Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 3


Chapter 3 Immortal fate is reported

Caixia Yunwu held up her body and repaired her broken clothes by herself. Immortal light flows on the surface of the body, Spiritual Qi is magnificent in the surrounding.

Su Qing is of course a fairy.

The unbelievably weak True Immortal in Great Desolate.

And because of the serious injury, it is only Earth Immortal level now. If you want to restore the cultivation base of the predecessor, you need to heal all the injuries.

“This Pigweed is not another Pigweed, this cause and effect is a bit big.”

Su Qing was a little worried.

There is a Pigweed immortal island in the Great Desolate, and he actually made a cottage. At this point of cultivation, the risk is really not small.

However, Celestial Grotto has its own destiny, and the name is not something he can decide. The things in the future will be done in the future, and it is the first priority to suppress sword qi now.

β€œHundred rivers enter the sea, Myriad Laws Return To One.”

Su Qing formed hand seals, dredging Pigweed Spiritual Qi.

In addition to the Spiritual Qi of Pigweed itself, Spiritual Qi at sea is also motivated to comb.

A thick miasma formed all around the island, and Su Qing’s body also changed.

A Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai, now in Divine Soul Sea of Consciousness.

Sendai Nine Palaces Eight Directions, the central palace shines brightly. The projection of two apricot trees, Faintly discernible in the aurora.

The four violent sword qi were imprisoned by the apricot tree projection. Although still very restless, but for the time being will not come out to make trouble.

“The former name is Jiuyuan daoist, Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai is Life-Source Magical Treasure. It was broken during Transcending Tribulation and has never been retrained. Now it seems that the foundation of my enlightenment should be It’s still here.”

Peeping at Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai, Su Qing has something in his heart.

“The Nine Palaces of Sendai, only the Central Palace shines. Among them, the projection, Immortal Apricot spirit root. All need to be lit to recover the injury and continue Cultivation. Those objects brought from the Great Desolate are the filling of the Nine Palaces. The fate of the law.”

The two apricot kernels have been used, plus two drops of innate liquid, lighting up the middle palace. The remaining drop of innate liquid, and the other tatters, add up to exactly eight.

“Snake eggs, bird eggs, animal teeth, turtle shells, small cauldron, hoes, pestles, innate liquid…”

After taking stock of the things, the consciousness swept over again Pigweed Island, Su Qing thought about it, and slowly opened his eyes.

Those who said he was a lunatic before knelt on the ground in front of him.

Only the middle-aged scholar was standing.

Although there is some curiosity in his eyes, his expression is still as dull as before.

Su Qing smiled at him without speaking. With the palm of his hand, he grasped it, and a lot of leaves fell from the apricot tree.

Immortal Apricot spirit root is watered by innate liquid. It blooms for 100 years, bears fruit for 100 years, and matures for 100 years, with a cycle of 300 years. Far inferior to Peach and Ginseng Fruit, it is a low-match post-Heavenly Spirit Root.

β€œPigweed’s first guest is the predestined relationship, and mountaineering is also the way. I have nothing else in this seat, so I will send you these green leaves.”

Su Qing After saying that, the leaves fell into everyone’s hands one after another. Basically one piece per person, and some people get two pieces.

“Thanks to Exalted Immortal for…”

Everyone hurriedly thanked them, but looked at each other.

The immortal is sure to give something good, but what is the leaf for?

The captain of the boat took two pieces, tossed and sniffed again, and took a tentative bite.

No taste, no bite.

Su Qing asked: “Boatman, what do you want most?”

“What do you want the most…” The boat boss thought about it and replied: “The villain is here now. The boat is rented, and I most want a large sea boat of my own, the kind that can cross the sea and the continent through the wind and waves, and be my own owner.”

tone barely fell , and saw the green leaves in the hand. Make an azure light and fall down the mountain to the sea. A huge luxury sea ship, revealed in azure light. On the high flagpole, the name of the ship’s boss is still hanging.

“This…my boat??”

The captain of the boat was staring at the cow, and the others were also shining.

Su Qing said: “A green leaf can make a wish, and everything in the world is indispensable.”

A touch of stone becomes gold, soil into jade, whichever True Immortal can do it. If it weren’t for the realm falling now, there would be no need for Immortal Apricot spirit root at all.

“Gold, I want a lot of gold.”

“I want jewelry, the best jewelry…”

A group of people can’t wait to make a wish, not much After a while, the floor was full of gold jewelry. The multi-colored jewels stimulate people’s greed more and more.

