Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 29


Chapter 29 Divine Immortal: Not saving the dead

When Su Qing brought Song Zhi back, Song Yuan Is flies into a rage at home.

After Song Zhi went out, Song Yuan checked the accounts.

Originally, Song Daguan was worried about what difficulties his son would encounter, and he was thin-skinned and sorry to tell him. So he thought that if there was really a problem, he would secretly help.

It doesn’t matter if you check, a big thunder is found.

It turned out to be a loss on the books, and it started two years ago. The mother and son are afraid that Song Yuan will find out, and they have been tearing down the east wall to make up for the west wall. All relying on Song Ji’s signboard is tough enough, otherwise someone would have come to collect the debt.

Fortunately, Song Zhi was brought back by Su Qing, or else he would have his heart on the knife.

“Exalted Immortal, this bastard doesn’t deserve your attention!” Song Yuan gnashing teeth. “This bastard, let me down too much. I, I…”

Song Yuan is True Qi crazy.

Looking at my son and Su Qing together, under normal circumstances can make him beautiful. But now, even Exalted Immortal couldn’t contain his disappointment.

Losing business is secondary, mostly cheating. didn’t expect the most important son, and he was completely different from what he imagined.

“This seat is not interested in your family affairs.” Su Qing said: “The relationship between this seat and you must be concluded today.”

“Exalted Immortal, You…” Song Yuan was startled, and his mind instantly calmed down. It was also noticed that the son was in a coma.

Su Qing stepped into the middle hall, and the unconscious Song Zhi floated in.

Song Yuan did not hesitate, and was busy following behind. Mrs. Fang looked at her son very worried, and chased in with her skirt.

After entering the room, Su Qing threw Song Zhi to the ground, raised her hand and pinched it. A white light rose slowly, and several scene illusions emerged in the room.

immortal deduces past and present lives, just like the cultivation Soul Searching Technique. The current cause and effect are all involved, and the deduction conditions for mortal dooms have been met.

In the first scene, Song Zhi was blocked by a group of people in the room asking for the bill, and some even claimed to go to the government to file a complaint. Song Zhi wrote down a lot of high-interest IOUs, and everyone let him go.

In the second scene, Song Zhi was passing by a certain mountain station, and heard someone summon while resting at night. Stumbled into a forest, met many ghosts, baring fangs and brandishing claws rushed towards him.

In the third scene, the female ghost suddenly appeared, blocking other ghosts and saving Song Zhi. He ran away with Song Zhi and returned to Ningzhou.

The fourth scene, the female ghost conjures up a house in the wild and reaches a cooperation intention with Song Zhi. Song Zhi took people to the house, and the female ghost wove cloth for him, changing a piece of cloth by himself.

In the fifth scene, Song Zhi is overjoyed with the beautiful cloth, while the female ghost absorbs the spirit of the deceived. and the others were sucked dry and woven cloth from corpses.

“Beast, this beast…” Song Yuan shivered.

“I thought it was just a short account, but didn’t expect to conspire with ghosts to kill people. If it weren’t for Exalted Immortal Divine Vision, I’m afraid I’d be deceived by this beast for the rest of my life.”

” It didn’t take that long.” Su Qing said: “The female ghost is not simply bewitching, she needs a fleshy body. If she sucks enough energy, she will fuck your son. The Song Family is a direct blood relative, and more than half will be harmed by it. “

Song Yuan’s mouth is open.

Su Qing continued: “The female ghost has been beheaded, leaving a wisp of remnant on Song Zhi’s body. As long as you light the incense of peace, her remnant will be ignited. But your son will also It’s hard to survive, there are still ten days at most.”

Song Yuan was surprised again.

He was angry with the disappointing son, but never thought he would die.

“Master, Zhi’er can’t die! You have to save him… Please Exalted Immortal, save him…” Madam Fang burst into tears.

