resents, but he does not have the slightest idea of offending and contradicting. So in the heart I was secretly ruthless, and I had to do something to make that guy look good.

The female ghost didn’t pay attention to his standing position, and only said strangely: “I saw you talking to yourself just now, who are you talking to?”

“And your uncle? !” Yan Chixia slashed out with a knife.

The female ghost still didn’t evade, just giggled.


The blade light flashed, and the female ghost’s laughter stopped abruptly.

Another knife cut on the chest, but this time it didn’t go away. Instead, it makes a zi zi sound, and a green Yin Qi emerges.

“You…” The female ghost looked grim.

“It seems to work.” Yan Chixia smiled, blood on the edge of the knife.

Not the blood of the female ghost, but Yan Chixia herself. At the moment when he drew the knife, he drew his arm.

“I’ve met a monster like you before, dressed up as God, playing the Devil. But as long as the knife gets my blood, it can break the Illusion Technique.” Yan Chixia said to her daughter The ghost spoke, but his eyes glanced at Su Qing. “It’s nothing new at all.”

“Don’t mention me and those solitary soul, unbound ghosts on equal terms.” The female ghost laughed, and her nails grew a little bit longer.

“Stupid mortal, do you think you can kill me with this? A mouse can bite a cat, but that doesn’t mean you have the strength to fight a cat. You… you… who are you?”

The female ghost stuttered suddenly.

The following words are not for Yan Chixia.

She suddenly saw a person standing not far away.

“You saw me so soon?” Su Qing was very interested. “It’s not because of Cultivation’s strength, but because you really are not a ghost in the world. Since you’re not in the world, you can look outside the world.”

The face of the female ghost turned even whiter, and her body couldn’t stop shaking.

She finally knew who the bearded man was talking to.

“Hey hey hey, where are you looking!” Yan Chixia shouted: “Since the Illusion Technique has been broken, let’s show your true skills. Let’s fight one-on-one and have a fair fight!”

The female ghost looked at Su Qing and then at Yan Chixia with boundless resentment in her eyes.


Fair to you sir.


Capturing the night patrol, encountering ghosts, and fighting. There have been guests, good at exorcism, want to help. Refusing to arrest, not deceiving ghosts, fairness and war. Ghost praise, heroic people also.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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