“Why do I only have one? Why does he have two?”

“Yeah, that woman also has two.”

“Give me a few more. Come on, there are so many trees…”

“Exalted Immortal, I am not waiting for greed, but for fairness…”

Su Qing narrowed his eyes, Everyone shut up at the same time.

If you don’t allow it, you can’t speak.

“The boatman will give you a drink, and you will return an extra leaf. If a woman gives you food, you will return an extra leaf.” Su Qing said: “One drink and one peck is a predestination. There are four directions and four images, and there is a fixed number.


Not everyone can understand, but probably understand.

Everything that happened after landing on the island was clearly an opportunity given by immortal. The more you help, the more benefits you can get. Those who don’t help can only drink soup.

By the way, help…

Everyone reacted at once, looking towards the scholar and businessman invariably. To say help, these two help the most. Climbing with immortal on your back, what kind of fate is this? !

But after seeing it clearly, they were all stunned again.

There is not a single leaf in the hands of scholars and businessmen.

Some people don’t understand the reason, some people take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

The scholar did not respond, while the businessman was a little aggrieved.

“Exalted Immortal, I am…”

“This seat has a choice for you.” Su Qing said to the businessman: “You support each other on the mountain road, and I will help you in the future. Death Tribulation. If there are no disasters and disasters in this life, the day of life will be extended by a hundred years.”

The businessman is happy, and others admire it.

No matter how much gold and silver treasures are used, living is the last word. Just helping one in the middle is equivalent to an extra life. As long as there is no accident, you can live more than 100 years!

Everyone is envious, jealous and regretful, especially those who were close to each other while climbing.

It’s just a helping hand, anyone can do such a simple thing. Why didn’t he reach out at that time, just a little bit. One more life, this, this…

“You carry your seat up the mountain and walk a thousand steps together.” Su Qing continued: “You can take one thousand green leaves, or you can ask for another wish. This wish is not limited to vulgar things, it can be anything in the world.”

The businessman couldn’t close his mouth with joy, and others were even more envious and wanted to go crazy.

I didn’t understand the meaning of this, I just thought of a lot of green leaves. All replaced with gold jewelry, for several lifetimes of brocade clothing and jade food. And understand the deep meaning of this, almost breathless.

It’s a big difference. As long as you dare to think and dare, the prince and general will be right in front of you!

“Exalted Immortal!” The businessman clearly understood, excitedly said: “I, can I be the emperor?!”


Not only other people’s eyes were red, even Su Qing almost choked.

This product is not small, dare to think about anything.

β€œNo way.” Su Qing was annoyed. “It’s not a human thing for an emperor to inherit a dynasty’s luck. But if you have the wish of a temple, it’s not difficult for people to be rich and noble, and it can last for three generations.”

“Can it continue for generations?” The businessman’s eyes shined , thought about it for a while, and said cautiously: “Then I don’t want it, I give it to my descendants. I don’t need to be rich or noble, just want peace.”

“Good.” Su Qing appreciated it very much.

This product not only has a pattern, but also has a long-term vision.

“When your Death Tribulation or the end of your life, I will meet you in person. I will light a peace incense for you, which will last a thousand years. If you do something evil, the time limit will be reduced.”

“many thanks Exalted Immortal.” The businessman bowed and thanked him.

Some people do not understand this choice and even mock the businessman for being stupid. Only the middle-aged scholar realized something and bowed his hands to the merchant.

“The thousand-year-old Aristocratic Family has left a name in the history books. The brother is a businessman, but he has great wisdom.”

The businessman hehe smiled. “Where and where, when you go back, you need to be upright in your family style, and don’t let your children and grandchildren go the wrong way.”

It was only then that everyone reacted.

What’s the use of developing oneself, family inheritance is king. With the incense of peace, as long as the children and grandchildren follow the right path, each generation will be stronger than the next.

A thousand-year-old Aristocratic Family recited in a thousand steps, this business is so worth it!

The eyes turn to the scholar again.

The eyes are even more wrong.

This scholar can memorize more than a thousand steps, shouldn’t he memorize an emperor?


Pigweed has immortals, and many people land on the island to seek fate. Immortals give green leaves, and turn jewelry into gold and silver, which is loved by all. Only the merchants refused and asked for the safety of the descendants. Fools laugh and do not know their wisdom. Once the gold is small and rich, the auspicious side is a great blessing from generation to generation.

“Jiuzhou Zhizhi Pigweed”, Vol.

(End of this chapter)

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