Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 30


Chapter 30

“Hey, old elder sister, go out.”

Song Family’s cook As soon as she went out, someone greeted her.

The cook turned around and laughed bitterly. “Oh, Madam Li. Don’t call me that, I can’t afford it…”

The one who greeted the cook was a woman, elegant and poised with the maid. It is the Li Mansion next to the Song Family. The two have been neighbors for more than 30 years.

“Why can’t I afford it, you are my benefactor.” The woman didn’t have any air, and laughed: “When I first got married, I was always angry and was often punished on my knees and not allowed to eat. It’s still an old elder sister. Handing the steamed buns from the backyard, I will never forget it in my life.”

“Old Huang experienced it, Madam Li still remembers it.” The cook was very sorry.

“Did something go wrong in the past few days.” The woman said, “I tried to talk to Sister Fang, but I was blocked several times. Master Song doesn’t look good. It wasn’t like this before.”

“Second Young Master is ill, very seriously.” The cook looked around and lowered her voice: “I heard, it’s the past few days.”

“Yo , isn’t it?” The woman was surprised. “What’s the problem? Didn’t see the doctor coming?”

“I’m in the middle of evil, and the doctor can’t cure it.” The cook’s voice was much lower. “My lord invited a gentleman and ordered time it takes to burn a stick of incense, saying that it is to exorcise evil spirits and ensure safety…”

“What did you say? Order time it takes to burn a stick. of incense?” The woman’s expression changed, and she grabbed the cook. “Make it clear! What kind of sir? What incense did you light?”

“It hurts, it hurts…” The cook was horrified. “Madam Li, you…”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” The woman quickly withdrew her hand and took out a large piece of silver and stuffed it into the cook. “I’m frightened. I’m afraid. You tell me, so that I can feel at ease.”

The cook shied away and put away the money.

“I don’t know much. I only know that a gentleman lit incense to exorcise evil spirits. The master respects that gentleman very much and won’t let us approach. But now that we are gone, we can be safe if we light incense.

” For several lifetimes…”


The woman chatted again and watched the cook leave, her expression changed immediately, she turned her head and said to the maid :

“Immediately pass the book to the hall and report what the cook said. Also, gather all the people and make sure to find out what happened to the Song Family in the past few days. It’s just a mouse, let me find out too!”

“Yes.” The maid flew up and disappeared into the eaves.

The woman was about to leave when a vendor selling candied fruit sticks approached. “Madam, do you want to buy a candied fruit stick?”

“Go away.” The woman had a dark face. “It’s already an exception for you to leave a pile, don’t think about being unsatisfied again.”

“There’s no need to be so angry, I just want to seek cooperation.” The hawker said with a smile: “I can put the information Share it with you, if you want to say whatever.”

The woman coldly snorted, but didn’t walk away.

The peddler said: “Song Family has an old servant who has not been out for many days. According to our information, he was seriously ill and did not have much time to live. But now he is well, and he is white hair and youthful face, more spirited than ten years ago.”

The woman twitched his lips. “What kind of information is this, the old lady of the Li Family is also rejuvenating, and she just gave me a little girl a few days ago.”

“It’s different.” The hawker said seriously: “The old servant does show signs of recovering one’s youthful vigor. , and after meeting a guest. He gave the guest four silver tael, and the next day changed.”

The woman’s expression changed slightly. “What customer?”

The hawker shook his head. “Forgot.”

The woman was angry. “Tricked me.”

“I really forgot.” The hawker said, “I was in front of the door that day, and I saw it with my own eyes. But when I came back, I forgot about it, and even No records were made. After I got the information about the old servant, I remembered that there was a guest that day.”

The woman’s eyes flickered.

As a spy, your first skill is to remember. But the hawker said he couldn’t remember the person, so…

“Song Family has a guest, so I lighted the incense.” The woman hurriedly left.

“Light incense?!!” The hawker’s face changed, and he turned to leave at the same time.

Similar scenes appear in many places around Song Family.

