Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 32


Chapter 32 Imperial Family Mausoleum

Western Mountain, Su County.

“It’s not good, why are you here…”

Yan Chixia looked at Yamaguchi, and it hurt so much.

The Ghost Sect is in the mountains, but it’s a little troublesome to get in.

There is a cemetery inside, which is a royal tomb.

The mountain pass is the only entrance, guarded by a battalion of soldiers.

Baishengtang is just tyrannize in style, but these soldiers are from Imperial Family Yulin. Breaking into Baishengtang is called Niubi, breaking through here is called rebellion.

“It’s a little strange.” Su Qing looked at the tomb of the king. “The owner of the tomb is still alive, the king’s spirit is at its peak, and there is still hope. Even if the Gates of Hell opens here, it will be difficult for the ghosts to pass through.”

“I’m not talking about this, but this The mausoleum cannot be entered…” Yan Chixia said, “This is the mausoleum of Prince Hui!”

“President Hui’s mausoleum?” Another name that Su Qing knew. “Are you afraid of him?”

“It’s not fear, it’s respect.” Yan Chixia said: “Wang Mausoleum is not allowed to enter casually, and Prince Hui’s is even more different. If you trespass into his Wang Mausoleum , the people will scold me to death.”

The Heaven-blessed Genius, the King Hui, became famous all over the world when he was young. If it weren’t for the hidden illness that everyone knows, he would be the perfect candidate for the Crown Prince of Qing Kingdom. Huizhou House is the Fiefdom of King Hui, and the mausoleum was built early that year.

I didn’t expect that the world was impermanent. Thirty-three years ago, when he went to sea, King Hui solved his physical problems. Eighty years of life extension, you can live to be more than one hundred years old.

Originally, there were many people in the court to support King Hui, and Yi Chu’s voice rose from wave to wave. The Crown Prince party and the Huiwang party are giving tit for tat, and there is even a danger of mutiny.

As a result, King Hui gave up.

Easy Chu has been on the agenda, and the Crown Prince party will give up when they have the advantage.

I will not contend for the throne and resign from all positions. With only the family in Fuzhong, I returned to Fiefdom in Huizhou. Read books every day to nurture your mind, regardless of the affairs of the court. The people were spared the suffering of war, and the party struggle became invisible in an instant.

At that time, many people didn’t understand, no matter if it was a supporter or an enemy, few believed that he was willing to retire. Until the Old Sovereign Emperor died and the Crown Prince ascended the throne, people believed that he really retired.

The new emperor was naturally worried about King Hui, because he did not dare to kill for many reasons. In the end, King Hui proposed a plan for Sun Sihai to put the main helm of Baishengtang in Huizhou.

Sun Sihai was born in a large inner guard, a hardcore royalist. When it comes to partisan struggles, there is no bias, and the new emperor is resolutely loyal to the Imperial Family when he ascends the throne. As a result, King Hui changed to house arrest, and the emperor was relieved.

“For the stability of the country and for the people to avoid wars. Give up the throne at your fingertips and choose to retreat, and even risk your life.” Yan Chixia’s eyes were full of admiration. “Some people say that Prince Hui is stupid, but I really admire it.”

“He has changed a lot.” Su Qing nodded slightly.

When Pigweed climbed the Immortal Path, King Hui was the only one who didn’t walk the thousandth order. The reason is that fame and fortune are too much, and Su Qing once regretted it. After returning from Pigweed, it was a complete realization.

“Flowers bloom and fall, and the origin and the end. Ghost Sect appears here, it is not for nothing.”

Su Qing glanced at Wang Mausoleum and tried to pinch his fingers twice.

peng sound , a ball of sparks popped up, and the pressed finger was bounced off.

Yan Chixia was startled, Su Qing smiled.

“so that’s how it is.”

King Hui’s immortal fate is over, he is an ordinary person. To deduce the matter of the ordinary person, it is not necessary to perceive the secret. In the end, he didn’t succeed, which means that there are other predestined laws on him.

