Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 28


Chapter 28 Shinto is not prosperous, Yin Sector is disordered

The female ghost’s hair is flying, the wind is whistling, and she is screaming at Yan Chixia .

Yan Chixia, without the slightest fear, wielded her sword to fight with her.

The female ghost is desperate.

But not with the bearded man, but with the man in the white shirt next to him.

β€œLooking for opportunities, looking for opportunities… This is a fool, but you must not provoke that person to shoot. If he shoots, I will the soul flew away and scattered.”

The female ghost is very awake.

She hadn’t seen Divine Immortal.

But instinct told her how Su Qing existed.

In front of this man in white, the bearded man and she are both mice.

The difference is that Beard only knows cats. And she knew there was a cat with a bunch in the middle of the stripes on its head.


Just as the female ghost was thinking wildly, Yan Chixia roared and slashed her arm with a knife.

The female ghost called out pitifully, her left arm turned into smoke and disappeared.

“Tell you not to get distracted.” Yan Chixia glanced at the female ghost’s smoking broken arm. “It turned out to be a one-armed, but the prosthetic limb is quite decent. I just don’t know if you can cut off your head, can you play this kind of trick.” I can’t wait to go back to Yin Sector and dig out this person’s ancestors.

“If it weren’t for the one next to you, I could kill you with just a few claws. Whether this big fool really doesn’t understand or fake doesn’t understand, shouldn’t he come to play with the old lady on purpose.”

She wanted to be genuine with Yan Chixia, but she glanced at Su Qing and held back.

“No, you have to endure it. If the bearded man can’t stand it, that person will definitely take action. He worked hard to escape, not to be killed.”

Female ghost No longer get close to Yan Chixia, and fly around erratically. Suddenly, he scratched his paw and ran, calmly pulling away from Su Qing.

“If you have the ability, don’t rely on Lightweight Art to float around, come down and fight with Lao Tzu.” Yan Chixia shouted angrily, but there was nothing she could do.

“Spirit Physique cannot last forever in the world, there must be something to stay in.” Su Qing reminded.

“A lodging thing?” Yan Chixia wondered. “What’s that? Another way of saying blindfolding?”

“In the tomb.” Su Qing was a little tired and considered whether to change to another person.

Yan Chixia turned her eyes to the tomb. “This tomb looks very new, but no one has been buried recently. You mean, she has important loot and hid it in the tomb?”

“You…” The female Ghost Messenger scolded the foul language. come out.

Yan Chixia didn’t understand the female ghost’s mood, so she rushed over and began to pick up the grave.

The female ghost was in a hurry and came to stop it.

Whether this bearded man is true or false, her boarding property must not be dug up.

“You’ve been fooled.”

Yan Chixia turned around suddenly and returned with a knife.

The female ghost screamed and her head was cut off by Yan Chixia.

The body limply collapsed, and the head screeched out of the way.

“I’ll just cut your head off.” Yan Chixia held a knife. “How long do I have to dig such a big grave. I deliberately lure you into the trap, didn’t expect to be so stupid… Huh? How can I still move”

The female ghost’s body stopped moving, But the brain seems to be moving.

“Is there really a mechanism?” Yan Chixia hurried over and stepped on the fallen head, saying curiously: “This fake head is so real.”

“Asshole!” The female ghost was flustered and exasperated.

The six gods and no masters who are frightened just by being frightened. If I had known earlier, it would be better to perish with him, or at least pull a back.

“Can you talk?” Yan Chixia was startled and instinctively ran away. Others can be explained by agencies, the technical content of human head speech is too high.

“She’s not an ordinary ghost, she’s already very close to a ghost cultivator.” Su Qing approached and asked, “How did you escape from Yin Sector?”

The female ghost Said: “If you don’t kill me, I will answer.”

Su Qing glanced at Yan Chixia.

“Where did the sound come from?” Yan Chixia was still at the head of the research institute, she walked back carefully, and stabbed the female ghost in the head with a tentative stab.

Yin Qi emerged from the wound, and the female ghost kept screaming.

“Fuck.” Yan Chixia jumped away again.

Su Qing said again: “You are entrenched here, sending the ghost brocade into the city. Why don’t you see the Ghost Messenger capture it, nor the city god’s land?”

The female ghost gnashing teeth. “Ghosts also have dignity, you can’t insult me like this!”

Su Qing looked towards Yan Chixia again.

“Are you kidding me with ventriloquism?” Yan Chixia glanced at Su Qing and raised her knife again. “I’ll split the whole for her to see what the mystery is.”