“Exalted Immortal…” Song Yuan probed: “This bastard really deserves to die, but he is also bewitched by ghosts and evil spirits. As the saying goes The prodigal son is worth the money, do you think you can give him a chance to change? “

“Of course.” Su Qing said: “Enter samsara reincarnation and atone for the sins of the previous life.”

The first half of the sentence made Song Yuan and Mrs. Fang happy, and the second half of the sentence It was said that the two of them were heartbroken.

Mrs. Fang was just crying sadly, while Song Yuan was really unwilling.

He spent a lot of effort in raising this son, and he has defaulted to being the future heir of the Song Family. He has indeed handed over the business over the years, and Song Zhi is already performing some of his duties. The problem with the accounts this time cannot be ruled out because of lack of experience.

Think about it, maybe you shouldn’t put the burden on your son too soon. Give him more time to grow up, and it’s impossible to say that there is nothing to do now.

“I, I can give him the chance.” Song Yuan gritted his teeth. “Don’t help me block Death Tribulation, just save him.”

Mrs. Fang was a little stunned. “Master, you…”

“People grow up only after setbacks. I believe that Zhier Jing can grow up.” Song Yuan said: “My life is not important, what is important is inheritance and continuation. If there is no inheritance, what’s the use of the Millennium Shelter?”

Mrs. Fang bit her lip and said nothing, looked at her unconscious son, then turned her head to look tentatively at Su Qing.

“The obsession is too deep, and it will eventually become a demon.” Su Qing shook the head. “This seat will not interfere with your decision, but this is a gift for you. You may not want it, but it cannot be transferred.”

Song Yuan was speechless, not sure what to say.

“No more incense, no more!” Mrs. Fang seemed to be thinking of something. “If you light incense, he will die, but if you don’t, he won’t?”

“The evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear.” Su Qing no more Yan, looked towards Song Yuan. “I only ask this question once, do you still want your fate?”

Song Yuan opened his mouth, but he didn’t dare to answer.

Su Qing sighed and wanted to speak.

At this time, the door of the room was banged open, and two burly silhouettes rushed in.

“Yes, of course we want it!”

It is Song Yuan’s eldest wife Wang Family and eldest son Song Ren.

“Old fool, where did all your energy go?” Wang Family seemed to have changed back to the shrew they used to be, grabbing Song Yuan’s collar and cursing.

“What did you say when you first came back? Set up family rules and family customs! My father and my brother listen to you, and stare at me every day to memorize family rules. My mother is illiterate, and you are forcing you to learn it. It’s settled. But over the years, think about what you’ve done…”

Mrs. Fang was in a hurry and came over to talk about the Wang Family. “What are you doing, how dare you be rude to the master…”

Wang Family turned around and threw Mrs. Fang down, and it was a series of beatings. “Bah, the old lady is the wife, and you are the concubine! How can you speak? It’s you who turned the master upside down and ruined the family…”

Mrs. Fang was beaten up , Song Ren supported the somewhat confused father.

“Father, my son is not very smart, but he knows that he needs to live a long life, not to have a good life. The silk and satin business has lost, so let’s sell it. If the money owed is not enough, the rice bank can pay for it. As long as the family is safe, it is better than anything else.”

Song Yuan’s chaotic eyes gradually became clearer.

“The family is safe… Yes, Ping An Xiang… Exalted Immortal…”

Song Yuan suddenly realized that Su Qing didn’t know when she was already not in. But above the offering table, there was an extra incense stick. A voice from nowhere rang in his ears.

β€œLuxury and tranquility are different, the rich are brilliant, and the poor are elegant. Incense only keeps the family safe, and self-seeking evil is not among them. You and I have exhausted the law, and I will do it myself in the future…”

“Exalted Immortal…” Song Yuan and his family knelt to the ground, crying again.


God’s sins can still be violated. Self-inflicted sin, not to be rude. evil, disaster. Da, escape also. It is said that natural disasters can be avoided, but self-inflicted disasters cannot be avoided.

“Shangshu, Volume Eight, Taijia Middle Six”

Note: This is true, not made up.

(End of this chapter)

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