“Since you don’t want to push hard, then go visit the master first.” Su Qing said to Yan Chixia, “Maybe, the prince you respect can give us some surprises.”


In the palace compound, King Hui lay leisurely on a rocking chair, reading a book of travelogues for idlers.

The genius of valiant and formidable looking is no longer, replaced by a rich king who is almost fat.

The weight is not 300 or 280, the chair is pressed creak creak.

“Your Highness, let’s have some tea.” The princess brought a cup of hot tea.

Wang Hui took it and took a sip, unable to help frowned. “Tea is tea, what did you put in it?”

“Some medicine ingredients that condition your body are good for your body,” the princess replied. “You don’t get up and move around all day, your body seems to be fat again.”

“What’s wrong with being fat.” King Hui disagreed: “This king has been protected by immortal and is in good health. You should know, You can live to be more than 100 years old.”

“When immortal blessed you back then, it may not be like you are now.” The princess advised: “Besides, the concubines have been simmering for a long time, so you can drink it. .”

“Okay, he he drinks.” King Hui drank the tea with a brow and returned the cup to the princess.

“By the way, there is something.” The princess took the cup and said cautiously, “Mr. Meng sent a letter saying that Your Majesty is not in good health, and the princes are not good enough…”

“Your Majesty is in poor health and seeks an imperial physician, and the prince will teach him if he does not succeed.” King Hui looked at the book. “What does this have to do with this king?”

“My lord, why are you pretending to be confused?” The princess sighed: “Let me tell you the truth, not only Lord Meng, but several ministers have all sent letters to let the ministers My concubine advises you to go out of the mountains.”

“What are you going to do out of the mountains?” King Hui was disdainful. “The court is intriguing, and the world is filthy. This king spends his days leisurely here, so why go to the muddy waters of the common people.”

“My lord, don’t hold it.” The princess said with a face. Helpless: “Now the court is not stable, and many people are in their own way, and they need a powerful person to take charge. Your Majesty also has this meaning, otherwise the adults will not write.”

“No matter who you mean. , it has nothing to do with this king.” Hui Royal General put down the book, and seemed to have some feelings. “I was blinded by fame and fortune back then, so I missed the Pigweed immortal fate. How can I do the same stupid thing twice.”

“You also said it was back then.” The princess said: “Besides, immortal fate has been missed, why not fight for vulgarity?”

“Because of vulgarity and vulgarity, it is boring.” King Hui said, “You have asked this question many times.”

“I don’t understand what the lord is thinking after asking several times.” The princess was a little pissed: “Everyone else is fighting, but you are not. Besides, it is not a fight now, but I ask you to go out and preside over the overall situation.”

“If you don’t understand, you don’t understand. You haven’t been to this realm of this king.” King Hui leaned on the rocking chair and looked up at the sky with deep eyes.

“There is a sea of people, people passing by in a hurry, going through the vicissitudes of wind and rain. No matter whether the court or the rivers and lakes, what can be left. Today in this world, there is nothing that can make this king care. If you If you miss the prosperity of the capital, you can go back and see for yourself.”

“I really don’t care about that, I can’t bear to see you like this.” The princess said angrily, “I haven’t seen you practice for so many years. , except lying down, lying down. You don’t have to go to the capital, but at least you have to get up and move from your chair.”

β€œFame is like a floating cloud, and so is Martial Arts.” King Hui still swayed leisurely. holding a chair. “Nothing can make this king come out of the mountain, and nothing can make this king get up from his chair.”

“My lord, princess, there is a guest visiting.” The servant came to report: “The other party said it was an old friend of Pigweed. .”

“Sun Sihai.” King Hui smiled. “What Pigweed old friend, when did this guy learn to show off his secrets.”

“If you go back to the prince, it’s not Hall Master Sun.” You might as well go through the rest…”


King Hui rolled off the chair.


The wise king hides in the wild and does not ask about the affairs of the court. The minister asked to come out of the mountain, but the king refused. Said, fame floating in the clouds, I have nothing to do. Even mountains burst and ground split, do not move.

“King Hui”

(End of this chapter)

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