One party must be a servant or relative of the Song Family, and the other party must be a neighbor for many years, a familiar hawker businessman and so on.

Ningzhou Prefecture has many eyeliners from different forces and even countries. As a bustling town, this is understandable.

The only difference is that 90% of them are targeting Song Family. Especially in the vicinity of Song Family, it can be called a meticulous concentration camp.

The neighbors have each one, and no one is clean.

It’s either a married wife or a concubine, or a servant girl, all from different forces. The nearby shops and hawkers are all espionage agencies.

All-weather tracking, day and night. If there is any trouble, it must be recorded and reported immediately. In particular, incidents that are life-threatening can be reported directly to the top leaders.

There is only one root cause, the Lord of Pigweed promised to help Song Yuan save a disaster.

Over the years, countless people have tried to log on to Pigweed again, but they have not been able to get through the outer array. Then the opportunity of immortal Linfan is naturally more and more precious.

But no one dared to press a nail into the Song Family, because they were afraid that they would become a Calamity Tribulation disposed of by immortal.

It’s just that no one thought that the source of Song Yuan’s catastrophe was a female ghost. On the surface, nothing happened. As for business problems, there are guests at home and so on. Song Family is in business, and these are nothing special.

A few days ago, Song Yuan was looking for people all over the city, and all the spies knew about it. It’s just that at first, it didn’t attract much attention.

Because the Song Family people said that the old man was hysterical, they did go to the doctor. Therefore, only follow the procedures to investigate, and then summarize the records and report them regularly.

It wasn’t until the Song Family sold most of the business in the past few days that the door was closed and no outsiders were seen, that something happened. Began to contact spying through various means in order to obtain more intelligence information.

After all the information was gathered…

A bunch of people went crazy.

I found out a lot of things, but I also found a lot of loneliness.

Everyone is gone, so what’s the use of the past? No matter if your Song Family is haunted or haunted, the key is that immortal can’t be seen.

Just when everyone was disappointed and the default immortal had returned to Pigweed, Yushengtang got a piece of information.

“Constable Yan Chixia from Ningzhou Prefecture sealed down the Song Family’s cloth house and burned several boxes. After that, he quit his job, and it is said that he left with who…”

Sun Sihai looked at the news, and kept mumbling and repeating, as if to chew the news.

Former Qing Kingdom Imperial Palace Grade 4 sword guard, now the powerful Hall Master of Baishengtang. Pigweed and his entourage changed his life and culminated in his reverence for the Lord of Pigweed.

Others only saw his success, but did not know what kind of regret he had in his heart. In the past 33 years, I have woken up from my dreams countless times, regretting why I didn’t persist in the Immortal Path.

The coming of the Lord of Pigweed to the world is undoubtedly another chance.

“Hall Master, what’s wrong with this message?” the subordinate asked.

“There is a problem, a big problem.” Sun Sihai said faintly: “Yan Chixia is not afraid of power, impartial and incorruptible. Impossible just offends the Song Family, so he quit his job in the yamen. In Jianghu I don’t have any friends, can I go with who?”

“You mean to go with who?” the subordinate thought. “Although it can’t be completely ruled out, the probability is too low.”

“Low probability means it’s possible. Even if there is a glimmer of hope, don’t give up.” Sun Sihai stared and gave orders.

“Send messages to the thirty-seven branch Hall Masters, and do all they can to inquire about Yan Chixia’s whereabouts. If you see it, you must treat each other with courtesy. If anyone comes with you, don’t offend and don’t contact me without authorization. Immediately report to me! If one of the eyes is lame and missed, I will rip off his skin!”


The meaning of the master serving the traitors, opening up people’s favor, and watching the enemy is for the sake of time. Do not be intimacy with others, and reward them more than others, for the wisdom above.


Happy Children’s Day.

Those with young children and children are happy, those who are married without children make people happy, and those who are lonely and widowed dream of buns and happy.

(End of this chapter)

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