“Don’t, don’t…” The female ghost hurriedly shouted. “I said, I said.”

It looks like a head is left, but it’s actually a strand of Remnant Soul. If the head is split open and the last host is lost, the soul will fly away and scattered in an instant.

“I escaped from Gates of Hell,” said the female ghost. “I only heard of Ghost Messenger, but I have never seen it in Yin Sector. As for the city god and the land, I have never heard of it.”

Su Qing slightly frowned, Yan Chixia approached again.

“I’m telling the truth!” the female ghost yelled. “Yin Sector didn’t know what happened before, but since my spiritual wisdom was clear, I knew there was no Ghost Messenger. I heard some rumors from some old ghosts, but they haven’t seen Ghost Messenger… You, you told him not to come.”

The female ghost has a bottom line and doesn’t want to be played by fools.

Su Qing believed that the female ghost did not lie.

Ningzhou, a prosperous city, should have the land of the city god. Not only is there not the slightest bit of Shinto incense, but even the ghost brocade can be pulled into the city in broad daylight.

I was skeptical before, and now I am sure.

Shinto is not prosperous.

“Martial Artist is powerful and can kill ghosts and slay evil spirits. Primordial Spirit Realm is comparable to qi cultivator, mountain spirit and wild monsters nothing difficult. Maybe because Martial Arts is strong, Shinto is affected. But Yin Sector…”

Su Qing felt a little headache.

Without City God, there won’t be much of a problem, but Yin Sector Chaos is no joke. merely this major event doesn’t seem to be something he should worry about.

Just thinking of this, I suddenly felt a heat in my arms. Su Qing reached out and touched it, it was the tortoise shell brought by Great Desolate.

Meanwhile, at Nine Reasons Good Fortune’s Kam Palace in Sendai, a vision flashed by.

“This is…” Su Qing smiled bitterly. “It’s good, I don’t care if I think about it. It’s just that I’m in realm now, how can I get the underworld.”

Earth Immortal It’s not difficult to go to Yin Sector, can you come out and say.

“Where is the Gates of Hell you came out of?” Su Qing asked the female ghost.

“Western Mountain, Su County, Huizhou.” The female ghost replied.

Su Qing pondered for a while, then hid his hands in his sleeves and tried to make calculations. Although it is difficult to perceive the secret, there must be warning signs when it comes to Three Realms.

Sure enough, before I pinched my fingers, I felt dizzy.

“Huh?” Yan Chixia saw Su Qing’s body shaking and quickly supported her. “What’s the matter?”

“No problem.” Su Qing shook her head. “Just take it easy.”

The female ghost didn’t know what was going on, but how could she miss such a good opportunity.

A gust of yin wind blew, and the head flew out.

“Huh? This thing can fly?!” Yan Chixia chased after her with a knife. “Could it be that there is still a comrade!”

As he was running forward, a horse suddenly ran in front of him, riding a man on it.

Song Yuan’s youngest son, Song Family Second Young Master Song Zhi.

Yan Chixia was not surprised when she saw it. “Sure enough, I have a connection with the Song Family!”

The female ghost is even more overjoyed. “Hahaha, it’s saved.”

Song Zhi was not afraid when he saw the head of the female ghost, but instead looked surprised and angry.

“Don’t be afraid, elder sister, I’ll save you!”

One person and one ghost walked towards each other and collided directly.

The female ghost’s head turned into a cloud of blue smoke and submerged into Song Zhi’s body.

Song Zhi’s eyes went blank, and he fell from the horse.

After rolling a few laps, I was listening at Yan Chixia’s feet.

“This…” Yan Chixia was very angry and kicked Song Zhi. “Dare to destroy the evidence in front of Lao Tzu, where’s the head of the organ?”

Su Qing had recovered by this time, and walked closer. Glancing at Song Zhi, long sighed.

β€œYang things are easy to do, but sinister things are hard to do.” Su Qing turned to Yan Chixia: β€œDo you still think there is no Ghost God?”

β€œNo.” Yan Chixia The answer is firm, but his eyes are a little erratic. A fool cannot be Constable, but his belief has been challenged for many years, and he cannot accept it for a while.

“You have a chance to verify.” Su Qing said. “After the Song Family affair is over, I want to go to the Gates of Hell in Huizhou. I need to take a bicycle frame for a long journey. Would you like to hold the whip for me?”

Yan Chixia stared at her and thought hard, Try to find understandable parts from this remark.


Young Master is passionate and in love with ghosts. Warlock wanted to kill him when he saw a ghost, Young Master protected him with his life, and they were destroyed together. Human ghosts, sad.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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